The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#60-51)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi is joined by Reid Duke, THE Ben Seck, and Pro Tour Champion Gerry Thompson in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the next 10 slots on the list.
Tune in next week for #50-41, with new guests!


FireThunder says:

“When did the Power Nine become the Power Fifty-One?” Tremendous.

Jerred says:

So much better having Reid and Jerry over kibleir and Martell. They dont just talk about the pro tour

FanTa h says:

I fucking love Reid Duke

Rorschachqp says:

If the list is correct, the top two cards will be the ones banned for power. Cards that are restricted for power like Lotus, ARecall, etc. are not as powerful as those banned for power (banned in all formats). The exception being Channel, which is very random. I’m talking about Balance and Mind Twist, for example.

Rorschachqp says:

Jitte, since it was Legendary, was also used as Jitte removal since you playing yours blew up your opponent’s copy.

Gordon Stewart says:

first? probably lotus.

WoRMaSTeR64 says:

Getting close to Lightning Bolt range (pun intended).

drake says:

gerry t rocking a la dispute shirt? wild

AceT N says:

I’d predict they have Lotus at 1, though Recall is likely the more powerful card in a vacuum (and the vast majority of existing and potential formats). I also think the ABU duals should not be top 10, because since the printing of the shocks they aren’t actually vital to any existing format any more. Sure they’re strictly better, but if they didn’t exist even Vintage and Legacy would just play shocks and the formats wouldn’t change drastically. However, if the fetches weren’t a thing every format in which they’re legal would not exist in the same way any more. That’s why fetches should be top 5 and duals shouldn’t. It’s fetches that carry 90% of the mana bases nowadays, duals only carry the price tag.

אמנון טל says:

Timetwister should be #9.

Nerd Hardcore says:

where is natural order or sword of fire and ice? i think those ones on the video are realy bether them order or sword but , they deserve to be on top 100

Alena Dizdarevic says:

I‘m glad that I met Mr. Seck at GP Prague

Martin Nordlund says:

Missed discussing Gitaxian Probe… We’ll still better than last time

Cedric Dungo says:

Reid Duke be cosplaying as Masahiro Sakurai in all of these videos

SmaugUKA says:

This section of cards was very Storm heavy.

Rorschachqp says:

Worldly Tutor predates Survival by quite a few years.

SmaugUKA says:

And on this episode of, “Are These Cards Better Than Wheel of Fortune”…Wheel’s still better than most of these.

Shwift says:

Fast bond is probably the best green card ever printed maybe behind channel.
Should be higher.

Rasmus Søgaard says:

Terrible sound! Can’t watch this 🙁

Shadow Titan says:

Finally Reid!

Ch4p4ch4 says:

Can you please try to talk about all the cards? Last video was terrible (you skipped 3 or so if I recall correctly), and although this one has improved, you’ve still missed Probe.
I am loving this series so far, it’s really interesting and the discussion is very funny, but it’s a bit sad to watch a top 100 cards in the whole history of the game and have a ~10% of the choices ignored.
Thank you and keep up the great, fun work you’re doing!

HelpfulJjam says:

bob shouldnt be on the list, its not even played in humans. gitaxian probe should be much higher

John Kravich says:

Power 8 just doesn’t have that same ring to it

akistrat says:

Is it a thing for you to make lists and not talk about all of the items on them? I mean, I guess its the typical quality of your average content but still, just spend maybe 10 more minutes to produce these videos which are supposed to be unique?

Es Aldis says:

Dunno what your guys’ overall plan for this series is, but it could be cool if, after going through the top 100, you picked out the top (or your favorite) sets/blocks, e.g. Ravnica, Dominaria, etc.

Cheers for the series though! Kinda getting back into Magic after some years and am loving getting the different perspectives on the game.

Mars Goad says:

about time we got reid, quality on audio though :/

Patrick Kelly says:

The audio in this series is terrible. It’s like each person has different quality microphones and they’re located on different parts of their body.

kapten krok says:

Sooo much tease. I wanna see all the list now!! And mashi is a great host I wanna see him do some comentating 😀

Messi #Goat Milan says:

Timetwister at 51 what is wrong with the people that work at Channelfireball? Oh and Survival is safe to unban in legacy the card is way too clunky by todays legacy standards and there was little graveyard hate and pithing needle effects being used back when Survival was good, but there is alot more of those effects in Legacy right now due to the rise of BR Reanimator. In Vintage Survival is just a bad Dredge deck without Bahzaar of Bagdad that Survival deck is unplayable. On the LED comment no it does not enable alot of different combos it enabels Storm and some more Storm thats it atleast so far. Okey if you think Timetwister is not worthy of it`s spot in the power 9 then it`s very clear that you have not played with the card enough or that you really quit simply don`t understand why the card is powerful. 1.It allows you to combo of again 2.It essentially gives you another copy of each spell that is in your deck 3.It`s blue which does matter alot yes it can be pitched to forces, misdirection and so on. Timetwister is the most disrespected power card sure other cards has a case to be better but the reason cards like Time Vault, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt and Mana Vault is not better is because of Timetwister`s celling as a card Timetwister can serve so many purposes but on a totally different level then Wheel effects. While Time Vault, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt and Mana Vault all are busted card they are all kind of narrow in the sense they only give you the same thing in all the decks they can go in. Timetwister is the swiss army knife of the Power 9. Soo good job Channelfireball this list lost the little credability it had with Wheel of fortune at 91 and Timetwister at 51 like WTF!

MrMats17 says:

My guesses for the next 10 are:

Fact or Fiction
Liliana of the Veil
Stoneforge Mystic
Splinter Twin
Mother of Runes
Mind Twist
Path to Exile
Tendrils of Agony

Disclaimer: started playing in Innistrad.

Jason Kiesling says:

The story about Yawgmoth’s Bargain was that Maro wanted to make a “fixed” necropotence…and that was the result

Timothy Bensema says:

Gerry is great

Dies_to_doom_blade says:

Hmmm…I predict Brian Weissman in the next ten :p

Bob Suárez says:

So dark confidant is better card advantage than yawgmoth’s bargain because…

imyselfish says:

The best removal for Jitte back in the day was in fact another Jitte.

Willie O says:

why would you not spent a least a minute or 2 on every card? come on.

Su0T iN says:

Fix the damn audio, listening to Reid Duke like he’s talking from the toilet is damn annoying.

Skylar Beverage says:

Reid’s back. Now we’re talking.

MiD says:

audio is still terrible

Steve Dando says:

I just got back into magic for the after almost 20 yrs away. I’m still just stunned LED is now an amazing card. I used to give those away for free. Wow times have changed.

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