TOP 10 MOST Expensive Magic The Gathering Cards of ALL Time

Check out my TOP 10 of the most expensive and rarest Magic The Gathering Cards of all time!

You know more cards which are worth a ridiculous amount of money ? Are there more “ultra rare” cards which have some story worth telling it? Feel free to post it into the comments below ;D

Enjoy :-*

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jmandabest says:

Alpha Shivan Dragon is $500

BahamutEx says:

Guess what im buying once i win the lottery… :3

vokuheila says:

If you consider foreign cards as well, foil russian jace and tarmogoyfs go well into the thousands, with the jace possibly over 10k if in mint condition. Also, if you look at misprints/test prints, there are countless “priceless” cards like the holographic dragon whelp. A test print foil city of traitors go for over 20k.

Oscar Grove says:

mishra’s worshop is 1k$

Caleb Davidson says:

The Tabernacle at Pendrell vale

Max Marsh says:

“magic ewents”

Hymn You says:

Theres actually three copies of the card ‘Proposal. Garfield had one and so did Quinton. Quinton got his stolen overseas and Garfield wrote him a letter feeling bad about it and had 1 reprinted for quinton.’

jon hu says:

I know this video is a bit old by now, but it is easily one of the best, if not the absolute best top 10 expensive M:tG cards videos on YouTube. Your list includes things that I’ve never seen other top 10 lists include and the fact that you have cards of higher value than the lotus included shows you actually did your research. I applaud you, Value Hunter.

Leo duesing says:

Kannst du Deutsch sprechen?

parker cole says:

One card would be Pascal Maynard’s foil stamped Tarmogoyf during the top 8 GP Vegas selling at $15,000.

Michael Clancy says:

some person on ebay tried to sell a hour of devastation island for $9000000

Real Vladik says:


TheBluephoenix333 says:

The most expensive a volcanic island is selling for 4000 dollars so I don’t know where you got your prices

Edgar Marques says:

What did I do this time?

StRyDaY says:

Hey, as a fellow magic channel, I applaud your research. However, an alpha black lotus graded 10 sells for 100k+. The most expensive sale was one for 112000 dollars

Gandalf Grey says:

In diesem Sinne, geniales Video

Cricket Dude says:

I’ve seen an underground sea in real life

Beau Duncan says:


Sam Corell says:

Great top 10! I’ve heard rumors of some misprinted cards that have been sold for crazy amounts of money, but not sure if those beat any of these.

Rakdos says:

What about foiled Dack Fayden ? One of the newer card for absurd amount of money – 400$

Nickolas Burke says:

if you find an alpha black lotus unplayed and in mint con., you get it signed, it can go for $125,000

MTGMaster says:

This rumor about Alpha Underground Seas is not true. I know the guy you are referencing to and even if he owns a good amount of them, he sold some (I almost bought one from him though), and his collection of Alpha Seas is miserable compared to the total print run of Alpha Rares (1 100)

Connor Laverty says:


Gordon Hewitt says:

This is much better than the “top ten archive”(s) video, much more knowledgeable, and unlike his video (which only had power 9 cards 🙂 this one is much more interesting and thought out. Cheers.

carrobin691 says:

that’s So Fantastic I have the Blue serenedib Efreet we at least 5 of them! !!! $$$$$.

Kees van Schijndel says:

Exodus City of Traitors test foil go for around 27K

Quagigitymire says:

All though I enjoy the content I become slightly depressed as well as angry with myself watching videos on valuable Magic cards. I was one of the kids who was at the right age to be into such things when Magic was first released. I started playing late Alpha and early Beta. I no longer have the collection I did, but in my time Mox gems where between $5 and $25 dollars and I had 3 black lotus I got for well below $100 each. I had several of each dual land cards from alpha, beta, limited, and unlimited. I had an entire collection of both Antiquities and Arabian Nights. I try not to think about what they would be worth today, but when I sold them, just as the Ice Age expansion had come out, literally like 3 days into it, I got just over 5,000 dollars US. I sold the, to a card shop simply to get them all sold fast since I wanted the money and being known as a Magic play in high school was a social suicide. That and I had other things to do leaving little time to play. I think I got maybe less than 1/4th the value of the cards from the shop I sold them to. A true tragedy knowing now they have gone up so very much in collect-ability and value.

Yellow Cab Records says:

There are autographed 9.5 Lotus copies for around 30k

João Vítor M says:

how about the misprinted brainstorm?

Colly360 says:


Kellen Richard says:

I started playing magic during ICE AGE and have probably 10k cards collected until about 2000. I also acquired many 1st edition cards along the way as we used to play for keeps. I never ever thought these cards would be worth money. We just played for fun. I think it may be time to dig them out of storage and take a vacation lol.

Mark Stephens says:

you sound like the guy on thwle lemmino channel

Anmas Belor says:

in dem sinne geiles video wie immer

DJ Ethanol says:

black lotus has raised a ton in price

GoldenMunchkin says:

A signed alpha black lotus graded 10 sold for $125,000

Nayrash 5 says:

More stupidly expensive cards: Bazaar of Baghdad ($550), The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale ($700), Library of Alexandria ($350), Imperial Seal ($750), Imperial Recruiter ($300), Judge Promo Force of Will ($800), One of each Expedition Land together ($4500) with (Scalding Tarn ($300) as the most valuable.

Emil Bløndal Hansen says:

But what about the City of Traitors test foil print? ive only seen it at 25000 dollars.

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