The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#20-16)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi is joined by three Pro Tour Champions: Gerry Thompson, Tom Martell, and Brian Kibler in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the next 10 slots on the list.
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Karr says:

Less cards featured in a 20 minute segment means more time to talk about the individual cards. Yeah, they’re milking it a little but can we just stop being perpetually offended one time?

Caabooose says:

but lands are also the worst part of the game.. getting land flooded or screwed is the worst part of this game.

João Oliveira says:

I really want to understand how Liliana is not in this list. Also, if JTMS make it, he is beeing absurdly overrated to be on top15

SpaccaSpecchi says:

No. 1: Insect token

Red Rum says:

Still no Plow Under? Kappa

Ben Bailey says:

They milking it

SmaugUKA says:

On today’s episode of, “Is This Card Better Than Wheel?”, we have come to the point around where Wheel fits…but not yet…not yet.

Continue on for the true Conclusion to this Series…in about 3 months is they’re going to break down episodes like this. The Top 5 will have an Episode a piece given to them. Haha

Adam Sowell says:

Gotta agree with Gerry T here. Basic lands are either #1 or dont belong in the top 100.

Black Heart says:

Milk it some more

Shaun McIsaac says:

7:02 thank you

Mark Calkins says:

I dunno how you put basics at 20. If they are on the list at all, they are number 1. They have been staples in more tournament winning decks in both limited and constructed than any other card! Shoulda just left them off.

Anonymous Nate says:

If they were gonna put basic lands on the list they should have been at #100. Consider the cards that came before this are basic lands really better than Mana Vault, let’s be real.

Jeff Weasner says:

Um basic lands eh? Mashing back button now.

Bailey Gill says:

#20 best cards printed

Deceit says:

Milking the end of the list for ad revenue money huh, classy.

Ruben Pinamonti says:

I feel the main problem (and source of disagreement) with this list is the fact that it isn’t based on transparent, clearly defined criteria.
Are we talking about the BEST cards in Magic? Or the most ICONIC ones? Or the most FORMAT DEFINING ones? Or the ones with most sentimental value?
They should have chosen one yardstick and kept to it consistently throughout

megacool woah says:

basic lands feels like a cheap answer. should have defined what your list would be covering more clearly

th3giv3r says:

TIL that unless all five cards of each color are on the same power level, you can’t call them a cycle. #kiblerlogic

MakeThisPlaceIgnite says:

You guys ruined this list by not defining it well. Also dont really care if it’s a list like this i just want to hear gerry and brian talk about magic

Vitor Pinheiro says:

Basic Lands = no
Goblin recruiter, earthcraft, hermit druid, Sylvan library, reanimate are out…
Just NO
That’s not the proposal of the list

Matty Zee says:

#1 is either going to be brian scalabriene or storm crow. anything less will make this list a total failure

Mike Weeks says:

Part of the initial problem with Necro was the environment. The Black Vise land destruction decks make it hard to play that card. The first major Standard tournament with restricted Vise was dominated by Land Tax and Necro. How do you play Necro when the opponent is like Vise into Howling Mine into Stone Rain?

jatkinson1993 says:

I dislike Martell so much on this because he just doesnt understand the concept that it isnt the best cards of all time.

Andreas Kristoffersen says:

Man, I was so sure bolt was 20 when he said it was “shocking”.

Wraith Ferron says:

Bazaar of Baghdad was good before dread. It was used in old reanimate decks, and Worldeater Dragon combo

Joel Monteiro says:

Basic lands? Really?

Messi #Goat Milan says:

And now we have basic lands on this list like could this list be any worse? Wheel at 91, Timetwister at 51 and cards like wastes, plains and mountains over stuff like Wheel and Timetwister, Mana Vault, Time Vault and much more. Like this list has basicly just become a trolling list

Ruben Pinamonti says:

I count at least 16 that should still be coming. What did they leave out?
Dual Lands
Force of Will
Memory Jar
Strip Mine
Mishra’s Workshop
Sol ring
Mana Crypt
Yawgmoth’s Will
Time Walk
Ancestral Recall

Also, notable absences from this top 100 list in my opinion: Thalia, Delver, Liliana, Sylvan Library, Chalice

Dark Steel says:

Complaining about basics. You all haven’t been Wastlanded enough.

tbone says:

20-16 and basic lands as a pick. fuck you guys

Kyriakos Zacharias says:

should have gone 20 – 15, then 14 – 9, so that we could have had top 8 in the end…

stephen cliffe says:

Has Zodiac Rooster come up in the top 100 yet?

Darby McKilkannoncaid says:

When they were talking about lightning bolt I’m reminded of earlier when they were talking about how a card defines a format, Lightning Bolt defines, maybe not as much anymore, but certainly for a while defined Modern and what was considered a playable creature or not.

thedraw777 says:

What possible justification is there for putting Bolt over Mana Drain or–an even more direct comparison!–Swords? Swords is better than Bolt, by a lot, and is every bit as iconic.

Xavier Hoppersmith says:

One with Nothing

ogarza3 says:

I don’t know what was dumber… time magazine naming ‘you’ as person of the year.. .or naming ‘basic land’ as a top card… number one card in magic the gathering will always be the CREDIT CARD

Mariam Barnes says:

Kibler talked about how he doesn’t like the m10 bolt flavor text, but I think it’s actually really cool, in that it references the surprise of MTG players at the time that bolt was back.

Vitor Pinheiro says:

There are more powerful cards than slots left:
(there’s no particular order in this list)
1. Black Lotus
2. Ancestral Recall
3. Moxen
4. Tolarian Academy
5. Force of Will
6. Yawgmoth’s Will
7. Brainstorm
8. Time Walk
9. Dual Lands
10. City of Traitors
11. Jace, the Mind S.
12. Mishra’s Workshop
13. Sol Ring
14. Mox Diamond
15. Chrome Mox
Strip Mine
Mana Crypt
Demonic Consultation
Demonic Tutor

Themooselair says:

Basic lands is such a fucking troll. It’s hilarious.

PoodlestarGenerica says:

Force of will should be at least top five. It’s basically the card you want in your opening hand in any format its in. It protects you from, and enables, many of the best game plans in magics history. I would only put recall and lotus ahead of it. Though obviously all artifact mana is great.

George Colby says:

Can it Martell, everyone is annoyed with you.

Shaun McIsaac says:

The comments of the pros dumping on this list >> the list itself.
Bolt is strong. Holy crap wheel is ridiculous. Ask yourself this – how does a deck full of cheap goblins and 4 bolts sound over one that gets to play 4 wheels and has to settle for incinerate or shock?

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