The New Player’s Guide To Deck Builder’s Toolkits for Magic: The Gathering

This video is intended as a guide to the product for brand new Magic: The Gathering players. For a more detailed and critical analysis, check out my “Is It Worth It” video for Toolkits here:

Check out The Professor’s Complete Casual Guide here:
and find out if it is worth it to buy a Battle Deck here:

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Mario Burgos says:

Prof my deck builder toolkit box lasted 3 years when I was in highschool

Stan Notsosaint says:

No but seriously who is that character on the boxart?

DrKatz says:

@Tolarian Community College I miss your old Modern deck breakdowns. Would you ever consider doing one for Bant Spirits or UW Spirits? It’s my favorite Modern deck and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

durge12 says:

my first product was the first commander anthology. i wanted to play commander and i wanted to play elves so it seemed like a great starting place- it was!

Nic says:

lol the 5 rares are the ones that come in the FREE welcome decks..

Henry Zakay says:

Looking good Prof!

There Are Four Lights says:

My first purchase was the 99 starter set. They should really do something like that again. Even link a how to play that starter set to an online wizards video taking you through each turn.

Juliett A says:

Many magic the gathering players ask: “when will The Professor be on Game Knights again?”

RavagerModular says:

Card Kingdom’s prebuilt starter decks are miles better then the majority of WOTC prebuilt products.

Kai Andreasen says:

Great video! It’s nice to know what the product is before I make the purchase and your reviews seem very fair and thoughtful.

Slox says:

Weird question for Prof of the community. My hands get sweaty when I play the game and it often dirties my sleeves. Do any of you know of good gaming gloves that can help with this and still allows me to shuffle / play without much issue? I’d love to see a review like this.

Raicudo Na says:

Established, no. I have been playing for a while but the idea of established hints towards knowing and obeying “how you’re suppose to play”. I started with a Wal-mart box and deck builder’s tool kit, but for the first 2 years I didn’t actually play. So my story isn’t very helpful, I’m a bit of an odd ball when it comes to most things. Now going on the 4th year I still refuse to play serious and most find it hilarious or annoying depending on how serious they are. Fact is: if you ever reach a point where no one can beat you then you’ll never get to play with others. I don’t want that, I prefer to “hold back” and leave everything to chance.

Brian Franchi says:

I think the deck builder’s tool kit is a necessary part of the new player experience. I have left Magic several times for “life” events and now my youngest is old enough to play. We bought a toolkit to get us started and now she I playing FNM every Friday at 10 years old and doing fairly well. I can’t say enough about the toolkit as a necessary intro, but can’t say that I use any of the cards that came with it. Overall, a great value and wonderful teaching experience. Once again, great unbiased video Tolarian!!!

Premier112 says:

Am I strange for liking them, as a somewhat established player who just simply enjoys collecting bulk commons for peace of mind to say to myself, I own the core of bare basic 1-center cards of the latest set? It’s twenty bucks. Compared to buying up booster boxes and always having that chance of not having Mainstay Generic Beast of Normality #23 that I’d have to scrounge through the game store draft-chaff box, I’ll… well just spend the twenty bucks. No big loss for a decent peace of mind.

Mini Monsters TCG says:

I love these vids

PiemurPlayz says:

Who won the giveaway tho

Vulpixy111 says:

Over the years my S.O and I have purchased several Deckbuilder’s toolkits. We enjoy the deckbox from them and whenever S.O has a good feeling about one we’ve pulled $20+ value from the packs included. We’ve used the cards to help build/refine teaching decks, or to give to newer players at our lgs.

vs9mm says:

If it will hold 4 planeswalker decks, I might get it just for the deck box. I like to carry the 4 most recent planeswalker decks as is on family vacation/to in laws, etc. They are easy to play with new people or some family that don’t play regularly. Swap decks around, each deck plays differently for at least a couple games then switch.

axel leroy says:

Actually, i would like to buy this kid of stuff 20 years ago when i started magic 🙂
Think it’s great for new players

Lorenzo Bruzzese says:

First ever purchase was the 7th Edition starter box with the CD Rom and Thorn Elemental on the box as well as a few Onslaught booster Packs

Mistah Ruff says:

When I see this product on the shelf my only thought is that it will not really help my young cousins learn to play Magic. My money is better spent buying preconstructed decks from Card Kingdom for that purpose.

Wiseley T says:

First purchase? I built a goblins deck from the bulk bins in a store, with a couple singles from the binders and glass shelves

Allen Homes says:

My first purchase was the Planescape esper precon deck with Cavern Harpy on the cover, way back in 2000.
Toolkits weren’t available back then, but I do still find them useful when looking to stock up on basic lands or get back in to the game after a long absence, because at a glance they allow me to see what cards are in the standard environment without having to look through packs of each set.
Even though I’m by no means a new player, I still found the video very helpful! It gave me some good insight for what to recommend to my friends and coworkers getting in to the game, so your efforts are definitely appreciated even by established players.

Logan Marzec says:

I bought my first deck building tool kit back during m12 and originally built a blue white standard now 6 years later I have a semi competitive atraxa commander as well as a plethora of other decks and I can honestly say I agree with the professor wholeheartedly it was a great first buy And I still use the Serra avatar I pulled from it to this day

Brendan Krause says:

I am an established player, my first purchase was a casual deck I bought for 19$ from summer camp. I Still have the dirty white bordered lightning bolts we so terribly ruined. Shortly after this awesome introduction I picked one of these tool-kits up. I still remember Skuttling-Doom Engine bringing me tears when it hit the field or being amazed that someone could get out Terra-Stomper. Now I’m just nervous that my things may die to removal or countered, and I am looking to get into a format that I can build and enjoy myself in like those times. EDH and Pauper are seemingly my best choices.

Hussiehasmasoul says:

Funny thing is a tool kit was my first purchase for getting into magic

Dragetsuyatamiki says:

Who here just tunes in to see the packs opened?

Citzen_J says:

I still have my old school rules book from Ice Age era. If they could put those in each of the 75 card booster packs, they can put those lame ass fold out rules they have these days

Apocalypse Chime says:

Yeah lol for my 9th birthday Gray I got an m15 deckbuilders toolkit-still holds some of my modern decks.

Myztik says:

10:46 *how

Rob Feduke says:

my first purchase was a duel deck which was nissa voice of zendikar vs obinxils the reignited

Aubrey Inmon says:

It was a theros tool kit and a theros holiday bundle

sparktoad says:

I used to buy tournaments packs, those 120 random cards in a box were the best thing ever. I really missed them.

David Osborne says:

back in the game since i was a kid and poor lol it might be my first magic purchase since the goblin king for my krusty old goblin deck

Druido Bianco says:

Am i the only one that thinks the now fixed 125 cards just detracts from the experience of you and a friend buyng a toolkit and using the cards to battle each other?

bestnumberever73 says:

My girlfriend (yes, MTG players have those, shocking I know) is getting into Magic and really enjoying playing on Arena. This would be an awesome way to develop her dive into Magic and give her a starting collection. My only worry is she’ll pop a Teferi and I’ll be tempted to… be a bad boyfriend. XD

Thanks for covering this, Prof!

Breanna says:

Great video Prof! I’ve seen the one before but as a newbie, this outlook was appreciated as well

bladewolf VII says:

Age 13+? Yeah can we talk about that?

Kevin Morris says:

I got started with the old 60-card starter packs from 4th Edition, but I eventually stopped playing around the time of either Odyssey or Onslaught–I don’t remember which set release it was that was my last. When I came back to MTG several years ago, I picked one of the toolkits up to start a more recent card base. The boxes from these are really great: I still use the one I got back in 2014 or so today!

Mitchell says:

I don’t remember what caused me and my buddy to start playing MTG, but one day we decided to give it a try, and each bought a 2014 deck builder’s toolkit. I had built a green-white selesnya tokens deck, and he had built slivers. Was really fun that we got essentially the same stuff to build decks with, so it was very fair, but slightly different that we could each build a unique deck.

Jack Casey says:

I bought a marked down deck builders toolkit last month. I pulled Yargle, Glutton of Urborg.

Guess who’s spent the last month brewing an Exalted Yargle deck???

Quantum Frankie Theory says:

My first purchase was the Edgar Markov precon deck, I’ve been hooked ever since

Simon Axley says:

My first real MtG purchase was the Doomgape intro deck from Shadowmoor.
I had a blast piloting it, and it lead me to one of my favourite things in the world.

nomadrl91x says:

Ahh. I remember my first tool kit. Magic 2012 core set. I beheld my first pelakka wurm and the rest was history.

Don Ndoki says:

I started with the m15 new players toolkit and i still use the box to carry my cards.

Zachary Gregorius says:

My first purchase in magic was the last Duel Deck, Elves Vs Inventors, I was so happy I looked online on ways to play the deck better when i found your review, hahaha you literally ripped me a new one calling it a trash buy. Im still happy cause I met you in the process

rockstar212121 says:

My first purchase was a bulk box from a dealer at this swapmeet like place for collectables by my house. I got somewhere between 600-800 cards for $12.35ish, whatever change was in my pocket. If it wasn’t that box it was either starter pack for 7th or portal. Those were my first 3 purchases.

IntheworldofMyra says:

I am an established edh player. My first buy when I got into magic was an event deck from gatecrash and then a deck builders toolkit shortly thereafter. I had a lot of fun learning how to build decks and figuring out synergies. It is a good product for new players.

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