The Most EXPENSIVE Magic The Gathering Booster Box Opening Ever


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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

April 2018 Special – Final Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5 package

MTG – Dominaria
MTG – Masters 25
MTG – Iconic Masters
MTG – Rivals of Ixalan
MTG – Ixalan
MTG – Hour of Devastation
MTG – Amonkhet
MTG – Aether Revolt
MTG – Kaladesh

Force of Will – Time Spinning Witch – SOLD OUT
Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King
Force of Will – Ancient Nights

Final Fantasy Opus V
Final Fantasy Opus IV
Final Fantasy Opus III

Pokemon – Crimson Invasion
Pokemon – Guardians Rising
Pokemon – Burning Shadows


Tim Kienzle says:

Man I played the hell out of breeding pits and thallids!!! Played in a all fallen empire tournament back when it first came out. That’s how you separate the boys from the men…

Phil Byrd says:

Ication Javs won me lots of tourneys

Madgears says:

#d2, just died on my 80 sorc rip, came here to watch some magic

Jonathan Copperfall says:

Despite the collapse of the set, Fallen Empires is my absolute favorite set because it allowed me to make my first real tribal deck: fungus. To this day I still hunt down all the spore, fungus, and thallid cards to add to my decks.
Thank you, Rudy!

Jeffrey Gruntz says:

Thank you Rudy you’re exactly right you’re buying this for Nostalgia this was the first edition that I startd playing with.

Ed Hrafnskald Conway says:

Who would waste good money buying expensive shrink wrap to put on Fallen Empires booster boxes? You could make more money removing the plastic wrap, melting it down, and selling it instead 😉

Enchurito says:

High tide, hymn to tourach, goblin grenade…. um… isn’t that it?

adam roy says:

Are you seriously expecting Fallen Empire box to take any value within your lifetime?

Merc says:

Oh man when you look up the set and 1 card is $5 and then everything else is 30 cents or less

thebigblueviolence says:

I forgot my window was open and I was blasting the volume on this video, went outside to get something from my car and my neighbor gave me the most awkward hello. Didn’t even make eye contact, #sackinthecorner

James Richards says:

I really do miss the old days of MtG.

Diego Ruiz says:

Boxes of this shit is like 170 I don’t think it’s scientifically possible to break even

Noel Corriveau says:

with all the hype right now with fungus and saporlings in Dominaria, do you think any of the Fallen Empires cards will go up in value?

P Di Martino says:

Elvish Farmer just spiked to $10 for some unknown reason…

plaguedtyphoon says:

13:22 lol this is welcome to the wrong channel

Kalvin matthew says:

pleesssee send me a hymm to tourach pleeeesssee

Vaughn says:

How come there is no site that dates back past 2011 for card prices? Would love to see what prices were 10 years ago, 20 years ago etc etc

Crixus The Gaul says:

those hymms are like barely a dollar!

eightof10 says:

Elvish Farmer is $8

Quint Clobo says:

I opened asstons of fallen empires and chronicles when I was a kid and they were the only boosters I could buy

Emmett Chan says:

Posting to reddit right now that you admitted to resealing!

Jason Knight says:

Was a bit surprised to see you just blow right by a Thrull Champion — but I have weird tastes. After all I ran seasingers in my blue with phantasmal terrain straight through to Urza’s.

Pee Body says:

Big Rudy gets all the pussy

Tupiaz says:

13:05 Double high tide=Clearly resealed #RudeRudy

Felixxx9 says:

You said number 2

Pierre-Yves Leroux says:

For us old players, please please please do a Homelands Booster Box opening!

Joseph Markham says:

without a doubt the best set for artwork. i loved watching this and now plan to buy box and open 😉

Jeff Hutchings says:

F*ck I loved Fallen Empires

Forrest Lee says:

as disappointing today as it was around release..handful of meaningful cards, but art was excellent (IMO)

erik anderson says:

this video really serves to show how not rare these cards actually are…

Knownas Hapy says:

My favourite set, awesome

Dereck Sheppard says:

Even as a kid fallen empires sucked. But I still have a *dream* , a dream that a Goblin deck won’t be a gimmicky mess that doesn’t work and can only win with grenades.

KumanoMTG says:

So this is where the inspiration for showdown boosters came from 😀

A Netflix Nerd Girl says:


blindbrad11 says:

having humidifier or controlling the humidity will help with the plastic from cracking

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