The Weirdest MTG Cards Ever Printed – Part 1

It’s time to delve into the strange world of the weirdest cards ever to come out of Wizards’ card design department. From odd choices in mechanics and wording to outright confusing and unplayable cards, it’s all fair game with this one.

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Part 3:



Dragon Kunia says:

Not going to lie this series put me to sleep

Andreasws24 says:

Time Vault, Illusionary Mask.

PsionicMonk says:

You sound like Nick Swardson

Greulich says:

battle of wits pluss ALL THE TUTORS

Urahara _ says:

I have a two page paper to write on a play I haven’t fully read due tomorrow and I’m watching this. I know nothing about mtg

loyalKingshound says:

246 islands and 4 battle of wits wins consistently by turn 6

Mark Lummis says:

Watch the Richard Garfield interview for Shaharazad … Chaos Orb was awesome fun. The ‘rule’ then, oh, too late, don’t replace your cards. Ppl practiced their Orb tossing with an Island. Any other land is worthless of course 😉

Nox MTG says:

shahrazard into splendid genesis into a second shahrazard into splendid genesis into sahrazard into splendid genesis into sahrazard in splendid genesis

TheMEGANON says:

Chaos Orb got nothing on Chaos Confetti. Had to tear that shit up.

Not Your Average Nothing says:

Who plays Prismatic? I’ve never even heard of it until now.

Ohm's Law says:

Dear Science! Imagine if they gave Shahrazad Storm… PLAY ALL THE SUBGAMES!!!!!

Super VN says:

i have battle of wits

Franklin Blankenship says:

one of my memories of high school (’96-’00)was the cafeteria table where the kids all sat and played magic….I remember they argued about the game rules…. a lot….seeing some of these originals cards I understand now..

Alan Yuan says:

What happens if you cast a sharazzard while a sub game of sharazzard is in progress.

Mic Drop says:

Okay, hear me out. 250 card deck, run into Battle of Wits, hang onto it, use everything else as fodder until you also get Psychic Spiral, if the Spiral doesn’t mill your opponent out, Battle of Wits wins you the game anyways.

Eric Petersen says:

the last two were from a artist dedicated to his childrens birth read it in scrye back when he did them

if the guy was black says:

time to make a deck comprised of the weirdest mtg cards ever.

Not An Evil Mastermind says:

Sweet, passed the eye test.

Catlord says:

Battle of wits can actually be a lot of fun to play.

Brian Caro says:

Dude I love Splendid Genesis, it even has a quote from my favorite author “Gabriel Garcia Marquez” that is from the book “Amor en tiempos de colera”. I would have used one from “Cien Años de Soledad” myself but it is great.

CaresserDundee says:

LOL, Chaos Orb and Falling Stars, fucking pogs. xD

Evil Gary says:

It’s “Charizard”, from Arabian Nights.

Squid Master says:

I think the prismatic banning was probably because it was on literally every deck and it was pretty much the one way people won the game most of the time.

Liam Haldenby says:

hey I’m very new to the whole MTG scene and feel kind of dumb asking this but what exactly is “Anti” that was mentioned at 7:13
Thanks anyone that can help out

Cthulhu says:

Runs a play set of Charizard I mean Sharazard

Just An Americanadian says:

Can you make a video on how to play prismatic, because there are literally no videos explaining it.

behemothnyancat ! says:

Rock hydra

Robo - tetanus says:

No, there were no pro-tours back then. We just played Magic for fun. 40 card minimum deck size was the original rule (was changed pretty quickly but Arabian Nights was the first expansion).

perfectMustache is so fabulas says:

whats the difference between standard and modern?

Michael Mitchell says:

I have been building a shahrazad deck for years. I want to use divine intervention to just have the main game end in a draw for utter futility. I will twin cast shahrazad and such. My goal is to only draw or win by scoop.

Michael Mitchell says:

40 was the minimum for none tournament games.

aiden calhoun says:

I believe the last one was telling Richard garfields son that he was going to be a brother because of the artist and the way it’s written in general

mercenary2905 says:

I need to make a fuck you deck


battle of wits is awesome! noob >.>

Paul Zellerhoff says:

imagine playing 4 shahrazards in a deck and then using one in each game and subgame. Basically mtg inception

bullred1mc says:

A year later still dont know what the fuck prismatic is

Justin Crawford says:

It would be nice if you would tell a consice explanation of the story behind the cards instead of “look it up”. I already know the story, and it is awesome, but if your going to include them in your video you should explain it. I mean come on.

Ernie Ramsey says:

Battle of wits x4 + x4 of every tutor + x4 Tamiyos Journal

DekuLord says:

How can you not understand why battle of wits is playable? You just need to make a deck that is 200+ cards of islands and tutors.

The Spice Must Flow says:

Is charzard in standard?

leyasu888 says:

if i remember correctly splendid genesis was printed to celebrate richard garfields first child, Fraternal was printed as a tribute to richard garfield’s 2nd child when he was born both are almost impossible to get as they were only given to certain staff at wotc at the time. Back when the game first started ie alpha/beta arabian nights there were no serious tournaments yet thats why stuff like chaos orb, sharazad etc were created

Mattman324 says:

Battle of Wits is absolutely in no way a fake. The thing is that it lets you build a massive, 250~ card toolbox deck, where you can reasonably search up answers to literally any problem in the short term, and then eventually pull out Battle and win.

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