Top 10 Most Expensive & Rare Magic The Gathering Cards (MTG)

Top 10 Most Expensive & Rare Magic The Gathering Cards (MTG)
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Magic the Gathering! It’s all about commander now from what I hear but I used to play magic back in the day. I can’t afford it anymore as I had to choose between magic, my car, and heroin. Oddly magic was the most expensive. It’s fun though and it’s always amazing to me that a simple piece of cardstock with the right combination of colors and letters on it can be worth thousands of dollars. There are the top 10 Rarest Magic the Gathering Cards! I’m sure some of these are wrong if you’re a true magic fanatic, but instead of learning that I was busy doing something important with my life.

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1. Black Lotus

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Midna2love says:

Zodiac Dragon That one card I will love to have & its also very costly too it’s up there with Black Lotus so if i do look in on it i bet it’s somewhere in the top 10 and matter of fact last i check it worth more then 2 of the 5 1st set of moxs so where is the Zodiac Dragon at then plus there 5 nonbasic lands lands that are also costly too idk what there price is and idk if the new lands from 2nd round of Zandicar lands cause that too have pricey lands too.!

Danyal Khan says:


Tolarian Community College says:

I believe that if you are going to take and use a lot of footage from another YouTube Channel, in this case Open Boosters channel, the proper thing to do is to give credit/acknowledgement and link to the original work.

orc at war 98 says:

the 3 unset isint out yet that unset is unstable

please like

orc at war 98 says:

i like this list best card game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please like

Fyreh says:

I’m very insulted you said magic players don’t have much brain power. You need a brain to play this game. and you are blindly throwing insults. also you your self said you played mtg so your insulting yourself too. ALSO blue is not op

Eric Heuser says:

back in 2001 my friends brother had two real black lotuses and two recreates. i shit myself back then, and im shitting myself now

Ryan Phang says:

Dude your wrong the most expensive card is 1996 world champion.

Wayne Igoe says:

You forgot Force of Will. It may not be in the thousands, but it is expensive enough to warrant it being tournament prizes. And I think the set your talking about is either New Phyrexia or the old ones with Karn and Memnarch. I’d have to look the name up.

Diamond Boy21 says:

Dang tried so hard to be first comment well atleast 21

Patrick Duquette says:

hahaha..opal colorless mana?, 3 unsets?..well you make my top ten for clueless magic player

Louis Yeh Yeh says:

black lotus amirite

Unlucky21 M says:

this is so wrong half the facts you named are wrong.

TheManaSource says:

Your list is WAY off.

More importantly, you used a lot of footage from a great MTG YouTuber, openboosters. You should really have given him credit either in the video or at least in the description.

openboosters says:

Wow …. uhhh that is a lot of my vids but no love for openboosters :<

Notnearlysodumb says:

good choices

Miky 115 says:

THIS CHANNELS DEAD 308 views in 14 minutes

Shannster 71 says:

The one where you play a game inside the game is not from the Un- sets. It is from Arabian Nights.

Omar Olvera says:

Love your vids your the BEST YouTuber i suded and turn on the bell u deserv one billon suds pls reply

zazamospanapolus says:

You’re a thief profiting off of other’s hard work. Shame on you.


Im 15 i like you videos

Chessmaster156 says:

I love mtg

Danyal Khan says:

Where’s pat

HellHawk 87 says:

Sup nigga.

Francisco Mendez says:

Wow cool oc… Not

mxp14242 says:

This video is all kinds of shit. Will actively avoid this channel in future.


The greater basilisk is really powerful needs three mana to summon but when summoned say goodbye to your strongest monster and the rest of your monsters because he has death touch he may not be rare but he is powerful also my deck is filled with basilisk cards and some dragons

Elderonn 3 says:


Noel D says:



My ace Is my deadly the greater basilisk and his death touch ability that lets him destroy any foes with one hit

Also my uncle has all of the cards on the list

Niko Weit says:

trunk brother case seem engage specialize desire.

Max Franz-knight says:

The artifact set is called scars of mirrodin

Cheshire says:

Your list is terrible and way off. Did you even try researching your subject? Also way to steal a fellow YouTubers footage and not even give credit.

You should be ashamed.

HellHawk 87 says:

Bring back Patrick

Joey Taube says:

He plays dnd and magic and is an ass

Man he is the best narator eeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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