The Dark World of Magic Card GRADING…Why Stores Grade PSA or BGS

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shadowsaver04 says:

Love the cards hanging and you dodging them was hilarious! Great work on keeping the attention!

sean m says:

Dude I just bought half a shitton of ungraded “B list” Alpha cards off Ebay , (fireball, circles of protection twiddle type cards.) From various sellers some big timers some not . I spotted a few Obvious fakes from large vendors too. You never mention that the backs of the cards are are printed MUCH darker if compared to a newer card . When did that change or did I just get a shitload of fakes? Could you elaborate on that ? Also : A large percentage of the cards I purchased from all different vendors are listed as “played” but appear to be in EXCELLENT shape . (PSA 8 or higher I would say) I’m no expert but have good observational skills and have inspected them using all the tests, bend, light, feel smell, taste , loop..etc. I haven’t ripped any though. They seem pretty legit. Know what ? IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE !! I SMELL A RAT, ! (DEATHTOUCH RAT ) I STOPPED BUYING THEM> MTG LION knows what’s up !! YOu speak from the heart Rudy that’s why people like you. PUt it out there ! What’s up with CHina and what they are doing ? Maybe I should send U a few of them to check out.(Take a number, right ?)..
Much love.. ; }

Jacob Bellamy says:

Wtf pays anything for old ass cards fr.. no I remember why I quit the playerverse is trash

rick peryy says:

instantly lmao at your fucking wet stained collar and hanging cards and bowtie god damn dude you funny

Andrew Sokolovic says:

I know, necro-post, but is that a psa 10 black lotus?

cochiselol1232 says:

Did he just call us idiots!

Bitcoin Jake says:

Dude needs to get into bitcoin…

shaunjcwgaming says:

How much money is that!?!?!?!?! 😛

VTL says:

I feel like I’m looking into Scrooge McDuck’s vault with all these cards.

Omar Salinas says:

What’s the psa grade on cruel intentions

Lucas says:

That tie

girgirgir2 says:

I like ya Rudy. I think you’re a knowledgeable guy and a funny one at that. I just wish you would CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND GET TO THE FUCKING POINT.

Chris Sutton says:

Here’s my question. Is it worth it to actually have newer cards graded now while the prices are lower so that it’s cheaper to have the card actually graded?

drmscpxl says:

cruel intentions lol

Bobby Marker says:

I dont care about magic cards at all couldnt give a shit but you are an interesting dude subscribed

Steve T says:

Lol cruel intentions

Andrew Fagence says:

If you get ten perfect fakes and chuck the lad 40k he will grade them at ten

tyler mckinney says:

What size pants do you wear?

K. David Woolley says:

4:00 Not tracked, Canada seems to be taking a proactive approach, don’t know if the IRS would want to follow suit some day:

“We’re writing to notify you that we have received a Federal Court order requiring us to disclose information to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about PayPal Business account holders who sent or received a payment between January 1, 2014, and November 10, 2017. To comply with the order, PayPal Canada will make a disclosure to the CRA within 45 days of the date of the order.”

yelsew82 says:

Wanna see a worse evil? Graded video games.. My question is always why? I get the cards its easy to fuck those up but games? D:

Jacob Bellamy says:

I bet he gets hella pussy

The Morning Star says:

Hey Rudy you fucking hoarder. You fuck up the entire experience for normal players who want to build vintage decks, but can’t because you have all of them. I hope you slip in the shower.

Eric Petersen says:

Who’s this guy mad at?? SMH

He ain’t Gorden Gekko

Way to self important

Rob says:

I dont even play magic or know anything about it and I watched this whole video, I could listen to anything this guy says and I would take it as gospel.

Garrett Reed says:

I love your voice, Rudy. You are amazing and help my nights go by quicker. Thanks for keeping me company on the graves!

TheLeolova says:

Very instructive. Thanks.

ships ahoy says:


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