Top 10 Best EDH/Commander Cards in Standard to Buy RIGHT NOW for Magic: The Gathering – MTG!

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Cloneorder66 says:

Top 10 best cards to buy now


Bla117 says:

Wouldn’t the price of immortal sun go down when it rotates out?

Ronin Joe says:

Do you even Magic, bro???

Tyler Denneson says:

Helm of the host is very overrated. The effect is unique, but it’s ridiculously slow and expensive to get rolling.


Plaguecrafter is not under the raidar that is why foils are 5. Silly wedge.

Kiefer Baker says:

What about storm the vault and growing rites of itlamoc?

ChiLLkroet3 says:

those prices are actually insanely high. i pity everyone who doesnt live in europe lol
most of the cards here are 2-20 cents.

connor o'brien says:

You mention meren and scarab god for being good with cabal stronghold but you forget Razaketh??? He tutors it and you can tutor for X cmc spells like torment of hailfire or profane command.

eric chu says:

Beast whisperer = smaller primordial sage

Jami Salama says:

Helm of the host + Godo. You’re welcome.

Godo also tutors it…

Andre Benoit says:

Beast whisperer is so cheap because it’s in the planeswalker deck. The foil I assume cannot appear in that deck.

David Kilpatrick says:

Shouldn’t you wait to buy things after they rotate out of standard?

sacha glass says:

Really good list love your thinking. I alreaddy toon al those cards multiple times except the sun because like you say theyare broken and underplayed

Kayzah Mausiboi says:

Really interesting video! You should continue doing these!

ERRORx says:

Yo that hoody is dope, where can I get that lol

Dawson DeMars says:

Wait. No Chromatic Lantern? Buy all of them now…

wheytomuchforher says:

I’ve tried the cave of eternity in meren. The card is pretty Mana intensive and is slow even for commander

Nerdy George Washington says:

Drafted Plaguecrafter and a foil Lazav earlier today. #win

J S says:

I love using helm of the host with kaalia. I also use it with shalai

Hunter Jones says:

Almost all of these cards are mediocre or just bad. How was Assassin’s Trophy not number one?

scoots291 says:

I said those exact stuff for the sun and helm

Hellfiremag says:

Wedge is hyping me up with these MAAAAAAAAaaaad Muneh saving magical deaaals, it’s time to BUY Bi Bye Baby!!! The Market is hawt with sleepers who need some love ; )

Matthew Howes says:

I had 8/10 of these as a commander player. guessing my card evaluation is getting there.

Jami Salama says:

Coffers is 30$???? I got mine for 5€!

Alexander Stojanow says:

More of this

Jami Salama says:

Beast whisperer for selvala elf storm? 😉

Matthijs Kollen says:

Nice notice on the Immortal sun, I had to buy mine earlier for 15 instead of 10.

Foodtime says:

The hoodie tho

Jared Covington says:

Thank you for this video!! There are several cards on here that I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them!

L00rdAjduk says:

Gilded Lotus
Chromatic Lantern
Coalition Relic

TheManaSource says:

Hope you get what you need! Let me know if you like finance videos like these! 🙂

SuperShotgun45 says:

cabal is only basic swamps

Ur Local Scumbag says:

shouts to you for mentioning foil prices keep that up man

Hawkeye 752 says:

Helm plus Atraxa is quite stupid.

Everette Hungerford says:

Sorry Wedge, gunna have to disagree with you on Cabal Stronghold. If you do the math, Cabal Coffers can pay for itself by turn three (with a Tomb of Yawgmoth) whereas Cabal stronghold is only paying for itself by turn five and only if all of your other lands are BASIC swamps. It seems good but in practice is a total dud. On turn six, if all of your other lands are basic swamps, Cabal Stronghold will ramp you one black mana. Just one. Gunna be a hard pass for me.

Jay Hawk says:

I tried to tap your thumb, but all it did was rewind.☹️

Dj Hull says:

Wedge is my spirit animal

FearOgre says:

Blackblade is subpar and cabal stronghold is trash people should be skipping them.

Andre Benoit says:

I use journey of eternity in my saprolings deck to keep my tendershoots out.

daddyb1100 says:

uhhh where did you get that bad ass golgari hoodie?

Derrick Swinney says:

thats a lot of golgari

blue sun says:

# Desecrated Tomb

Ryan Adams says:

8:52 I never saw a black elf before neat

Brenton Barber says:

Immortal sun what if your deck is super friends

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