Top 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering Cards

Remember when I got really into Magic the Gathering? Well, I got curious: What are the rarest and most valuable Magic the Gathering cards?
Don’t worry — this isn’t just a list of the Power 9. Here are the Top 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering Cards.

►Cara (Cheratomo):

►Jack (Superplaid64):






BulbasaurUseVinewhip says:

came here thinking it’d be the value of cards as in it’s worth in currency. The guy talked too much and I didn’t care to hear it all, I just want to find prices :^) so if the vid does have the prices.. it’s a shame they made people have to listen to some slow talking instead of just having the value alongside the name of the card

Thomas Gardner says:

dual lands are expensive because no restrictions they arround the best version of dual lands

thea queen says:

so many of these are blue cards


yawn list. no noble hierarchy . goyf .DRS ,force of will .. Jace the mind sculptor

Chicken Permission says:


Quinn Reynolds says:


Mr Knarf says:

Underground Sea for 3000 bucks? Time twister for two grands? Man, why not talking about their lowest tournament legal price (as in unlimited) instead of their first printing’s price? It’s like saying Shivan Dragon is very expensive ’cause its alpha printing is expensive.

Also, Monsters? And sure, Recall is great because it can force your opponent to mill himself -.-‘

1996 world champion having the power and toughness of both players’ life totals combined? That’s not what the card says, just rtfc

Also, we do know the Proposal’s art, and Splendid Genesis and the Fraternal one weren’t mentioned.

Beautifully done video, but get someone who plays to write the script next time.

Mtg Master says:

Somebody got a black lotus (in used condition) for 500 dollars

thea queen says:

you forgot to mention how the moxen are artifacts

Renegade Value-er says:

This is trippy, hearing spooky dude do the magics

Sheet head999 says:

I cast proposalI respond with negate:(

Fourth Reich says:

I found an old Magic the Gathering RPG from the 90’s called Shandalar, which includes all of the power 9.
I have to say it’s a lot of fun playing with such overpowered, unbalanced cards that the average Joe could never hope to own in real life.

Liam says:

Jesus christ this game is not fucking worth it.

Mtg Master says:

Mtg is fantastic I was creating a black/white standard deck while playing

popnimpop says:

I have a lot of these and I don’t play the game XD

dave littlefield says:

“This won’t be a list of power 9 cards”. Turned off after ancestral recall. Don’t lie to me

Blade4127 says:

What dice were those two guys using at the beginning?

Christine Forton says:

Drew Proposal!!!

Instantly Destroys any card Guy puts down for all Eternity…

Benjamin Lehman says:

1996 world champion says its power and toughness are equal to the life total of target opponent. Not all players combined.

The Morning Star says:

Oh my fucking god (below). Back in ’01, there was a beta NM Lotus on display for 1k in my local card store. The Dollar was way higher then, so it’d be like 1000 Euros in today’s exchange rate. A Unlimited lotus cost something like 450 bucks, a revised dual land 15. I wish I didn’t sell them all back then.

tienxero says:

only 1000 lotus printed? than he mentions modest ones sell for only $1600, id buy a few more at that price. though… the number on lotus’s is more like 187,000. which should include ABU and two collectors edition factory sets, to get the total rough print run.

Jamie Gilbey says:

are u dumb the dual lands can be fetched by the fetch lands and don’t enter tapped!!!!

MaliceXinXchains says:

Just wanted to say, your voice could be really great for ASMR work. You should do MTG ASMR deck building videos.

Nick Unger says:

Jace the mindsculpter?

Patrik Lundberg says:

hey, I listen to alot of creepypastas and have done so for some years while im working, my Question to you is. do you read creepypastas here on youtube? cus I rec your voice so freaking much

Boomshanka says:

Yeah Alpha editions are expensive. Der! You can get most of these for a tenth of the price from revised set.

Malone Solo says:

I was expecting to see Emrakul The Aeons Torn

PsionicMonk says:

Hey Creeps, long time fan. Awesome videos. Just wanted to say the old dual lands are both basic lands in one card, meaning they can be fetched by certain lands easier. that’s another reason they’re so powerful

Imabananaturtle says:

finally, someone who doesent make my ears bleed when recording vids

Collin Keegan says:

Underground Sea – It’s a dual land that doesn’t go in tapped!

ReMeDy says:

Oh god, a Sailor Moon proposal. May as well have Vegeta and Bulma going at it.

Paulo Mangano says:

This list wont be just the power 9.
number 10 is a power nine, number 8 is a power 9 and number 7 is a power 9.
Closed the video and disliked.

Kenneth Lawson says:

you basically said legacy has the best cards in it.

thea queen says:

lol, “this card will only cost you $2000 to add to your deck”

doomtomb3 says:

Music? I love the old Duels music when talking about Serendib Efret.

Ian Westby says:

I’m only ## and magic is awesome

Schitz says:

Okay but like what if he didn’t draw proposal during the match?

Nathan Duff says:

My all time card would be the big furry monster (BFM) with both cards it has 99/99 I found both of them at a
yardsale for 25 cents for both cards I did not know what Magic The Gathering was at that point so I looked it up on the internet and I was shocked when I saw how much it was and I was glade that I got them that day because they both had the backing on both of them and I been playing this game for 6 years and I like it a lot more then poker it changes you when you find a game that you really like

King Masono says:

So i guess black lotus is the rarest cuz i dont think proposal is real…

Udl Master says:

The World Champion card sounds like an average good Yu-Gi-Oh Boss Monster.

Jason Carto says:

When i first started playing during 6th edition, when Prophecy set first dropped, i remember Black Lotus was $200.
There was a guy in our game store who ripped a Beta Black Lotus in half as part of a bet during a game.
Now it’s worth more than your car -_-

Malone Solo says:

I had the 1996 champion a very long time ago but thought nothing of it…I was a noob

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