Top 10 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards

Welcome to Top10Archive! For a card game that’s protected the virginity of many and kept so many others bound to their parent’s basement, Magic: The Gathering sure does have some surprises up its sleeves. In this installment, we’ll look at ten of the most expensive Magic: The Gathering cards. We’re not talking a $35 card either – can you believe there’s one worth over $20,000?

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10. Mox Pearl
9. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
8. Force of Will Judge Foil
7. Time Vault
6. Mox Jet
5. Imperial Seal
4. Mox Sapphire
3. Ancestral Recall
2. Time Walk
1. Alpha Black Lotus

Video footage courtesy from YouTube creators Boogie2988, Openboosters, and the following links:­z8­24OWUkEg­tvk­etU­3An9Y­9I­fDIrQ

Voice Over Talent:


A Fascist Deer says:

yah because we all know girls be all like oh you’re a perfectly fine person who I like alo- oh wait … you play a card game

wow your fucking satan

gavin judy says:

my moms friend has a box of all of those cards

TheTrollingBullet says:

what a nice decision to make such an offensive intro insulting directly the viewers of this video ;D

Some Nobody says:

I own to plateaus


yeah you sure are a freaking moron

Lucian Nestor says:

This comment section is so cringy, full of butthurt fanboys. please dont attempt to compare modern pieces of art with those cardboard games. Id pay thousands of dollars for a paint that is literally blank rather than a card from a nerdy game.

VsnGames says:

like e vo sempre seguir tmj

Eugênio Filho says:

Is this a price that people take out of their asses and put to sell, never selling them in fact… or the real price that these cards were sold at least once…?

ZeLink44 says:

oh my god! Go choke on a dick you cunt!

TheSmilingXenomorph says:

you sound like a patronising ignorant idiot. just putting that out there

MindaugasLegend says:

who even came with idea of black lotus lol?….. this is ridiculous

Lolninja420 420 says:

The imperial seal I have a similar card you put a card in your hand and i got in a booster pack

RainingMarshmallows says:

Are you actually fucking kidding me? You make a video targeted at a specific audience then you start off by saying “For a card game that’s protected the virginity of many and kept so many bound to their parents basement” then you proceed to show boogie2988. Honestly, fuck you. I’m glad that this video has more dislikes than likes because you are a cunt who has absolutely no talent whatsoever and is stuck making top 10 videos because you can’t make quality content and can’t get a job because you’re so fucking lazy. Fuck you, i honestly hope that you fucking die a horrible flaming death you cunt.

Night Otaku says:

you can’t even get those in a booster pack.

Joel Cedric says:

was that boogie in the beginning?

The Jompa Channel -Destiny and More says:

I have a black lotus

finn taft says:

I Have the last wun

Tubbs Bambi says:

I thought Black Lotus was only worth $5000

WokWithBryan says:

elementary school I had 6 black lotus not to mention multiples of a lot of the others. I never though the game would last this long. kind of regret it a tiny bit Lil.

jose romero says:

he was an asshole the whole time

John Strano says:

This guy is intentionally being a jerk. But that is ok, it is just a video and he wishes he had these cards to sell lol. Besides I have two of the mox cards back when I was young. And here I am not married with 2 kids. Guess I dont fit his stereotype=)

phoenix says:

I have a black lotus

MordhausTV says:

had an ancestral recall a long long time ago. wish i knew it would be worth so much, i’d have hung onto it. also, had a friend who had a black lotus back when they were worth only $300. thought that was a lot for a card back then, lol.

Beary Moto says:

Why is this guy such an asshole just because I like magic the gathering it doesn’t mean I’m a virgin that lives in a basement

Spaceman Films says:

2:54 is that a pokemon card

KingMoose says:


ethan parker says:

i new to mtg but my dad had been palying the game for awhile now and i swear he said he had a black lotas, well i got to get that card now

AJ Dawson says:

This videos makes me want to punch the voice-over guy in the throat.

Eclipse Solar says:

comment section summary

MTG fans defending the game

poeple defending the narrator

I have black lotus

Dominguez Santos says:

Wow didn’t expect at this era of 2017 this game is still surviving and going strong. Reminds me of my childhood playing this at recess during school days. Oh boy that was year ad 1996.. Spend too much money on Magic cards and Tamiya cars.. Btw Black Lotus was the No.1 card. alpha and Beta version and it cost around $300 at that time. But I was playing with full complete deck Revise version.. Keep it up collectors.

Ben Kaiser says:

I am on a quest, the quest for the black lotus.

Karl Wilson says:

those cards aren’t worth as much once I play my chaos confetti hahahahaha

ProjectA2Gav says:

I have a mox jet that my dad gave to me

Jack Worman says:

I sold a force of will a couple years ago for only $80 store credit. I wish I would have waited more.

Jed Teng says:

what the hell!,my bother got that black lotus when we were elementary,I dont know where he put it!!!!

Daniel James Dolor says:

In my opinion, virtual inventory such as LoL and DotA skins are more worth it than these piece of paper.

i mean i didnt spend this much on MTG but i did purchase some Elder Deep Fiend and Decimator of Provinces.

Ariana Grande Butera Vevoo says:

I have a Black Lotus Card wtf :0000

Dustin La Wheat says:

Fuck this guy, couldn’t even enjoy the video because of the shitty commentary

Hunter Wolfe says:

Can u even get these cards in a pack?

Gay Boy says:

he got so many of these fucking wrong holy shit


I used to have that ancestral recall, I sure wish I didn’t sell all my cards at a yard sale. lol

Zachary White says:

why is there a bulbasur witch it a POKEMON at 2:52 in a MAGIC battle

Hunter Wolfe says:

Like these days

pichoff says:

wast of money for paper

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