The Worst Magic the Gathering Card Ever Printed

After weeks of research, I have finally determined what the absolute worst Magic the Gathering card ever created is. This card transcends power levels, the game itself, and almost violates some laws. There is no worse card in the history of the game than this absolute abomination.

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Erin Dwight says:

I love islands.

Ktulu 475 says:

Yeah fuck islands

Adam Walker says:

One with nothing is far worse.

Mefous says:

The second ruling literally says you can rage quit to avoid this effect.

Orion Dye says:

Yep that takes the cake

Degenerate Game Geek says:

The most powerful card ever printed is an ante card, also. Contract From Below. Sorcery. B. Discard your hand and draw 8 cards, adding the first card drawn this way to your ante. Your own personal Wheel Of Fortune for 1 measly black mana.

JerOptimus Kek says:

why are there no comments yet???
hey des, neat video^^

Chaplain Mitchell James says:

By not paying 10 they agree.
I swear…

LandOfForeverSummer says:

Is it pronounced eb eh?

Nathan Seitz says:

Also, since the person who gets their card stolen now owns a bronze tablet, the cycle might just continue, in a domino effect of people stealing each other’s cards.

Andrew E says:

I remember playing for ante (with 4 edition cards)

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

Wood elemental. Look it up.

Joe LaCaille says:

Did you assume the mystics gender?

assasinman fletcher says:

Where does a cards effect breaking the law fall on the storm scale?

Justin Reeves says:

Tempest Efreet was the guardian in the cave guarding the stone tablet

Rock Balancer says:

pfft this wouldnt be a problem if a mint bronze tablet was worth 13 thousand dollars

Justin White says:

@3:35 it was seen as gambling. It was banned at our school because it was seem as gambling. My friends and I explained to the administrators that we were not playing ‘for keeps’ just for fun and they let us play.

NGCDragoonFighter says:

I have a friend who actually uses ante rules and cards in his draft cube. So even though you win/lose cards as the matches progress, at the end of the day all the cards go back into his cube, thus side stepping the legal issue as no one is gambling. That being said he doesn’t run bronze tablet in the cube, I don’t even know how that would work in a draft cube anyway as one doesn’t even own the cards or bronze tablet they are using.

Jonathan Copperfall says:

Ante came about because people weren’t supposed to buy hundreds starters, boosters, and singles.
Instead, players would buy a starter and maybe a couple boosters, then play with what they had.
So imagine Keyforge except you can permanently nab an opponent’s card with Bronze Tablet.

Myreflection says:

Plot twist: the blind mystic was actually the worst one

Alex Strekal says:

Just a point of clarification about Ante, from what I remember of it (I’m one of those people who started back in 94, about the time Antiquities was still on the shelf), it was always an optional thing, not how the game was played by everybody. It was an option. I believe me and most of my peers avoiding it like the plague, but occasionally people would play games “for ante” as a high-risk version of the game.

HyShade says:

Oddly enough, I loved using Bronze Tablets in MTG’s single player game, Shandalar. It works much better when the other player is a computer, and the cards are just pixels.

mreshadow says:

First tournament I went to was a sealed tournament and I lost a good card to ante.

That was the last tournament I went to for 15 years

wingedragoon says:

It gets worse when you read the rulings on this card: “If using a copy of the Tablet, you must trade the copy card to your opponent just like you would have traded the Tablet.” If you make a Token copy, that means you get to take their card and you lose NOTHING.

Matias Britez says:

I though the worst card would be worst then that, I actually like it for trolling haha

Shade Collins says:

Ashnod’s coupon.

desertdweller00 says:

Old Man and the Sea or Control Magic the Tempest Efreet into owning one of your own opponent’s cards with his own ante card

feels pretty good, man.

magicrainbow aids says:

That’s more cruel and sadistic then a bad card

Mees Broersen says:

Solid removal.

st0rts .97 says:

With the remark about islands i give a like, poetry really

rem134 says:

I do not think its the worse card ever. I still think that like sorrows path. Ante was worse game mechanics ever. Might been fine if the cards never can real value. Even when I got into revised no one I knew played for ante and rumors people would build cheap decks just to play ante against someone who might had blacklotus in their deck with the goal to win that blacklotus. Rares are cheap but blacklotus was a $150 card.

Justin White says:

@5:05 not that long of a story. It’s a mono artifact and mono artifacts had to be tapped as part of their activation.

Fun fact – artifacts also stopped functioning if they became tapped. (even if it didn’t specifically say this) which is why cards like touchstone made a whole lot more sense back then then they do now.

They got rid of these ‘confusing’ rules because they were confusing. Also ‘local’ and ‘globsl’ enchantments. I never understood the difference. Local enchantments became auras and that was a good change.

slyrax says:

Interestingly, the cards just go to exile, so there are ways you could get it to shuffle into your deck in the same game.

BronzeEagle says:

Now THIS is content!

groovemedium says:

I was expecting some crappy Ice Age common with a wall of text that amounts to nothing, but I think you got it right. This card could get you beat up.

CardboardJesusWoWTCG says:

There’s no reason this should’ve beaten out Sorrow’s Path since nobody plays with ante.

CrazyLegs says:

Lol a binder of bronze tablets

That’s just a monster

Carum Sarene says:

We technically still have ante, it’s just you don’t *keep* the cards. Those would be spells or abilities that exile cards from the top of your (or your opponent’s) library and cast them without paying their Mana cost. I would allow this as an errata for ante cards as a house ruling.

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