Top 10 Cards in Dominaria – Magic the Gathering Spoilers

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crashfellow82 says:

Good to see a great angel commander too

Kenneth Markwith says:

Affinity wouldn’t want this mox. This mox is probably the worst one printed so far. How often is it active on turn one? Almost never.

El Bori says:

Dude! Do-Mi-Na-Ria! Dominia is the name of the entire Multiverse and that’s not what this is.

Tasmaniac says:

Having a giggle at “Teffi here woe ov Dominia”. Some people are getting annoyed but i think it keeps the videos interesting lol. Makes me smile every time you say “Farlia” 🙂

William Powsey says:

it’s a new Kamigawa, oh godd…… goodbye magic.

InnerCityPigeon says:

“Dominia”, “Teffi”??? Your lack of effort for simple known pronunciations of things is extremely annoying.

shadowjeric says:

9:18 “legendary creature chandra” LoL

11Hourr says:

Dude! are you mispronouncing cards names on purpose?? Dominia and Teffi??

On a different subject, yééé for Squee!!!!! I’m happy about him!!

Mario Migelini says:


icemage21k says:

Do i spot a hint of Genderneutrality, feminism and BLM on the box of Dominaria?

Xavier Hoppersmith says:

1:30 “Launch him at the enemy, then the enemy would an infinite amount of times”. What the fuck?

S. A. Hellenbrand says:

I am of the opinion that the mox is awful. Its legend requirement means as far as i can tell it will have a hard time making any mana before turn 3 or 4… drawing 2 in a game is going to be very bad. what is the number of legends you need in your deck to reliably make 1 mana?

angrybellsprout says:

did you even read the mox? it is just trash

Izanagi no Cimorelli says:

Urza, Hero of Dominaria

Legendary Planeswalker-Urza

If Urza, Hero of Dominaria has ten or more Loyalty Counters on him, Exile him
+1 Head to and click +1
0 Create a Random Token
-1 Head to and click -1
-6 Head to and Click -6
-10 You get an Emblem with ” If you have no cards on the Battlefield, you win the game.

dewayne maddox says:

I was listening to this with driving so until I stopped and read the comments I totally thought teffi was just a new character, hahahaha. Good ole Teffi

James עליוני says:


dewayne maddox says:

Any people here skilled with Photoshop? I need a mock-up of a Teffi planeswalker
card in my life!

Danny King says:

Think u just rushed ur judgment of the top 10 to be the first to make a video

Wassermelonen Eistee says:

Angel tribal? Yes please!
But there are only 2angels in the Set….or did I miss something?

Snappy Meme says:

I can get over the speech impediment but I’m pretty sure you can’t read, dude… Mox Amber isn’t a modern staple or an affinity card, that’s absolutely retarded. It accelerates you in EDH with a legend in play, that’s it.

DrillOllie says:

Goblin season*

Xavier Hoppersmith says:

Teffi, Hero of Dominia

Ryan Walker says:

Im SOOO glad we get to revisit a place that was fleshed out and is easily my most memorable enviorn. OG Mtg artifacts novels! New Phyrexia is coming to cause some bullshit imminently.

Josue Martinez says:

If you don’t come here for the unique pronunciations you’re doing it wrong.

Da40kOrks says:

Tokens – my favorite was kjeldoran outpost.

David Ramirez says:

How are you so into MTG but you don’t know how to pronounce the most basic words of the game?!?! I still love you material its just sooooo annoying.

David Pépin says:

How is the mox good? It wont add any mana to your pool until you have a legendary creature or planeswalker in play. And then, its only 1 mana of a certain color. Yes it cost zero, yes it can be played for zero to up your artifact count, but there is a lot better option for this. I wont even play that in my commander because it wont help cast the commander. I much prefer a card like mind stone.

Agostinho Dias says:

dominia made me dislike.

gamer7916 says:

So Teferi’s a planeswalker now?

Arthur King says:

Dude, I am chinese, I live in China, and even I think your pronunciation needs work.

Rage Fuel Gaming says:

chrome mox beats the shit out of amber hell you can only have one amber in play.

Frank Thomas says:

Which affinity are you referring to playing chrome mox? It is most certainly not modern, which has no legendary creatures or planeswalker to take advantage.

Terry Dactyl says:

I don’t agree with this. I think navigators compass is gamechanging. Any deck can play it (beyond monocolor), it fixes your mana/totally shits on color screw, and fights bloodmoon. It also has incident utility with the lifegain, and it’s casting cost is 1 mana. I believe it has potential in literally ever format, though I don’t know what rarity it will be, so that doesn’t include pauper. The big splashy legends are either gonna be home runs, or complete misses. Aggro decks may not want it, but everything else from combo to midrange to control can utilize it. That’s just my opinion though, obviously. Also I’ll be shocked if a planes walker deck planes walker will be one of the best cards in the set. Absolutely none of them have even been playable yet.

Hayden Walsh says:

Bro you’ve been playing magic for over 20 years. It’s DominARia.

654billygoat says:

I think you harp a little too much on this coming to us in a word doc. This is the product of another leak and wizards trying to get out ahead of that.

Sean Lawson says:

Good on you for showing how much effort wizards is putting into their game by hardly giving a shit about pronouncing the names of their products.

105 Wonky says:

#lionstopbutcheringnames jeje

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