The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#80-71)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.
In this episode, Mashi is joined by guests Tom Martell, Ben Seck, and Brian Kibler in Las Vegas, NV to break down and debate the next 10 slots on the list.
Tune in next week for #70-61, with new guests!


ThePhoenixBoi says:

This list is all out of order. You guys need to fire whoever made this list.

Gangi Films says:

1. black lotus.

MegaYoshitsune says:

TBS has good taste in Hymn to Tourach art but the one he was thinking about was done by Scott Kirschner, not Drew Tucker!

Praius says:

if lightning bolt isn’t #1…

Stefan Witkowski-Baker says:

Kibler’s comment about the formats that Trinisphere is great in was a bit confusing. I mean, some artifact mana and lands like Ancient Tomb exist in Legacy, and I can’t remember seeing Trinisphere played in that format. I’m not sure about competitive singleton formats like Canadian Highlander, but I doubt it’s a highly rated card in those formats, either.

Whereas in Vintage, where you’re playing with four copies of Mishra’s Workshop, or play land-Mox-Sol Ring, and are casting it on turn one, it’s absolutely busted. Workshop+Trinisphere is why that card is in the top 100, and yet they didn’t mention it.

Also, Sneak Attack is way too low, it’s probably a top 50 card.

Also ALSO, people are now starting to play shocklands in formats where original duals are legal, because Death’s Shadow is a thing in Legacy now. Also, in any competitive singleton format, a shock is your second best get with a fetchland after an original dual.

James Riley says:

I guess one thing that should have been defined is what does 100 greatest mean? It seems like most people just want to go off power level, but IMO and seemingly what those who decided also took into account a bit more was impact and historical relevance of cards as well. This isn’t just a power ranking right?

JonesyJSU says:

Old Dude Art is the best Hymn art..

adampereira0 says:

Dismember ahead of Wheel of fortune? I’m out.

Alfy B says:

They invited Kibler the traitor? (I mean, I like the guy very much, he’s a class act and I loved following him during his time in Magic, and I guess I’m being unfair, but still. Groumph.)

trexpaddock says:

The title is wrong, it should be “Some unknown person(s) favorite 100 cards, in a semi-random order”

deathmattkiller says:

I really feel like you need to do and update of this list made with input from all your content creators, the lack of being able to agree with the list kinda brought down the experience of the list quiet a bit. I’d love to hear lvs or Reid compare the list they made themselves

Sean McClung says:

What a cop out on shock lands. This is 100 best cards not 100 best cycles. I’d go with Blood Crypt because how wana be gangster it is.

Linus lovegard says:

“Vendillin clique” haha

Haunt says:

Calling it now, number 2 will be fetch/og duals

Tommaso Chiesa says:


Cash N Splash says:

Mental mistep is better than probe

Grant Addis says:

Just want to get this on record before we see where fetches and ABUR duals end up: The way I think about is that, in a format where both cycles are legal, you’d rather DRAW a fetch than a dual, but if you could only have ONE cycle legal in your format at all, duals without fetches in the format are way more powerful than fetches without duals in the same format. Therefore, the correct ranking (which I’m pretty sure we’ll see) is ABUR duals above fetches.

Hingle McCringleberry says:

god damn Kibler’s coke’d up!

jonas petersen says:

I love that Kibler is in these videos.
He got such a great knowledge about magic and games in general and he is very good at verbalizing it. Its a shame that he doesnt spend much time around magic anymore, but im ready to welcome him with open arms anytime he wants to pay us a visit 🙂

Shwift says:

Ancient tomb is so unbelievably good. Probably should be around 30

Hingle McCringleberry says:

Calling it right now: #1 card “Island”

Andrew Rowe says:

What’s the intro song?

SmaugUKA says:

And now we continue the, “Is this card actually better than Wheel of Fortune?” section of the Top 100.

Ben Loper says:

The best flavor text for Hymn was on the version of the dudes sitting at the table: “Members of the Order often played the Hymn on instruments made from their victims’ bones.”

SmaugUKA says:

With them grouping Shock Lands, that does give a better chance of the original Moxen also being grouped together. I honestly don’t want that to be the case, but I know others have brought it up in past videos.

Cameron says:

Why did you start at 71 and go up to 80 when you’re doing a countDOWN? I

marcel helder says:

These are great!

Messi #Goat Milan says:

Dismember is really strong but there is no way thats a stronger phyrexian mana spell then Probe or Mental Misstep. Wheel of Fortune is still better then all these cards

Tore Janse says:

Frustrated with this ill-conceived list, I made a top 250 of my own to get an overview (see link below).

I spent not 1 year but 1-2 hours so people will definitely disagree with my ordering but that’s secondary. The point is to show how high the bar actually is for making the top 100.

I started with legacy/vintage B&R cards and then added eternal staples like FoW, Ancient Tomb, Preordain, Bolt, Wasteland, S&T, Entomb etc. and quickly saw how the top 80 or so is pretty stacked. Most modern B&R cards start to appear after the 100 mark and most modern-only staples after 150. BBE is at 206 which may sound wrong, but look at all the legacy playables ahead of it!

I don’t know how CFB’s internal poll was conducted or how the poll results were processed, but their method strikes me as flawed.


Dan Fiquette says:

I really like Kibler in these.

goodshipzion says:

Hymn is straight busted.

assault410 says:

That hearthstone player sure knows a lot about magic

Álvaro Guerrero says:

I really liked it when the players tried to guess what was going to be on the list in the previous versions of this series 🙁

Bob Suárez says:

In which world is bbe better than ancient tomb or sneak attack?

FanTa h says:

Can we have one with Reid, Brian and Tom? Please 😮

Ghost Empire Games says:

In Standard Dismember made Baneslayer really obsolete. All the Titans (& Wurmcoil) were able to withstand it.

FlourescentPotato says:

Clique is so overrated here, doesn’t even belong on a list that chalice didn’t make

Hu7k says:

They missed to talk about #74 Ancient Tomb

PoodlestarGenerica says:

Most cartoonists wish they could design a character as good as Brian Kibler

Chris Layton says:

What are they awkwardly doing with their hands

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