The 5 Greatest Things To Happen In Magic: The Gathering (This Year)

This is the companion piece to my other video, The 5 Biggest Mistakes Wizards of the Coast Made In Magic: The Gathering (This Year) which you can watch here:

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TheEmptyBottle says:

Professor! New subscriber from just a month or two ago and in general for MTG. How do people deal with negative feelings towards products they purchased? I got a commander 2018 deck (Saheeli) and constantly see flak online about how bad they are.

Cameron Wells says:

That white spot on the wall is driving me crazy.

Alex Penrose says:

Hey prof! What are your thoughts on Keyforge Call of the Archons? I think it’s a great magic alternative (but not necessarily replacement)

kfzofa says:

What would it take for pauper to take off as a paper format? I can’t justify spending big money on high tier decks in other formats

Damian Salza says:

I play paper a LOT! That said I LOVE Arena and I find it a great way to play/practice drafting limited. I also love that you can try decks out that you would not buy in paper. For example I was thinking if Teferi was worth the money so I tried him out in Arena and wow, great card. Now I own one for a paper deck. Brilliant! P.S. I love your vids man!

BoringOldOrange says:

This gives me hope.

Alex Wyrembelski says:

I have always wanted to play MTG and these past few sets that have come out made me get into it! Still building my Comander deck though and it is all I have, but here is to some cool cards in 2019!

Phillip Stone says:

Twin Peaks!

Miguel Eduardo D.R. says:

Hi there. The beard looks great in you professor, dont shave it. Good video

Caleb m says:

I’ve been playing magic for a year… I’m already tired of the jaycetist league

JakobLogan says:

My interest in magic has been decreasing for a while, and Arena was the final nail in the coffin for me quitting the game. I find the client obnoxious, especially to watch, so I’ve stopped watching my favorite streamers play magic which solidly killed the little remaining enjoyment I had for the game.

Jurassic says:

Q&A: What are your first memories on bringing you to Magic The Gathering? What or who introduce you to Magic The Gathering? Thank you for hard work, videos and guidence Professor! Happy New Year!

Arghore says:

Products discontinued, sigh, still missed the ‘gift box’ on my Sinterklaas and Christmas list (joys of being Dutch), so actually NO Magic products seemed to make that list this year… Just need that box of last design, 6 packs of magic, some cool dividers with cool art on them. Then if there is anything left in a budget of say $24,99 (or € 24,99) then sure w/e toss it in, it’s a gift box so it might make sense as such, but as a magic player just looking for some a box to store and sort my collection in, and some packs as crack… *QUESTION* Don’t you agree Prof ?

Joe LaF says:

Question: what’s your favorite commander deck you have?

ÁlexVinícius says:

Greetings from Brazil! Your channel is very solid!

Brian Walters says:

The Standard environment is amazing now because Kaladesh and Amonkhet rotated out.

Chase's Channel says:

400k q and a questions:

Favorite deck in modern, pauper, legacy, standard, vintage

Favorite archetype: Aggro, control, combo, or mid range

Personal list for things YOU want to see in a set or block if you got to design your own.

I want to see the room you work I’m not just the corner

I want to thank you on behalf of me and my local gaming store for the high quality of content you give to us very frequently.

Mehtab Rai says:

Thanks for making these videos. You’ve given me the confidence to play in magic tournaments.

Rooster Town says:

According to you, what would be the best, most balanced card?

Kai Gleeson says:

How old were you when you got into magic?

shibbyman says:

Was hoping the first thing was gonna be it stopped production of new cards.

grimgun100 says:

I got a question for ya. I while back you showed over sized sleeves to protect your art sleeve from getting damaged. But what deckbox do you use for a commander deck sleeved with these? The deck is huge now!

SideboardMTG says:

As a small youtuber, what would your #1 piece of advice be for growing my channel in the magic community? 400k Q and A question

darryl rush says:

Love your videos! I do have a question anyone could answer. When my brothers and I play we always end up questioning the mechanics of random cards. So is there a definitive source for rulings on mechanics? thanks

George Pitt says:

400k Q&A question: what’s your favourite magic card? and if you could create your own card what would it’s affects be?

mikebulmer9823 says:

Been playing magic since Antiquities, and I agree, I absolutely love arena. I enjoy the slow grind to build sets, I love being able to test out decks for free against other people to see how they do. I do have concerns about only standard as you said, I don’t see it lasting, there are just too many other formats out there. My personal hope is for a multiplayer format to play against my friends. Great video though, agree with this and the 5 worst decisions top to bottom.

Adrian Baizas says:

Arena reintroduced me back to Magic. And in turn made me discover The Professor and his channel along with many others that I subscribed to, almost all within the same timespan. Shoutout to Bad Boy Gaming, SBMTG, MTG808Junior, Rhystic Studies, Alpha Investments, Color Commontary, Limited Resources, MTGGoldfish, TCGPlayer, MTG Unpacked, MTG UNSEALED, Tragic: The Garnering, LegenVD, MTG JEFF, openboosters, Rogue Deckbuilder, TheManaSource, Booster Tutor, DesolatorMagic, Budget MTG Decks, MTG Action, OldGuyGaming, Noxious and Merchant (I’m sure there are plenty more channels out there). Thank you all for keeping me entertained through these troubled times.

misomiso says:

10:14 Dominaria was fantastic. Amazing Art, Great Mechanics, Great Drafts (maybe a bit too slow but not that bad…), Less gatewatch was so good (hate the gatewatch).

My guess is that it had a larger budget, so we’ll have to wait and see how the next year plays out…

Jordan Dick says:

Q&A: Who are some of the most memorable people you’ve met because of this Youtube channel?

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