The Chaos Of Dominaria Saga: My FAILED Preview Card Video for Magic: The Gathering

And if you want to see my father interview ME, check out this video we did together:

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Marco Esquandolas says:

This is awkward, but hilarious at the same time. I imagine if I had my father read the book the conversation would be EXACTLY like yours! lol

GollyJolly says:

Ha, this is very endearing honestly. I like the timbre of your dad’s voice, he should narrate some books! 😀

S.Harv18 says:

All I can say is at 84 I hope that I can at least read a book, but I’ll be 84 and I’m pretty sure I won’t be reading any books lol

ovinophile says:

This was such a joy to watch! Your dad did an excellent job analyzing the book in real time, and honestly who could blame a person for not remembering such convoluted subject matter.

Noxious Toxland says:

Your father is precious. It was a fun video to watch.

Fred Rebhun says:

Whelp, I googled “women women women Moyra” and… I have no idea! LOL But this is a great video and gives a bit of insight. Great use of the Time spiral story and involving your father.

shingouki666 says:

This was a cute video. He tried. We all did, but those books suck.

RecklessFables says:

Honestly, your Dad did a great job trying to decipher the general idea of Magic novels. They only make sense if you are already a fan. I started reading the lore with Invasion and it was all like “Hey lets go get a McGuffin that references another thing you never heard of and go with people who have powers based on land or something? Oh and Pherexia is bad and anything relating to them is a disease and you end up corrupted like them. Urza has an endless bag of tricks until he doesn’t. War war war, random horror elements, winning by losing everything. The end.”

JSSuper281 says:

You should try to work your dad in more if you can.

Justin Ritter says:

I want an audio book of him reading mtg books

Shady Shrek says:

I swear your dad is the coolest. Also, you two look so much alike

Robert Moreland says:

Thank you for sharing that with us. Your dad is a treat.

Matt S says:

Love the old man. He looks fantastic for 84. Wish I still had my dad. Love seeing you two on video together.


Could you please review the Battle Decks from the Card Kingdom Website? How fun are the decks to play against each other; how balanced are they; and whats in it for my friends and I, kitchen table magic players just trying to get some games in before our next English class? Thanks Professor!!!

ConsoleCleric says:

9:35 – The best part.

Ethan's Bass Covers says:

He looks good for being 84

Chillaxer790 says:

Great video 🙂

Nerdy_Ronin says:

Omg I love your dad I’d love to meet him.

Keovar says:

I think this video points out something important about geek media.
There are so many things that those who produce it assume their audience to be familiar with. Go back and look at the works of to the great old names, from Asimov to Zelazny. Maybe with them, a reader isn’t hit by so many unreal elements all at once, so reading them first might gradually set up a foundation of ideas about how to approach an imaginary world. Earlier in my childhood, the fantasy stuff I had access to was mostly from my school library, so I read a lot of that pioneering material. Approaching and on into my teen years, I could either buy something like a Dragonlance book myself, or borrow the novels from friends whose parents were less S.Baptist (I grew up in GA & SC during the stupid Satanic Panic era of the late ‘70s to early ‘90s), and the D&D worlds had the game books for reference. Magic is rather arcane (pun intended), so it’s no wonder that a story which assumes familiarity with its many worlds is going to be less than accessible to someone without the sort of geek training I’ve had. Still, a kid is just going to dive in headfirst and not worry about confusing parts, and their greater mental plasticity will probably sort it all out by the end.

Arkade says:

You have the patience of a profes– oh, wait.

Iron Bear says:

your dad is funny

A J says:

I really dont understand half of what your father understood of MTG history kkkkkk

Mike Hosey says:

I wish my father would care enough about my passions as your does. You are a blessed man, this what a father is supposed to do. Support your child in any way possible. Even if it would nearly break you. (Or aggravate you!) Thank you for this!

Penmanovic XxXXxX says:

This is absolutely fantastic.

Nelson Cordova says:

Lol at least you got your dad to read a book about something you like brother he made the attempt….my folks never

Willie Rider says:

im glad you made the best of this. its hilarious. “embraced affinity. wtf does that mean?”

jorph1 says:

Wow an elderly Gent like that who probably likes cowboy movies read a magic the Gathering book. Your lucky my father would have never done that LOL

Roman00 says:

Haha this is genius. xD
That’s like every other conversation I have with my dad.
He doesn’t have altzheimers or anything but well he’s slow. I’m 31 and he’s 76, so obviously it makes me insane to wait for him on getting anything. xD

Flaming Gorilla says:

I hope you feel better soon 🙁

Cheese of Destiny says:

Professor, do u live in Texas? I think this because ur YouTub acronym is TCC, and u said u worked in a community collage, it the communtiy collage tcc or Tulsa

dabigbossdk says:

+respect for listinging to and trusting your viewers once again.

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