Top 10 Broken Magic the Gathering Cards (Part 1)

Here are my top ten broken edh/commander cards that are NOT P9 and NOT on the current banlist! Please LIKE the video (150 likes will put up the next top ten!), say which countdown you want to see from the ones discussed in the video in the comments, and stay tuned for a LOT more top ten lists by subscribing!

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Filipe Force says:

ok i have a lot to add to this list
1-dream hall is broken specialy in mono blue tefery or niv mizzet.
2- tooth and nail is free won for 9 mana
3- Leovold, Emissary of Trest just broken conter almost all competitiv decks and is a combo deck 2 or 3 turn won and some times he dont won in 2 or 3 turn but take out all other players hand

Anon Ymous says:

Everyone underestimates Necropotence until they learn just how terrifying it can be that a black mage with hand advantage is even more terrifying than a blue player with hand advantage…”i dont get it, you lose life for cards and you skip your draw step, how is that goo- holy shit are you drawing back to 7 every end step?!”

Serieus Frank says:

In casual multiplayer edh, we never ban sol ring. In tournaments we never play multiplayer, but 1 vs1


These cards are fine, you all are pussies.

ShadowOfOurHearts says:

damn to bad already have every tutor I could want minus demonic since in my 5 color artifact deck I have better ways to tutor for the “facts”

TheBlackdragon936 says:

Does Magic may rent?

ANDREW Krieser says:

quicksilver amulet

Daman Stover says:

update: #1 Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice
within 1 month of it comeing out its the 3rd most lpayed commander… EVER!

themonkeyhand says:

First turn Sol Ring = Target

Marko Krizman says:

Lol, I already had a rant ready about absence of Library or Balance, but then brain activity kicked in and I took a look at banned list. If those two cards were EDH legal, they would probably be both in Top 3.

K0L0N KBY says:

I would put yawgmoth’s will higher than necropotence, because 9/10 times, the game ends the turn someone casts yawgmoth’s will, whereas necropotence you have to wait a turn or 2, and is subjected to more removal than yawgmoth’s will.

TheDan Channel says:

If I am playing 100 mountains, why would I use demonic tutor to fetch myself another mountain

Thomas Bodifee says:

Our group agreed on not playing sol ring on turn one. This makes it much more fair.

Anthony Cole says:

lol I got a black blue Tezzeret artifact deck with 4 sol ring in it. lol know it cheap but I love that deck lol

MusicAnime4Ever says:

One of my favorite things to do with my Sol ring is use a “Prototype Portal” to exile it and each turn (as long as the portal isnt taken out) is make more and more rings lol

mtg fannnnnatic says:

The tearing of chaos orb is a wives tale. Didn’t really happen.

Sephyrias says:

Mana Crypt is strictly better than Sol Ring.

Jollriel Gaming says:

Masterminds acquisition is better than demonic tutor

turnipy88 says:

This video is barely about Commander except for the ban list. It’s just about powerful cards in Magic’s history.

Jack's World says:

There’s nothing wrong with sol ring

Alexis Rodriguez says:

If demonic tutor was cheaper I would run it

darien gibb says:

You’re right about sol. can’t tell you how many games I won because I got my one sol on the first, second or third third turn.

Dill says:

andddddddddddddddd mana drain is reprinted

Vampirerules says:

Tramtize 5 mana round down about half of your oppentes deck and put in the gaveyad

possumverde says:

Mana Drain was slightly (very slightly) less evil long, long ago…when mana burn was still a thing. I remember people killing themselves with it against me a couple of times (though they would have died anyway had they not countered with it.) Of course way, way, back, we didn’t play with as many huge mana cost spells that all that mana could be dumped into as colorless.

Kingslayer Kisachi says:

mana drain is banned in almost everything.

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