The Best Magic: The Gathering Cards to Buy NOW – Aether Revolt Post Rotation Finance Guide for MTG!

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Karl Smink says:

Everyone snickers at your planar bridge until you activate it and get Seedborn Muse into Static Orb. Then everyone shits their pants.

Nate says:

this is overall a great set in my opinion

jholopez1993 says:

I think that ypu should buy some of these cards, play them and upload a video of that gameplay

Not Your Average Nothing says:

I thought Aether Revolt rotated out a while ago.

Marco Hernandez says:

The fatal push promo cards are pretty cheap too

Luliby says:

I’m surprised too that Herald is so overlooked. Seth has played it a bunch and it’s been pretty good.

Sam Schwanz says:

One weird card that comes to mind when talking about sleepers is Tezzeret, the Seeker. I understand that Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is almost always preferred, but most Breya decks and others of the like based on around artifacts also like the Aether Revolt Tezzeret. It might not be the most powerful card, especially in comparison to its kin, but it is certainly playable in commander, and I do expect its price to go up as time goes by.

NeveTheFaeQueen says:

Whilst Aetherborn are genderless, Yahenni actually uses female pronouns in the AER story

Black Fox Gaming says:

Picked up a Foil Baral for $5, two Paradox Engines for $4 and opened a foil Heroic Intervention during my run in standard. Early Kaladesh was good to me. Commander went and made things silly. God do I love the Magic economy sometimes, every time a card balloons it always seems to be Commander’s fault. I still can’t believe the Chain Veil sat in my folder since 2015 is now 10x as expensive as when it was printed, why? Commander.

NinjaCat - MTG Arena says:

Thanks for video!

Skydrawill48 says:


San Lu says:

I opened a Paradox Engine at the Aether Revolt prerelease…and then another a week later in my booster box. I always knew I’d find a use for it in commander, but at the time I didn’t expect it to be as broken as it is nor balloon up in price as much as it did.
Gotta say, I’m glad I got so lucky. AR treated me well. I pulled a Baral, Heroic Intervention, Heart of Kiran, Planar Bridge, Herald of Anguish, and Walking most of the noteworthy cards in this video hehe

J W says:

Just noticed Metallic Mimic and Walking Ballista work together. I’m only a year or so late lol

Dustin Johnson says:

Do you think there will be a buyout for enchanted worlds cards. The prices are creeping up

gdog losthiswits says:

fancy wallpaper ;p

BonesPatrol6 says:

Winding constrictor anyone? Come on…

kosmonautti 123 says:

spire of industry?

Gabriel Lopez says:

I consider myself lucky, as I pulled both Baral AND Sram at the beginning of Revolt.

OOM- 32 says:

the lack of aetherflux reservoir un the list hurts my inner commander soul.

Mr Wood says:

Keep up the good work these are great

Athelas952 says:

>Baral, one of the most powerful cards in modern

Yes, you are hyperbolic

Alexander Neimeth says:

As a storm player ( please don’t judge) banal is completely insane. His 1/3 body is much better than a 2/2 goblin electromancer. He is amazing and his loot is insane.

Mister Turk Turkle says:

*S L L U U U R R R R P P P P P*

Noah Sundseth says:

oooooh boy new vid

Atmapalazzo says:

I think a shoutout to Spire of Industry was missing. also disallow and scrap trawler

92bagder says:

Herald of Anguish was my bomb in my alternative win deck, love that demon!

Aqlan Putra says:

Ah, Aether Revolt. The set where I first started playing Magic. It was kind to me back then. Opened 1 Baral, 2 Paradox Engines, 1 Planar Bridge, 3 Disallows, and 1 Rishkar’s Expertise. I have very fond memories of this set.

TheManaSource says:

I use the word “spec” a lot, but that’s the vernacular I default to. These videos are to help you all get cards on the cheap, not to make a bunch of money. I want us all to play as much Magic as possible, and I hope I brought your attention to some cards you want, but don’t want to pay a bunch for! Thanks for watching <3

Mr_Dragon says:

Aether Revolt may be a “small set” but didn’t the whole block get opened up a metric ton because of the masterpieces and choice cards?

prufrock1977 says:

Wow. Glad I got my Paradox Engines back with they were $5.

ShineAqua says:

Paradox engine is an auto include for Dereti.

Eric H says:

I keep forgetting that you do bloopers at the end of the videos and it cracks me up every time

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