TOP 5 Magic the Gathering Cards that Are Dope as Hell // Dark 5 | Snarled

Rachel talks about the top 5 creepiest Magic the Gathering cards. If you’ve never played Magic the Gathering, it’s just like any other trading card game like Pokemon, but on fantasy steroids.

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RavenVideo says:

Magic the gathering is #1 on my Christmas list

mini twinkle says:

I don’t play magic the gathering but I do play DND

Elizabeth Martinez says:

Ha I got this shit for my birthday

Tiffany Carlin says:


Pinestorm 2436 says:

I have no friends to play Magic with 🙁

Cool Nerd says:

You remind me of a girl who was in my class.

Breonna Jade says:

I fucking love Magic. My favourite card is probably Kor Scout because when I was playing a game at 7 heath, he was sitting on the battlefield with flying, slowly killing off my opponent until they died. Whenever I play with Kor Scout now, I always get him to win the game for me. He isn’t my best card, but he sure is my favourite 🙂

KittenGirl1234 says:

this is an ad

Germani Quintana says:

Nightmare is my favorite

MyGothic101 says:

Oh shit! Loved this video so much. My friends and I love mtg. My favorite cards are the Moonfolk, theyre just so cool and super pretty.

jackie70879 says:

Im suprised infectious horror and grotesque mutation wernt in this. Theyre some hecka body horror pics

Shadow Treber says:

Pure gang gang gang

Korpen black says:

Thoughtseize cause the card art on every release makes me happy. Or tarmogoyf the most recent art cause it looks like he’s screaming at a deer.

Carlie Hall says:

These would fit in my blue/black deck perfectly!

Grace(less) says:

“If that’s not my aesthetic, I don’t know what is.”
Gurl. Same???

Minifire Vlogs says:

“Sign me up, Satan!” LMAO

Larky says:

I dont play this…

But I do play Yu-Gi-Oh

Sawyer Metcalf says:

I always forget it’s name but my favorite card is the card that resets the board, all cards go back into you deck, shuffle, then draw seven new cards.

Chico Loko says:

I play magic the gathering

djkat 890 says:

Just started playing magic a phew months ago i love it soo much

Kurio says:

My favorite card is Gisa and Geralf because the flavor text
“These fiends are almost as unbearable as you.”
“A sentiment that warms my heart, dear sister.”
Just paraphrasing so I don’t even know if that’s exactly it lol but you get it

Kill Me please? says:

My favorite is Kiora the crashing wave and elvish piper

Anniedoll7890 _ says:

I went to 5 below and I saw a magic the gathering booster pack with a lot of cards and 6 figures. I was tempted to buy it and force all my friends to play it with me lol

Bud Mergler says:

I love magic the gathering


What’s your favorite card?!
If you’ve never played before, would you try?

chara gamer says:

oh nu pokemon

Equestrian Lovers12 says:

my fav is filigree familiar

Jillian Cook says:


Tinybunny210 says:

I play magic the gathering and my favorite card is the plague rat

Rose Anderson says:

Clicked on this video SO fast. I love MTG!!

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