Tolarian Community College LOVES Counterfeit Magic the Gathering Cards?

Is this for real? Because… I’m sure Wizards isn’t happy…

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AmaterasuXD says:

This channel is half good quality content, half really shitty content.
Mate, you are desperately trying to get views, with different kind of videos(drama, finance, stupid art-attack videos.. ecc.), even videos with 2 min of content because the only thing important is the view(—>money) right?
Your philosophy is quantity over quality. I suggest you to try the opposite.
Or we will never get that Liliana foil, you know 😉

paathimself says:

He’s saying that the cards they are printing are of such poor quality that even counterfeits are better.

PantsStatusZero says:

I actually thought the same thing. Like Wotc should contract with the scammers printers.

Raving Bean says:

Who knew Tolarian could be funny. He must be learning off Jeremy.

Jay Franky says:

you feed on dislikes, cause you’re pronunciation is annoying as fuck

BloodValeOfficial says:

Boy your stupid hes making a joke about poor cardboard quality that wazi recently put out…damn hes even made a Video about the Quality so thats apperently a joke

kcb1784 says:

Ya got me with your clickbait title. Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

Tarik Browne says:

Dude he is kidding it’s called sarcasm… you sometimes really miss the mark sometimes

MTG LION says:

If this video gets 100 dislikes. I’ll release my video on the magic monthly box scam involving your favorite youtubers. As a drama channel we feed on dislikes.

Ethan Ertl says:

This seems like something he would say as a joke because I know he is upset about the cheaper quality that wizards has been using. But I still don’t understand why people care? Seriously if that’s really him it’s obviously a joke.

James Fowler says:

Man cmon use your head it’s so obvious a joke

that guy says:

God reeeallllly scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and be relevant huh? Bro you will never ever be a real magic youtuber. You cant hack it with finance videos so now your desperate to find your place. You don’t have one. You suck.

TheLeftcoast13 says:

this is such a bad video…

Nick says:

He is taking a jab at wizards current cardboard quality, dumbass.

al bundy says:

For real real.

Kaizofarhan Farhan says:

It’s look like a joke…but let’s think abit…I think you “should” buy counterfeit of the mtg new cards…it’s more quality & lasted longer 😛

lokone303 says:

your coments about drama were ok, dont go for sensasionalism too like jeremy

World Championship Dueling says:

I don’t see what’s such a big deal. He made a video last month addressing the card stock quality issue.

TheEndTimes says:

He is a SJW retard

Nicholas Lanze says:

Just sarcasm. Nothing to be worried over.

pokemon2poker says:

He’s making a joke.

AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says:

The click bait is real.

Matt B. says:


Pat Harf says:

Man some of your videos are so stupid…. THINK !

Raymond Weiss says:

MTG LION is a click-bait troll apparently.

Jörg Pirscher says:

Didn’t you get the joke?

TheYogster 38 says:

He is clearly talking about the quality of the cards you fucking drama queen!

Hiphopopotamus says:

You’re not allowed to joke in the MTG community, I mean UnsleevedMedia got ostracized for this by TCC.

Filipe Borges says:

Dude he was being sarcastic about the recent quality cardboard stock of the real cards.

bikinibabee1 says:

You’re an idiot, your clickbait is bullshit.
He’s obviously making fun of wizards of the coast.

Tutto Buggato says:

This video is suggesting a fake idea to make views. STOP that clickbait.

The Watcher From Afar:Cp49 says:

The comments: Can’t you see that comment was a joke?
Me: Can’t you see this is a joke on how people don’t understand jokes?

Oles Gedz says:

=__= Are you pretending like you dont know what a sarcasm is?

Lyle Caballes says:

Jeremy also did a joke, just see where it landed him right now.

Jose Gonzalez says:

The best jokes are always based on truth

Orion Liebowitz says:

it because brian is trying to be cool in front of rudy and didn tink about what he was saying

Edwin the Magic Engineer says:

I’m pretty sure Brian was fully joking and making a dig at WoTC for having terrible card quality lately.

I doubt he really wants fake cards, it was just a joke but you missed the humor.

Ancap Zombie says:

Counterfeits > Originals. Same with fansubs > official subtitles for anime.

Sean McClung says:

I really love the drama videos keep it up.

Michael Lyles says:

You are reading waay too much into a joke dude. It was a stab at Wizard’s declining quality control. What happened to your channel dude? I use to love this channel and now all it does is drama and troll shit, kills me to do it but I’m unsubscribing, I know it doesn’t mean anything to you if I do but for me seeing channels like yours slowly turn into a gossip network instead of producing actual good magic content that new and old players can learn from and discover new ideas. I really wish all of you would cut the crap and stop tearing the community apart, my LGS is suffering because we now have Pro Professor and Pro Jeremy rivalries going on, this divide is scaring away new players from our shop and I’m sure my LGS isn’t the only one plagued by everyone’s bullshit. We play Magic because we love the game, the lore, the worlds they create and the immersive feeling of being a spell slinging Planeswalker that summons great beasts and allies to defeat enemy after enemy, not because we want to bring up political preferences, moral standings and blind fanboy loyalty to a member of the community while we play a trendy card game.

Michael Langdon says:

you know it was a joke poking fun at how terrible the print quality has been lately. you are trying to blow it out of proportion. refresh and look again, he made sure to post again ina reply saying it was a joke. i know everyone has their gripe of this drama crap but dont go trying to dig for dirt because we all know its a waste of time.

James Fowler says:

This is as bad as the sarcasm you didn’t pick up when Steven speck said he was gonna get his deck banned. You claimed he was bragging about his cheating openly. Although he did cheat, the comment as meant to say his deck was too good. He wasn’t trying to brag about his cheating openly.

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