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For players who have a bit of a mad scientist bent, Combo can be incredibly appealing, yet also a very challenging archetype to play. You have to know what cards you need, when to put them down, and how they interact in order to get that nearly unstoppable win. But of all the major deck archetypes, Combo relies on timing and sequencing the most in order to get that victory. If you assume that Combo decks are basically just Magic solitaire, then you’ve thought wrong. Today, we’ll be looking at these key skills to see how we can get the upper hand in tricky situations for Combo players. We’ll look at some common mistakes, and how to use the strengths of your deck to get past the other two archetypes, Aggro and Control.

What is your plan?

The first thing that every Combo player needs to understand is – what is your overarching plan? When do you plan on playing your combo pieces, and what needs to happen first in order to make that happen?


Jeffrey Jaros says:

umm….the secondary stops wide receivers….the defensive line generally stops runs and tries to get to the quarterback….
if you studied football, i think you’d like it….it’s a game of control, much like chess and is pretty cerebral….

Aden Cummins says:

” KIll it occasionally with fire!”

Chad Jones says:

I’m a perpetual noob, I would love to see how more specific decks work too. I don’t even know what “storm” means etc.

Morris S. Edelstein, DDS says:

Why no videos on Unstable? Does anyone know?

MorkSD says:

Nice non walking intro! 😉

Zachary Klewin says:

Would really love to see these archetype videos delve into more info regarding commander/multiplayer formats. Great job so far regardless.

Joel Reschke says:

There is an E in the middle of Archetype, it’s not Arch-type, as in what type of arch something might be, but ark-i-type.

Artem Popov says:

Nice jacket, by the way

Christopher Antone says:

I love that you tried a football analogy…. got it totally wrong, but good for you for giving it a go. Luv ya prof.

Roman Mccoy says:

Love the jacket

musab altawari says:

You should do more gamenights

FluxxedGames says:

They should NOT call it Eidil-off

Gabrielle Workman says:

Hey, don’t know if u respond to message me, but I have a few questions, I played MTG when I was young and back to stay, but I don’t know or remember how to play certain cards, if you can, plz respond, thank you for the video’s!!

radip says:

Tron is a combo deck. Period

DecimusX D says:

Does being a combo player require you to be a hypocrite sellout?

Bakura Ryou says:

Why you dressed like a pimp? Hope you aren’t running hoes.

John Shea says:

The fact that you never mentioned the epic storms “wish board” which is basically you get 10 extra situational cards. (The creator killed me with a grapeshot I feel bad about myself)

EarthzPower says:

@Tolarian Community College, Will you be doing a review for Ultimate Guard Matpod and other products used to protect our playmate in march when Ultimate Guard Matpod is released?

Papa Sickle says:

Great vid

Fallen Sun says:

Thanks for this video ! I’m starting to play in modern with a budget storm deck and it’s hard sometimes but it is indeed very fun! I’m looking forward to play more combo decks 😀

NotSo SilentBob says:

Great video one thing as a Legacy Storm player, I think strength is a different aspect. Resiliency might be a better term in your example.

Exe Calibur says:

My question to you prof, do you think there’s such a thing as too many combos in a combo deck? I main commander(Breya).

AceMathias says:

Thanks professor

Matthew Williams says:

You should do a “How to be a better mill player” video.

Fenrir 93 says:

0:01 did he………….just planeswalked there ? O_O

Brian Fediuk says:

Flexability? I think you mean flexibility. Otherwise amazing work as always!

TCGBattling Master says:

this is true except in the cases of new perspectives and dredge in legacy

Matthew Williams says:

You should do a “How to be a better mill player” video.

Noah Reed says:

That suuuuuit

Duffy Elmer says:

ar·che·type -ˈ/ärkəˌtīp/

The One Dylanator says:

4:22 oh God that was cringy lmao

Stefano Colacci says:

Can u do a video on graveyard play for commander

Daniel Taber says:

The word “Archetype” is pronounced with a K, not a CH.

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