The Best Magic: The Gathering Cards Ever Printed – Ravnica: City of Guilds!

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Gonzalo Orellana says:


Cleric says:

I didnt see the card “Scam” on here.

It’s that one black card that says “as an additional cost to cast this scam your viewers for thousands of dollars” or something like that

Jordan Klein says:

Other than shocks, id say golgari grave troll for best card. Dredge is dumb

Roland Deschain says:

Do Khans of Tarkir!

Logan Christiansen says:

“We know shock lands as eternal staples now”, I think not

Alessandro Verrecchia says:

insane work Wedge !

Dmitry Jean says:

More worst cards ever!

Fede Romano says:

The editing at 9:38 seems a bit off , the overgrown tomb and the watery grave are misplaced, and then out of the blue the sacred foundry and temple garden switch places…

Ry-7hym says:

What if we went back to kamigawa after Ravnica Allegiance? We could get sort of the same standard? (not exactly of course)

Sam Cyphert says:

Just think about it. This could have been a worst cards ever printed episode. That would have been cool.

Yesnog05 says:

I had a Mill/control deck with Circu and Szadek just for giggles and my friends hated playing against me lol.

Celalec says:

Rise of eldrazi was my first set to play in magic. I’d love to see you take a look at it.

AudioPlay says:

Privilege position comes in the new Selesnya guild kit which I just bought from my LGS for $17. lol

Donovan Simmons says:

Huh… This feels a lot like this last guild set. It just shows how history can repeat itself in strange ways.

Alan Russette says:

I never blamed Kamigawa for Standard sucking. It was 100% due to Affinity and how boring and un-fun it was to play against that deck. Banning it out of the format wasn’t done nearly fast enough. The Kamigawa cards were great fun, but just weren’t powerful enough to balance out Affinity. Put the blame where it belongs.

TheManaSource says:

Hope you enjoy the latest episode! Here’s another for ya! 🙂

Champions of Kamigawa –

Jeff Hawthorne says:

Where did that Ravnica animation in the intro and outro come from? Looks super cool!

Ken Decena says:

Do Kamigawa

Christoph Wehrmann says:

Theros would be nice. Awesome set in my opinion.

Michael West says:

I have a nervous tick that gets worse every time I see a list topped by lands

scissorknot says:

So glad to see this. I love this series.

Ben Blatz says:

Eighth edition

Ultimate MTG says:

Cover Innistrad

Jim Eriksson says:

the temple garden and sacred foundry switched places at 9:43 xD

Barjack521 says:

Hate to be the “umm actually” guy but the “hunted” type creatures came out in Mercadian block Hunted Wumpus being the prime example

Curtis Scism says:

I guess we will never see a completion of the guild pairs color pie:( 🙁

Mister1978 says:

All Hail Ravnica, the back bone of current day Commander!

David O'Connor says:

Time Spiral! That whole block was great!

Tereza Radvanova says:

Love this theme.
I would love to see Lorwyn next.

Not An Evil Mastermind says:

Moment of Epiphany.
11:37 is where Omnispell Adept stands.

Ry-7hym says:

9:44 why did Sacred Foundry and Trample Garden switch place?

Brendan Eichler says:

This is just trying to distract us from another Worst Cards Ever, isn’t it?

Nils Bossius Klintenberg says:

LOVE this series!

Metalisha says:

ye sthe shock lands are the best, no doubt but sorry that was a very, very boring climax to this video.

Stuart Waddicor says:

You are absolutely on fire lately mate 😀 Everything you put out is super entertaining!

Average Player3 says:

Hey, I really enjoyed this video. Much more then the worst cards. You seem tired of doing those ..

Matazuma says:

Thanks for the memories

2 minute noodles says:

I feel like I’m taking a history class

Tyler Will says:


Blake Chance says:

I would like to know your lifelinker code. I absolutely love your Logo.

JediMB says:

5:17 : mjoʊdʒɪn; not maɪoʊdʒɪn! Come on, people!

MrErakl says:

Lands so excite

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