Top 8 Expensive Dominaria Mythic Magic the Gathering Cards

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Edwin the Magic Engineer says:

I definitely think the Mox Amber is mostly hype and it’s NOT that good. It will be a dead card in your hand until after you get that legendary or planeswalker in play. People will figure it out, look out below!

Fritz Dunkelgrat says:

I got Karn and Jaya in my prerelease pack! ^^`

Kieran Duncan says:

I pulled Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Muldrotha, the Gravetide at pre-release. Some future Standard and Modern playables were in there too like Cast Down, Seal Away and Damping Sphere.

SkullStorm says:

Why are the foil prices insane in this set?

Robert Drew says:

“Any Mox is gonna be good”

But not every Mox is legal. Plus the card is limited by it’s Legendary status. Sure you can run 4, but you can only play 1. Plus it’s mana is limited by the Legendaries and planeswalkers you have in play. I see it leveling out at $25.

Bilal Warid says:

Serra Angel had vigilance, not lifelink. Nice video and analysis though!

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