Top 10: Sexiest Magic: The Gathering Cards

Seibenlore takes a look at some of the sexiest card arts to be printed in magic. Come with me fellow Planeswalkers as travel to the plane of love for Valentine’s Day! Let me know what you think is the sexiest card art from MTG in the comments below!

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All credit for artwork and story used goes to WOTC, their original artists and writers!


poop says:

why u no put any eldrazi on the list

is it because u dont like hentai?


the number one looks like a gay guy

Lone Fullmetal says:

Koth: You ready to get pounded by the hammer?

Dayle Diamond says:

Grandmother Sengir!

Burnt Taco Conspiracy says:

Grizelbrand wasn’t on this list, 0/10 ING

Kechl says:

Aaand there is now also semi-naked Jace 😀

Jacob Johnson says:

The new jace fits this list nicely.

Scarlett S. says:

Why isn’t Elesh Norn here?

perfectMustache is so fabulas says:

everyone joking about emrakul and asking where they’re favorites are, and here i am wondering why no one is talking about my bae liliana of the vail! se hotter than anything on this list!

Jacob Johnson says:


Grey Dragon says:

not much you can do to rebuke the sexiness of this card, huh? if she attacks, I beg to differ :3

(referring to an instant by the name of rebuke that destroys target attacking creature)

Mike Barker says:

No Sivitri Scarzam? Sure the card is terrible, but the art? Amazing. It gets my vote for best looking+worst playing card. (Speaking of the original art, btw)

Don HSpivey says:

tf is wrong with u

Malcolm Joseph Salvador says:

..Azami? what? she looks like an old lady already. No Jhoira?

BTIsaac says:

You know what’s this list is missing?

hjkhjk says:

They need to hire real artists instead of cgi looking shit

Angelo C. says:

What about the individual from “The Fallen”

Ariel Alexandre says:

no ink-eyes servant of oni? come on look at those thighs

Bare Beauty Bodypainting says:

Thumbs down for putting Chosen of Markov at 10. Also, Ashling the Pilgrim is so sexy she’ll burn your dick off!

Arcaalo Muala says:

Next list gotta be castaway jace at number 1



Carlos Alonso says:

I can’t believe there is not a nissa in this list, i legitimaly buyed one of the cards for how sexy she looked on it

Michael Cabrera says:

If number one isn’t storm crow Im unsubscribing

AlphaBetaRudyInvestments says:

Norin the Wary is so manly.

LiliVessPlays says:

Jaya Ballard should be number one.

Ceol says:

everyone know bolas is the sexiest planeswalker

Ry-7hym [thijmnesoy] says:

maybe ….. Blustersquall? Breya?

and wtf. does Karn really turn on women?

Sunshine man says:

Where’s grim grim, excuse me?

tibbarnogard says:

Sylvan paradise? Just saying

M Balazs says:

Liliana, Avatar of Woe,Garza zol plague, Nahiri, queen what’s wrong what’s wrong with you ?
Destruction and power is a sexy factor too 😀

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