The Best Magic: The Gathering Cards to Buy NOW – A Post Rotation Finance Guide for MTG!

Best Battle for Zendikar cards –
Best Oath of the Gatewatch cards –
Best Shadows Over Innistrad cards –
Best Eldritch Moon cards –

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Thanks for watching.


Chris Null says:

Love finance videos

Reggaetonaldo says:

We the fans demand more finance videos. Plus while you’re at it…how about some worst cards ever?

Jeremy McNair says:

Should I sell my playset of dranas right now or wait to see if they go a bit more if they do?

Luliby says:

Thank you Wedge! These videos are incredibly useful and make it a lot easier to figure out what to pick up and whatnot.

zanzibawr says:

My zendikar themed ally tribal deck is happy

Hellfiremag says:

Your grunt work is always a welcomed service Wedge! ^_^

Messi Milan says:

TCG player does not give a good understanding of a cards real value

jaegamer says:

Thank god this channel exist because even though the magic site tries to be very helpful with newcomers I couldn’t wrap my head around standard and what set rotation meant. My friend simply said go for Kaladesh, Aether revolt and Ixalan and avoid everything else but I wanted to know why. The simple explanation in the beginning helped a ton. (Also I’m a YuGiOh player learning magic and am used to everything being allowed but am very competitive so standard is what I wanted to go for)

LaBass666 says:

Nows the time to make a modern company deck!!!

Jonah Jent says:

Loved it

Robbie Meixner says:

I’m grabbing the hydras for sure

Yosuke Minamoto says:

oh boi time to sell my playset of collective brutality to those modern players

DrakkonVulture says:

I really wanna build modern delirium so I’m hoping Grim flayer drops more

Luke Schneider says:

thanks for the tips!

Duff Gentry says:

I don’t play modern but I watch these for the value and to see what I should stock up on for next rotation

Monayjam says:

Love the video, but was surprised to not see Anguished Unmaking or Bring to Light (for Commander) in the list

Eric Drell says:

These seem to be the best cards from their respective sets whereas we want to know the Worst cards from their respective sets. Who else is for Worst cards ever from BFZ?

Paul Ahrenholtz says:

done buying cards i dont see long term value in. if my friends arent cool with proxied decks, then i dont need to play magic. its fun, but the luck factor makes it suboptimal for me.

DuzMachines says:

Love the finance vids!!!

Two To The Morgue says:

Videos like this get me excited for the MTG future!

TheKrismage2000 says:

I love these.

Max Maier says:

Thank you for doing these. I don’t have a ton of spending money on cards, so I love these videos you do. Thank you!

Quinn Reynolds says:

Good bye my beautiful angels. I will miss you greatly. Good bye avacyn. My opponents will no longer be haunted by the phrase flash an avacyn when they have planned to trade off their entire board for my entire board in combat. Goodbye Gisela. My opponents will no longer know the pain of answering you twice before I draw my 3rd. Good bye Bruna. My opponents will no longer know what it feels like for me to be at one life and cast Bruna with the cast trigger targeting Gisela and go to my end step. I really like my angels and I had so much fun bullying ranumap red and temur energy with them.

Dimitri Smith says:

Putting all the links in the description was really cool.

Michael Jackson says:

I enjoy all of your videos Wedge, make more of all of them.

bartholomewfargo says:

Nice work, Wedge. More like this please.

Willy Andersen says:

As a commander player I really appreciate this videos Wedge! Keep the good work!

Kevin Canady says:

I DO love this kind of video Wedge! Keep ’em comin’!

Kieran Cressy says:

Great video, love the finance stuff 😀

The Mad Mage on the Mountain, Starr says:

I like these videos and hearing this kind of content is an important facet of Magic

Kevin Deleon says:

thanks! just picked up some dual/check lands!

James Tong says:

Liked this video a TON! Great news all around for my cube, ty Wedge

Stephen O'Neal says:

thanks for the links, they really made this easy

TheAnbuzabu says:

Pls need more help to feed the addiction

Thiago de Oliveira Pires says:

Love the finance videos! Keep doing it! :))
Unfortunately, I live in Brazil, so we have a huge delay for prices drops… (but no delay for prices increases, how iconic haha)

54m0h7 says:

I’m going to have to re-watch this later and put together a shopping list. 😛
You’re the best Wedge, always making the videos I really want to see.

Lonehawk2k4 says:

Dam got docent last week for 1.25 TT,TT oh well lol

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