Top 10 WORST Cards for Your Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease | Magic the Gathering (MtG)

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Hey, you! Do you want to win at your Rivals of Ixalan prerelease? Then you’re gonna want to know what *NOT* to put into your sealed deck. Here’s a list of the Top 10 worst rares for sealed. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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Cynical_Bear says:

Angel is a small whate with huge black spots Terrier Whippet mix. She has really long legs and barks at everything. She’s 10 years old but full of spunk. She also gets bullied by the cats often. I guess she look a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker, she has a long face.

Sifu Culreif says:

Mastermind’s Acquisition has at least 47 sideboard targets in PreRelease events. Depending on your land count, sometimes more. This is literally the best non-casual format for the card, by the sheer numbers.

Rodrigo Silva says:

Storm the Vault is probably intended to help you Ascend. UR has a lot of evasion in RIX. I just don’t know if there’s enough pay off for getting the city’s blessing in the archetype.

jeremy moore says:

Cats are better than dogs especially mine. 10 yr old kitty of kick buttness

Ally Kat says:

This video is…. WAY too long… for a Magic card Top 10 list that doesn’t require any delving into history.

Rodrigo Silva says:

Mastermind’s Acquisition is fine! It should’ve been Dead Man’s Chest in that slot.

Marx says:

Form of the dinosaur is actually good to board in if youre against an extremly agresive deck. On turn 6 it stabilizes you to 15 life and the following upkeeps you get to pick off their small threats or evasive threats. I do agree it is unplayable mainboard however.

Michael Dickman says:

my dog looks like a cat

Trolling Guy says:

induced amnesia is all about a free muligan when you have shit in your hands, its actualy pretty good, same for the counterspell that is a pretty good card for prerelease

shirtless german says:

Unfortunately i don’t have a dog. But if I would have one, it would look like Owen Wilson.

Anthony Sablan says:

My dog looks like a young Harry Dean Stanton.

Dennis R says:

The only critique I have for this video / series – watching card #8 right now – is that putting all these cards on the same list/level may be misleading for some more inexperienced players. Some of the cards are unexciting as rares and not much more than filler, but way more playable than other complete garbage cards on the list. (I’m glad you are pointing out the difference though, which was not always the case in previous videos)

Malorian Magic says:

One dog looks like a scared weasel, and the other one looks like a drunk pig

aegisofhonor says:

Admiral’s Order is a far better card then it looks at first. Agressive counter magic was the key to the world championship deck beating a lot the blue black control and this card would fit perfectly well in that stratagy to having an answer to your opponent’s instant removal or even counter magic of your own spell casting. This card often forces your opponent to use removal at earlier stages of the turn then they really wants do.

photosinensis says:

Induced Amnesia seems like a build around to try to do Memory Jar-like shenanigans. However, that isn’t possible here.

madmax21st says:

Think about when most people play their removals; after an attack by the opponent. I don’t what kind of rubbish opponents you guys face but Admiral’s Order is good most of the time.

Martine Muller says:

My dog looks like somebody has drawn on it with eyeliner XD

Beth Maxwell says:

I enjoyed this video (best part- “we’re out of our depths here, Scoob”) and agree with the picks. I think some of the comments are disregarding the point- some of the cards might be playable in other formats or in certain (specific and maybe not likely) situations, but these are not the bomb rares that are going to win games in sealed.

MSUHitman says:

Admiral’s Order is Pirates/Merfolks answer to Settle the Wreckage, or any instant that destroys your attackers.

Robbe Ipers says:

Repeatable removal and life gain, form of the dinosaur ain’t bad

Jadrakte of Urupa says:

Why do you even mention rarity of cards if you only talk about prerelease? Rares should not be uncommons just because you look at them from sealed perspective.

t wilson says:

i also have a German Mastiff doggy.

Scarlett S. says:

Awaken Amalgam would be okay if you’re playing a dual land and it would be value if you’re playing tri with a dual. Not totally awful.

Tyler Gehring says:

I will also admit i would still be really happy to get storm the vaults as it will probably be the most expensive card in the set.

Kotadis says:

I don’t agree with form of the dinosaur. If you remove 2 creatures with it and played it when you have less than 7 or so health you already got massive value from it. you forgot to mention that sure they could play a creature, but you are taking out their biggest creatures to let your creatures overrun them.

F H M says:

Admirals order is NOT bad, I shouldn’t need to explain why

NK Mason says:

Thanks for the tips, I just hope didn’t jinx myself into pull all these cards for my rares at the prerelease this weekend.

Quinn Reynolds says:

Admiral’s Order is fine as a Cancel with upside. It should be an uncommon, but it is playable.

geo mundi says:

I gots three dogs. One is yellow and white; she looks the most like barbara striesand, her name is squashy. I have another male who is fluffy like her, but black and white instead and bit smaller but still floppy ears; his name is babyface. My third dog is sister to the yellow and white one; but short hair, black and white, and super shy but friendly. They together combine to form the varmint puppy patrol!

Mordalon says:

I’m glad this has the disclaimer of “for limited pools” because I like many of these cards. I especially like the ridiculousness and build around potential of Form of the Dinosaur.

Ben Collins says:

Loki is a shepherd with perfect little vampire part markings. His ears only can go all the way up if he is looking up at you. Veela is half Catahoula half Heeler. If you don’t know what a Catahoula is, its a dog that gives you a lecture every time you come home. Lupa is a sweet puppy almost one year old who ate my wallet twice. She is a blonde dog with curly tail that is so cute when it wags you will forgive her for mangling your debut card and ripping up $20 bills.

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