The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#100-91)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi is joined by guests Reid Duke, Tom Martell, and Gerry Thompson in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the bottom 10 slots on the list.
Tune in next week for #90-81, with new guests!


Joshua Dunlap says:

Who’s the guy on the left? (Joking)

Vitor Hugo says:

tarmogoyf probably the best creature ever, and I agree there is no way that theres 90 magic cards better than wheel.

PerhapsOOTMM says:

Good to see you again, Mashi

Miljan Nojič says:

No.1 is Island 🙂

A. S. VanHoose says:

Dumbassery ends at 2:50

JakleIsMe says:

mic check

Shwift says:

That intro is sweet!

SmaugUKA says:

Well 10-1 should be easy enough to guess.

Gammie says:

You guys skipped dread return…

Lalo Landa says:

Nice and all but no player can profitably comment if they don’t know or don’t have the full list i mean true name nemesis on 100 place, fine, but which cards are between 90 and 1? for me true name nemesis belongs in the best what, 20 cards ever printed? it’s like a shrinked progenitus for 3 mana. Ok, maybe 30th place?

This is cute but dumb.

Rafa Moss says:

Cant hear shit

PoodlestarGenerica says:

Seems cool but a bit silly

Kyle Collington says:

Is the audio off for anyone else?

Also, first. Duh.

Yale Stewart says:

This is really fun, but I wish a little more time was spent on each card. We all know why most of them made the list, but even still, it’d be neat to hear each panel member’s standout memories of the card, favorite deck/combo/target, etc. Just a little extra to really add some flavor.

Brayden Borrell says:

I have a feeling I know what the first nine are going to be

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