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Michalis Vasiliou says:

Who else plays Boros with Iroas?

Leonardo Boccaletti says:

Hi Prof, nice video!! Good to have a dedicated Tolarian Tutor to us EDH Players!
Since you are always talking about how Wizards don’t give the players a basic instruction/tutorial on how to play magic, how about you start season 2 with a miniseries on How to play the game for begginers/people who never played magic before?
Like an MTG 101. It wont be of much use for people who already play the game, but beeing able to send a link to a new friend you want to show the game before he comes to play, and have him already understand the basics of the game when he comes, is going to be a real help!
I’m sure if you do this it’s going to be one of the most shared videos in the Tolarian Tutor series!

Kei Lin says:

I play mono-red in edh, it is primarily burn, but it has answers for multiple threats…

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

I want to bling my deck out with a the craterhoof stuffed animal

Greg Gates says:

What does x means in mtg?

Adam Wise says:

Professor, I wish you made this earlier as I fell deep into the pit of blinging out my deck. My lovely wife however did get me an amazing liefkicker deckbox though. Also, i’d like to see a video on Trading, and building a strong trade binder. When to go hunting for individual cards? How to build and maintain awareness of price spikes in the secondary market?

Manoli P. Tramountanas says:

This is fantastic! Thanks Prof <3. You think you guys could do episodes on Deck building for specific archetypes? I'm thinking about combo in particular (especially focusing on engine vs inserted combos like twin) but it would be helpful for any strategies you could talk about. Another idea might just be an episode showing how to evaluate cards for different formats. Thanks again Prof and have a wonderful holiday season! Talk to you in 2018 😀

Jamie Griffiths says:

Could you help me with my Boros Commander deck. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight is my favorite commander but the deck is lacking good creatures and good answers. Thank,you and here’s the link!

Bob Hoeck says:

Killing sol ring and rhystic study is usually the correct play. Mental Misstep-ing a T1 Sol ring before you’ve even gone yet is extremely satisfying

OOM- 32 says:

“a combo that locks everyone out of the Game…”

Seems fun, interactive, and balanced.


Brayden Sinclaire says:

hey professor, hope you had a great christmas!

Simon V says:

Competitive Commander is a big mistake. Commander is and should be a fun format and there is no fun (nor skill) in a two card instant win combo…

Kaisburg says:

I’ve never turned from oh so sceptical to oh so impressed so quickly.


Dan G says:

Excellent and helpful lesson. Thanks a lot.

Dlark17 says:

A really great video that obviously shows influence from all of Prof’s time playing over the years and with so many other EDH titans.
However, I would clarify a point made (probably just cut for time in the script): not all single-target spells and effects are bad in EDH. You should definitely pack your Krosan Grips and Vindicates anytime you build a new deck that can support them. Wraths are prime, but sometimes you want to keep your stuff, or don’t want to blowout a possible ally! If only one or two permanents are problems, no need to smash them all (and that’s coming from a Red player)!

Zaulked says:

Having win cons, great! Having only one win con and focusing on that one win con means your opponents after one game always know what you want to do. Win the game buttons are nice but fragile if you only have tutors and things to support the button. Neglecting good value cards will mean if the combo breaks or is too slow you will be left in the dust, or more often than not HATED into the dust. Commander is a singleton format, you can’t be a one trick pony!

Paladia_ Gorom says:

Yay the commander episode!!!

Anaru_ says:

Yes I requested this multiple times.

Ernest Enriquez says:

I’ll still play winter orb and Armageddon in my Selvala, Explorer Returned deck.

maayan magal says:

commander is broken until january beacuse of unstable and spike

Giby86 says:

As always, I’m very disappointed when I hear Prof discussing competitive Commander instead of, you know, Commander. This time I’m even more disappointed in the dismissive tone used in this video.

JamTheBlue says:

I don’t really understand the ethos behind not using single target removal. Playing five mana for a wrath effect to push back a voltron commander is a pretty bad idea in my mind, when instead said wrath should be saved for a bigger board. A lot of the time you use your spot removal on high priority targets that can be the key to a combo, much like blue would use a counterspell(of which there are plenty used in commander). Am I missing something here? A lot of the cards you gave examples of in the video just seem to be high mana cost bombs without suggesting what low mana cards would be a good fit instead of the ones you dismissed.

Dustin Olson says:

“You’re not going to be able to keep some folks from creating nearly tournament-worthy decks, or broken combos. Simply ask them not to, and remind them it’s a casual format… For me, a resounding BOO! to the EDH combo player. Be more creative; be more interesting. Or the rest of us are going to get you!” -EDH RC

Eze Sierra says:

Great video

Andre Gulbis says:

So, use cards in your deck that are good in a Commander context, dont play cards that are bad for your deck, and dont bother answering threats that dont matter to you. Gotta say there wasnt a whole lot of substance to this – but maybe good points for brand new players?

Josh T says:

My wife and I use Commander to settle our debates. Please show me how to win an argument for once.

Also… nice suit bro. Looking sharp

Tomha says:

My Commander Deck is Vampiric Bloodlust (The 2017 Commander deck but modified)

Sanguine Blood makes a target player lose life equal to the life I gain (Costs 5 mana)
Blood Tribute cuts a target opponent life in half, and if kicked by tapping a vampire, I gain that amount (Costs 6 mana)
Malakir Bloodwitch makes each opponent lose life as I gain life for every vampire I control when summoned. (Costs 5 mana)
Damnable Pact makes target player draw X cards and lose X life (Costs 2 mana + X Amount)

And a crap ton of ways to gain life xD if I had Exquisite Blood (gain life based on how much life opponents lost), I’d probably be able to make an infinite combo loop with Sanguine blood and anything in my deck.

And if that fails, I still have an army of vampires with Lifelink, some with Deathtouch,, and 2 cards that let me take control of a enemy monster and vampire it.

MrDoct0r says:

10:00 is mandatory viewing before anyone should be allowed to enter the format

Andew, Seventh Sun of Edwad says:

Holy hell! Is that a Craterhoof Behemoth stuffed toy?

Francis Joyal says:

Make the same video for pauper will be great!!! 😉

Simon V says:

the half of this video is about deck building and not gameplay

Patrick Garvin says:

I bet you could make an entire episode on the idea of “the stack” – seems pretty simple, but I’m sure there would be enough examples of this response to this responds to that which triggers this thing that could be explored.

thirion1850 says:

I’d love to see something on mill decks and strategies.

lomnstar Estrada says:


Bruno Casagranda Neves says:

Love this series, Prof!
Maybe you could go deeper into edh archetypes, please? I have brought a few friends into the format, but don’t have the talent or the knowledge to properly tutor them…
Have a nice holiday season, thanks!

Jairo Iván Orozco Arias says:

Amazing, entertaining and very guiding. Thank you, Prof! Also, what about a video on how to build a good tribal deck (even for obscure races such as Cephalids or Homarids)? Another theme I’d love to see you tackle is how do you calculate how many color-producing lands do you put into a normal 60 card deck, taking into account the type and quantity of mana required to cast spells? Much in the line of your “How to build mana bases for Commander” series. Thank you and I wish you the best for this upcoming 2018.

Smeagol the Vile says:

The Prof gave a bit of advice when using hate cards for your meta, but BE CAREFUL. I know this from experience. I have a friend who was running a Nahiri deck all of the time and dominating with it. So I boarded in both Stony Silence and Nevermore. I named his commander with Nevermore, so he couldnt equip or use any of his equipment or artifacts, and couldnt cast his general, it was basically a GG for him. He now attacks and tries to kill me first, every game, no matter what…

Also, where did you get that cute ass craterhoof plushie?!

Taylor Crosby says:

“Don’t put your bling in your commander deck just because you have it”


Cataclysm Unknown says:

I love this video professor. Ty so much for making it.

David Willoughby says:

Having seen your first few videos and being impressed by how concise and informative they were it warms my heart to see how your channel has progressed. The production value of this video is on par if not even better than network television. Thanks for the hard work Professor, it is truly inspiring to see someone take so much care and pride in what they create.

Hrafnkell Karlsson says:

Merry christmas and happy holidays prof! Always a delight watching your videos! <3

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