The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#30-21)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi is joined by Reid Duke and Pro Tour Champions Gerry Thompson and Brian Kibler in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the next 10 slots on the list.
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Ruben Pinamonti says:

I suspect the divergence of opinions regarding Library of Alexandria can be attributed to the fact that Gerry and Brian probably haven’t played much Vintage lately (or at all), while Reid has

Avish Shandar says:

Man this series would of maybe actually hit 1,000,000 views if they would of gone over every card and made it a single 2 hour video. So close…

swordoflorn says:

Demonic/Vampiric Tutor in top 10

C - Mart says:

Why would you not include a link to all the previous videos in the description OR in the post on the site? Awesome content and I love your stuff but there are some easy wins with a little more thought put into it.

Ara Ara says:

I call Duals for the next round and Force of Will for the top 10.

Mtg Might says:

They should get Brian kibler to either cast or commentate the pro tour and events like that

phatbastard0alkaline says:

“everywhere you see it, its there” well, obviously.

Sam Olson says:

I guess monastery mentor can no longer be on the list then…

Knowledgeabletyrant says:

I’m surprised the fetches are so low, they have absolutely altered what is possible in the game in such a unique way

Gunnar Olai Sivertsen says:

Ah, Dark Ritual. I remember playing a Legacy side event at a GP; my opponent went first, kept his seven with visible enthusiasm and went “Swamp, Dark Ritual, Liliana of the Veil, plus discarding Nether Spirit”. The look on his face when i discarded Stinkweed Imp was really something.

Michael Bowman says:

LOA should be above Mishras Workshop and Bazaar of Baghdad. Though not above dual lands or strip mine

kewlguitarist says:

Library of Alexandria is one of the best T1 cards in Magic. It’s win percentage is insanely high. I could never understand why someone would say it’s underrated.

Myztik says:

Ayy they finally spoke about every card

Jesse Alson-Milkman says:

I’m shocked that fetchlands are so low. I had them pegged for top 5. I also think Kibler and Gerry are way wrong about Library and Reid is very right, but hey–I was thinking Library in the teens, so what do I know. I also expected Dark Ritual to be higher than Lightning Bolt

Revised guess (still no Contract from Below–still don’t think they’ll include ante cards):
20. Liliana of the Veil
19. Tinker
18. Brainstorm
17. Lightning Bolt
16. Jace, the Mind Sculpter
15. Demonic Tutor
14. Strip Mine
13. Force of Will
12. Time Walk
11. Bazaar of Baghdad
10. Necropotence
9. OG Duals
8. Mishra’s Workshop
7. Tolarian Academy
6. Yawgmoth’s Will
5. Mana Crypt
4. Sol Ring
3. Moxen
2. Ancestral Recall
1. Lotus

Kristian Pe says:

thalia g.o.t should be in the top 100 i believe.

TheAcidBrn says:

Balance is legendary. It brings you back into a game you have no business coming back from. Being labeled the most powerful white card is correct.
Of course there’s the fabled mulligan to 3: Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Balance hand that sits on a shelf next to pictures of Bigfoot.

Gordon Stewart says:

is mana drain the 4th best counterspell in vintage? FoW>misstep>flusterstorm(?)>mana drain

KabukiKid says:

Yeah, I’d probably put Mana Drain higher on the list, as well.

Fabio Fusato says:

What is the card Kibler and Gerry was talking about at 5:05 more or less?

lord goyim says:


Gangi Films says:

no no noooooooooo

kukuc96 says:

Well 3 of my 4 predictions for this were correct (Snapcaster, Skullclamp, Mana Drain). Force of Will is still out there somewhere. So i reckon that will be in the next part.

Germancouch says:

Demonic and vampiric tutor haven’t been named yet, right?

TheAcidBrn says:

When you see Library dominate a game time after time, it’s easy to equate it as the 10th piece of power.

The Storm Count says:

Clamp was also originally 2 to equip

Tore Janse says:

This list is a conflation between ”100 iconic/historic cards that we like” and ”top 100 most powerful cards”. They should’ve gone with one of those and that would’ve been interesting. Now it’s just a mess, especially when you look at the ordering.

Swords is obviously not more powerful than Time Vault, but you have a convenient defense when you can justify it with ”well no, but Swords is much more ICONIC!”. Same thing with Cursed Scroll, which is arguably not even top 500, versus glaring omissions like Dark Depths, Entomb, Frantic Search, Flash, Hermit Druid, Goblin Recruiter, Chalice of the Void, Time Spiral, Eye of Ugin, Terminus and more.

Also, the fetch lands are way more powerful than the beta duals. But I guess they aren’t as iconic…

Gaming Bear says:

Love it, you guys smash it! Huge Thx 🙂

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