Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards You Didn’t Know Existed!

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LatinoJackson says:

Proposal is probably a dick pic

ArcGIS Is Fun says:

I got an oddity for you. When I got my wizard tribal commander deck back when that was out all of the cards were miscut. You could even see some of the tops of other cards line up with the bottoms of others.

Chad Meyer says:

My boy keith “the misprint guy” has most of these. His collection is sick

Mike Tompkins says:

I actually knew about all of these, and called most of them. The Candelabra is the only one that threw me for a loop (although it really shouldn’t have, I knew about it.)

Vincent Wolfeye says:

Wow! That artwork of you in the end. Stunning piece. Really cool!

Ree Meroma says:

According to my basic Japanese knowledge, shichifukujin means “seven fortune god.”

Eric Drell says:

Great video Wedge!

Timothy Vandenberg says:

CORRECTION: 1996 World Champion Tom Chanpheng was the 3rd World Champion (1994: Zak Dolan, 1995: Alexander Blumke)

rakdoslord ravnica says:

this was great you should do more videos like this.

Ty Sylicus says:

We need to complete the Richard Garfield Cycle! Sadly, I can only think of one reason to ever print the black card….

Adjagus says:

What about a top ten playable cards? Like cards that are actually played and not only intresting for collectors.

Mountain Man Magic says:

Some of these cards are crazy! We should all do a scavenger hunt to film some of these awesome cards. I got time if anyone has some of these!

Tim W says:

Ha! Knew all of them!

I have no life…

Dan says:

I would like more of these kinds of series, maybe the top 10 worst cards you Didn’t know existed

Mateo catoggio lucesole says:

Hey Wedge, great content as always. I wanted to know if you support Pewdiepie in his war against T-Series

Dakota Abroad says:

I hate foils…. but I’m into that Dragon Whelp.

Joseph Perry says:

I love this video

Golgari Supreme says:

Awesome to meet you at the GP today!

Eloi says:

That holographic card is just like ghost rare cards in yugioh nowadays

Krvys says:

I actually knew about a surprising amount of them, although only learned about them a week or 2 ago. A friend posted a picture of Phoenix heart that was on sale in Japan. That led me down the rabbit hole of all the Richard Garfield celebration cards.

Insane8221 says:

pretty incredible. thx for the video!

ZonkoTheGreat 2000 says:

You should make most non-creative reprint runs ever

Example: Colossal Dreadmaw or Negate

Jesse King says:

Love this list. As a dragon collector I knew of Shichifukujin Dragon but not of the whelp hologram card. Pretty sweet! Will never have the actual shichifukujin but I do have a life counter and deck box with him on it. Both are worth a fair amount I think.

R L says:

You said in your ultimate masters video that getting creeping tarpits from tcg player at $15 was a great buy. It’s now less than $8. You’re a scam.

Ceul Gai says:

I knew all of these, but I guess that’s just because I’m a nerd.

Nick Jonze says:

You buying all this with you go fund me for you medical bills?

DarkTetsuya says:

the first couple I do remember reading about in the various Magic/CCG mags in the 90s after getting into the game, go figure they’re hella more expensive now!!! the candelabra… was that one of the early ideas each set would have a different color back?! I thought I remembered reading something to that effect but that was going on 20 years ago so I can’t be sure. Speaking of which anyone remember the ones that were MTG on the front but a different CCG on the back?! don’t know if any of those would make this list but just another random rarity I remember!

TheDuelingMage says:

awesome, there are so many crazy ones that could have been added. but was a great list.

shyguy4no1 says:

How about most surprising cards (like in oh, that took over standard by surprise.)

The Scheming Skeleton says:

How many damn times has Richard Garfield been engaged/married?????

Cohen Coughlin says:

Splendid Genesis feels like an unglued card, please reprint.

Jan-Paul Boelcke says:

I like the misprint guy. I don’t want to be mean but somehow he looks like a misprint as well.

Dijital Llama says:

Woah that was crazy man, I think I was aware of one of those! Great video, and loved the sentimental ones

Phil N says:

This was awesome content about our beloved game! I never knew any of this history. Thank you for creating.

SeJaMa says:

This video should’ve called “The Most Expensive MTG Cards (Top 11 to 20)”

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