The Top 10 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time

It’s finally here. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this final episode, we brought together Reid Duke, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Brian Kibler to count down the definitive 10 greatest Magic cards ever printed. is your premier source for Magic: The Gathering strategy, singles, sealed product and accessories!


Waffles For Days says:

Dark Ritual is also in reanimator where the most mana you`d need turn one is two or three mana to go off. Dark Ritual allows for both but it can be played fairly but it`s insane in unfair decks the worst Mox is probably Mox Pearl from the power nine. I think it goes 1.Mox Sapphire 2.Mox Jet 3.Mox Ruby 4.Mox Emerald 5.Mox Pearl

Mox Emerald can atleast cast Oath of Druids and Sylvan Library in Vintage. The most powerful white spell in Vintage is Balance which of course is stronger then Oath of Druids but i think Mox Emerald has more applications then Pearl in Vintage atleast Mox Pearl is probably better in Cube though.

You missed 1.Hermit Druid 2.Flash 3.Windfall 4.Liliana of the Veil 5.Blood Moon(Arguably) 6.Serra`s Sanctum 7.Demonic Consultation 8.Acadamy Rector 9.Fact or Fiction 10.Sylvan LIbrary

Seung Lim says:

I feel like they valued iconic-ness and nostalgia way too high. How strong a card is in a vacuum shouldn’t be the only thing that matters sure, but like a card like cursed scrolls does not deserve a spot on this list just because it was strong in it’s format.

Matstaal says:

My personal favorite is #16 Lightning Bolt. I adore the simplicity of the design, the flavour, the colour identity, power level and versatility. It was basically the first non-creature spell I was introduced to, and 20 years later I’m still casting it in Modern.

Grommet B says:

no storm crow

julian slavin says:

Where’s splendid genesis

Alyssin Williams says:

#1 is.. Path of Sorrow!

Malte Diekmann says:

Unpopular opinion coming through: fetchlands should have been top 5 at the very, very least. They are the best lands in the game (suck it, duals!) and are so far above the curve that it’s not even funny. The most powerful cards printed since alpha, imo.

Red Green says:

I think that if you are going to crap on time walk, you should at least include the “untap all permanents you control”. Wouldn’t hurt to include haste and the combat phase. But play a 2 mana spell into a 3 mana spell is nothing to scoff at. Demonic Tutor went from 2 to 4 in recent printings. Time Walk? 5 +, unless miracled on turn 3, which is still a nerf.
If you have cast time walk enough you would know its an auto include in any deck that can legally cast it. Untap phase, op.

Mateus Viegas says:

no vizzerdrix? unsubscribed and reported

Gabba The Hut says:

the plural of mox is actually “moxen” not moxes

Stanely Williams says:

Brian’s face looks like a penis, and his voice sounds like he has a sack stuck in his throat.

Robert McCarroll says:

am I the only who noticed how HARD Kibler is tweeking? They need to give that man a drug test, but he probably is just abusing his adderal prescription.

Timothy Bensema says:

Why couldn’t we stick GerryT under the table?

Jeffrey Denenberg says:

Calling it before I watch the video, #2 black lotus, #1 blacker lotus

CÓLaocha says:

Brainstorm is legal in pauper, where Evolving Wilds is the best “fetchland”, Ponder and Preordain are better in pauper, generally.

dustmop says:

So happy to hear LSV mention Contract from Below at 23:23. It is absolutely the most powerful card ever printed, no contest, not even close.

Ove Tang says:

Duress and basic lands is weird picks.Like another person said, better than Liliana, don’t think so. Duress have never been that influential to be considered a top 100 card and basic lands? That’s just necessary to play the game itself. Top 20 is just weird. Apart from that the list is reasonable.

Genie says:

Ive watched these videos and come to the conclusion that well, you cant rate a magic card against the rest of the pool by singling out what that card does and when. To me, I feel as though Ancestral Recall is a far better card than the Lotus simply because you get gains at any time, whereas the Lotus’ shines most in the early game. A late game draw into a Lotus doesn’t help.

On the other hand, the power level of Magic in general states that the formats in which these cards are legal have a “power creep” tempo. If you get to late game in Vintage, something is wrong. While I do admire the potency of a Black Lotus, my deep rooted ideology of the game tells me card advantage, no matter where in the tempo of the game it exists, is far superior. Recall being played usually always provides more over time than a Lotus.

But thats my take on it. :/

Mark Seccareccia says:

Has this been posted in list form yet?

Joshua Beck says:

Would you rather cast 3 ancestoral recall off of a black lotus or 3 black lotus off of ancestoral recall?

Laurin Gruber says:

why no gravedigger?

MTGNostalgia says:

Good video. But someone should have a look at Mashi’s microphone/sound level.

uptherockies says:

‘Jesus Christ’ – LSV’s reaction to #2 xD

Helmutt Hat says:

More proof that the “power nine” should have included sol ring.

themisprintguy says:

Hi guys, since I’m one of the few that can correct you, I will- During playtesting, Time Walk said “take an extra turn.” It was Starburst, also known as the red Time Walk, that said “opponent loses next turn.” That caused confusion, it was meant to skip someone which was important in group play. But due to confusion it was never made.

GRat9717 says:

Was this recorded in a hotel room?

Zetimenvec says:

I honestly thought gitaxian probe should be on here somewhere. Not top 10, but within the 11-50 somewhere. The fact that it’s banned from legacy and modern, and restricted in vintage shows that this is an absurdly powerful card. The fact that it took so long to ban is also to showcase that this card is deceptively powerful. I’d wager to say it’s a better card than mental misstep, and not by a little bit.

Bob Mcmahan says:

Whaaat i was sure number one was gonna be smugglers copter

EGarrett01 says:

I don’t understand why Wizards didn’t take the opportunity with Vintage Masters to have a contest to let fans add flavor text to the power 9.

Adam Saligman says:

In all honesty, shouldn’t The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale been on this list, and have been in the Top 20? Opinions?

SpongeBob's Animation Nation says:

1. One with nothing

adikateonenia says:

why didnt u show the cards long enouggh to propoerly read wtf

anonymousvagrant says:

Where’s Teferi?

Tackletree says:

Where did Gush rank ?

HappilyNeverEver Again says:

The real best card in Magic is Island
Island needs to get banned
Wizards plz ban island

The-Jaded says:

I just understand putting Lotus over Recall in terms of iconic. But Lotus is SO bad in a vacuum, while Recall never is a blank unless you have no blue source or less than three cards in your deck. Also: I don’t think that Brainstorm is better than like Library or Shop. Bazaar is debatable. Sometimes, even Ponder is better than Brainstorm so what is this based upon?

TravistheGREAT03 says:

Soooo much Blue in this top 10…and still somewhere there will be a Blue player whinign about aggro…

Andrew w says:

no chimney imps, storm crow, wood elemental, scronful egotist, paliano the high city, shame, worst list ever, unsubscribed

Wiseley T says:

Number 1 should have been sorrow’s path. Or at the very least, Mashi should have said it as a joke like he did with lotus at number 2

Castekn2796 says:

is drawing 3 cards more fun then three free mana?

Nick Imholte says:

After a battle that raged the entire countdown, Colorless edges out blue 32 to 29 for most common color. Black picks up one more to comfortably beat out green for 3rd (15 to 12). White and Red tie for 5th at 5 a piece. Of note, this does not count the 2 multi colored cards which would put White in dead last.

By type, Sorcery took it down with 26. Artifacts beat Creatures and Instants 18 to 17, and Land(s) rounds out the top 5 with 5. Note: This does not count the one card (Ravager) with two types.

By CMC, (Discounting Lands), the most common costs go in order. 1, then 2, then 3, then 4. Three cards had unique CMCs (Can you guess them?)

Average CMC (Again, discounting Lands), 2.5

joshua medlen says:

where’s the episode you put bonfire of the damned on I want to watch kiblers face on that one

Ira Rosenblum says:

Great concise list thanks for all of your time and effort. Really enjoyed the videos. how long till top 100 worst?

Mary Lelko says:

I think that Liliana of the Veil and reanimate should have been on this list.

Brad Young says:

Recall > lotus

John McNally says:

Glad to see Paul Cheon getting out of the house.

Bl00dSt0rm60 says:

I liked the list for the most part but i do think even tho grave troll isnt the highest dredge count, the mechanic alone should have just taken the spot instead of troll

twitchster77 says:

#5 is my personal favorite card in the game.

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