The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#15-11)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi Scanlan is joined by Brian Weissman, Gerry Thompson, and, finally, Luis Scott-Vargas in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the next 10 slots on the list.
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NoLessThanAGod says:

The lack of contact from below on this list is criminal.

Jesse Alson-Milkman says:

And all of the commenters indirectly made an excellent case as to why Fetches should be higher on the list than OG Duals. Duals make mana fixing very good. Fetches make mana fixing absurdly good. And that would be true if we were talking shocks rather than duals.

Pierre Julien says:

I wish Wizards would reprint Dual Lands. Their price is stupidly high.

deathmattkiller says:

First week without the panel complaining about the list. Though it does feel warranted, as it has every week

v.x richards says:

jace is one of those cards with so much hype around that people put it in their decks whether it works or not.

Goreti Silva says:

Just an idea, you should rank each card individually, instead of grouping them, not all duals or moxen are created equal some are better than other. Otherwise masterfull, thx <3

blade6321 says:

Brian Weissman is an amazing choice here. LSV was a given, but hearing Brian tell all these stories with such passion really elevates the panel.

PopcornBunni says:

Top 10 in my estimation:
10: Yawgmoth’s Will
9: Mana Crypt
8: Tolarian Academy
7: Brainstorm
6: Sol Ring
5: Force of Will
4: Time Walk
3: Ancestral Recall
2: Moxes
1: Black Lotus

Maxx Kominowski says:

how is bolt not top 10

xcver says:

yeah dual land money, I used to drive some guy to his home for a dual. Was cheaper than a taxi for him 🙂

PP Hyjynx says:

so the top 10 is Sol ring plus the rest of the power 9 and tolarian academy?

Shwift says:

Demonic tutor is better than time walk. Almost certainly.

Alexis Laurin says:

Saving hundreds of dolars to buy a dual land doesn’t feel iconic at all to me, there should be no reserved list in mtg, the concept of it is just dumb.

Timothy Vandenberg says:

Hey Brian Weissman…..I remember Joel Unger! He was the first great player I was aware of! Saw him play at a tournament near LAX airport in Fall of 1995 (The same day I bought my Unlimited Black Lotus for only $180!). Serious Old School days!

Shaun McIsaac says:

Did Replenish just flat out not make the list, or did I miss it earlier? 3W: Get 26 mana worth of permanents into play. Seems fair.

Mike McLouden says:

Lightning Bolt

tumultuoustempus says:

Can you guys look into enhancing the audio quality at all? I have a very hard time understanding some of the things that are being said, particularly in this video (Mashi especially).

MTGDog says:

Dual Lands being aspirational goals sucks dick tbh. Hmm, a new car or a set of Underground Seas? It’s absurd.

AvA says:

Well,…even though i think brainstorm is overrated in the top 10 (clearly its a very good card but, i think strip mine for example is better) i guess it has to be in there, the other 9 cards a pretty obvious in my opinion. So my tip in no particular order is Black Lotus, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, the Moxen, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Force of Will, Yagmoth’s Will, Tolarian Academy and last, and as well least, Brainstorm.

Judah Burlingame says:

The mic problems are distracting

Simon Murphy says:

“Cool” is not the word I would use to describe for people having to save for so long to get One dual land.

Ayy LMAO says:

Magic is too expensive.

clelvis225 says:

suprised old man weissman even knows what a planeswalker is……..

Dawud Charlton says:

Why isn’t Reynad on this panel??

Messi #Goat Milan says:

Vampiric Tutor is better then Demonic Tutor

Joaquin Pirotto says:

I disliked on the principle that you’re milking this list by halving the entries on every video

William Fegan says:

What is the criteria for this? The best card ever has to be contract from below, although it never had an impact on any meaningful format. But it’s still the most broken card ever.

Alexander Feng says:

I would prefer it if while you guys were talking about the cards to have it up the whole time while you’re talking about it instead of being up for 10 sec

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