The Best Magic: The Gathering Cards to Buy NOW – A Kaladesh Post Rotation Finance Guide for MTG!

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House of Shadow says:

I think that, over time, Oviya Pashiri will climb in price to be a respectable investment.

VADER677 says:

Wedge saving/making me money again. 🙂 Tallest Man in the MTG multiverse is Wedge!!

Ali Joe Safai says:

Wedge, I’m loving these fiance videos!

dac314 says:

Pia’s. Revolution.

DarkSteel says:

doubleing season is 50 dollars?! man am i glad i picked up four of them for 5 dollars each back during kamigawa. yeesh.

buschleaguers75 says:

how do you not include dovan baan? a 3 mana walker who is like a buck fifty right now

nafnaf505 says:

Bomat Courier going up in price would be nice since I have about 10 of them. Thanks Challenger decks.

Jake Brose says:

Ahhh Khaladesh and Aether Revolt. My least favorite sets released in the last 10 years. How I hate them.

Atmapalazzo says:

I do think you undersell Chandra’s constructed presence a fair bit. She is an excellent card to Red Prison decks. The thing right now is that to the best of my knowledge, Red Prison isn’t strong in current legacy or modern metas. I would also give a shoutout to Nissa, Vital Force as that card actually sees Legacy play, Kambal which sees heavy sideboard play in modern and even some in vintage, Paradoxical Outcome due to it’s namesake vintage deck alongside being dirt cheap, and Depala, Pilot Exemplar because of the potential I see in the future of Dwarves and/or Vehicles for commander future.

Poglo says:

guess im sticking to my foil noxious then

MrFluxstone says:

Mah boy im so happy that yer back at making videos again. Feel yerself hugged through zhe intetnetz and keep going <3

JonBros says:

Hi Wedge. Love the little card movements in your editing (or kudos to your editor if it’s someone else). Makes the whole thing feel more alive.

JaceMD015 says:

Side Note: Paradox Engine!

Jacob Lloyd says:

He has got the best effing jokes…. I THINK I WILL JUST DO IT. omg is he a salesman? I’m drained in the wallet zone….

Mortie says:

I LOVE the editing and subtle animated jiggling of prices and cards!

Scott Campbell says:

I don’t think Breya and Saheeli work together from a story aspect. Why are we trying to put Heroes (Saheeli) with Villains (Breya)?

Patrick says:

Hey Wedge are u planning on going over the 2018 commanders ? im really interested in how you would upgrade them especially the enchantment deck 😀

Rash says:

Good list! Can’t wait for Aether Revolt next

PassiertWas says:


Gammie says:

I’m surprised no mention of Nissa vital force. She’s easily the best planeswalker to come from Kaladesh for EDH and is constructed playable.

R.C. Beringuela says:

Spirebluff Canal is $6.66. Storm decks are evil confirmed.

AzyxA says:

Great picks Wedge.

Bibbedibabbedibu says:

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to see yu alive and well again. And pumpnig out one video after the other, everyone better than the last one? You are doing the lord’s work my friend. Hope you are doing good and don’t overwork yourself. The community is a much better place with people like you around.

Jared Sardella says:

I almost exclusively play commander and I have to say I love Kaladesh; it gave me one of my all time favorite commanders in Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, as well as an entire cycle of enemy dual lands, and much more.

Good video.

Brennan Clement says:

Need me that Panharmonicon

CodenameJD says:

Whoa, Torrential Gearhulk being so cheap surprised me… I can finally complete the set for my cube.

Billy Baker says:

Wedge these tcg links are brutally convenient *insert shut up and take my money meme here*

Tyler Freedman says:

Wedge….Aetherflux Reservoir in Athreos/Shadowborn Apostle…muahahaha!!!

MrTacticalApproach says:

Buying some of these cards to update my cube haha

etaIItheta says:

SaffronOlive has probably done more than every other player combined to push Panharmonicon.

Calvisius Terckiham says:

Thanks for the vid! I had a notes section on my phone for this stuff and now I can add some of the things in your vid to it. One thing in kaladesh that I have that wasn’t in the vid tho is blossoming defense. Like bomat courier the card is insanely cheap and played in modern (Infect).

James Devenberg says:

Bomat is so cheap because it was printed to hell and back in the Challenger decks, so there are tons of copies available.

Existential Error says:

Spirebluff Canal


SaSSolino says:

love the new little wobble effects when the card move

jsum33 says:

I watched a match, I think it was an LVD upload, where his opponent cast a Chandra turn one into an Ensnaring Bridge with an empty mitt. And LVD still won.

TheManaSource says:

These are the cards I most believe in! I hope this video helps you save some money down the line!

Let me know if you enjoy these. I am already working on Aether Revolt! 🙂

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