Touching Up Magic The Gathering Cards with Sharpies

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Elijah Vanaver says:

what is the % value loss with a touched up / sharpied card?

L0j1k says:

Yeah, I mean nobody had a crystal ball. We were a bunch of smelly, teenage outsider-nerds trying to keep our cards looking good through constant play in a world that had no card sleeves for MtG-sized cards. Using a sharpie was considered a clever and unobtrusive way to do it. 🙂

Zach cash says:

I had a playmat made the other day of the Card Garbage Fire with the WOTC logo on it.

TrevaBlues says:

goddamnit you brought attention to the 7th edition foils
leave my babies alone

ZeroLife says:

Did he watched a lot of Gordon Ramsay video recently?

Louis Boyang says:

“thats my point ” uses the end of the rudy tool. those unintentional puns

Christopher Woodbury says:

I’ll be honest I definitely sharpied some cards over the years. The boarders not being one color bothers me more than is probably healthy. I expect a lot of these touched up cards were done for the same reason.

hahariz says:

Bought my first few booster packs last week (Guilds of Ravnica) and the foil card were warped as shit. Now I know why you guys are mad about the card quality.

Steven Fields says:

i have some old cards I would like to sell. and I do have 7th edition foils

Mike Churchill says:

8:04-8:45 literally literally said literally 4350975 times….. literally!!!! Rudy is the best. You going to be at GP Vegas again this year they just released the schedule recently

GameTech Reserve says:

From experience back in the day, sometimes cards would get inked on the sides like this as a way to cheat since the cards stick out like a sore thumb when shuffling.

casey roggow says:

Rudy with the 10:01 videos

Dustin Olson says:

I use high quality art markers. They have a way better ink quality than sharpies. If you ride the front edge of the card, you can touch up white nicks or wear while keeping the side of the cards white. I follow up with a quick swipe of my finger, which blends what little ink is applied while also thinning the application. I understand that they’d be considered damaged, but I feel that at my level of skill (I’m also and art major) they are “restored”. Since I’m not selling them, I don’t really care that they’re “damaged” and they look much nicer in sleeves. Even upon very close inspection, it’s practically unnoticeable. The only thing that would give it away would be the texture of the original wear or nick. Once it’s in a sleeve even that dissapears. Personal preference. I hate white wear and nicks, the contrast is too high and distracting.

Bär Honigfeld says:

Hehe… Back in 1999 I absolutely hated white bordered cards and I was always planning on painting the borders black. Good thing I was a lazy kid and never did it. But that puts those things into context. A lot of those paint jobs are done by 12 year olds.

Andrew Finck says:

Paint me like the border of one of your beta volcanic islands, Rudy.

usman says:

Just sell them as altered arts

Andrew Zheng says:

I have a library of alexandria that is lightly sharpied 🙁

Mentally Hilarious says:

In the late 90’s a friend and I sharpied a bunch of unlimited cards. I remember doing a sol ring and demonic tutor. We used tape to cover the border and they looked pretty good for what we wanted but they were obvious. We weren’t intending to scam others, we just couldn’t get beta cards. The problem was they stunk so badly they were obnoxious to play with. They eventually lost the smell and were fine to play sleeved but nobody would be fooled. We easily ruined hundreds of dollars in today’s value.

one honest folk says:

Something Something 10 minutes video

BAMN Asitis says:

Return of my favorite how-to and I also happen to own a sharpie myself. Good day, fellas and Alpha’d Investments.

petethethirdboo says:

“Rudy with Alpha… uh.. Investments?”

Nice try Timmy but you’re not fooling anyone

Sean Hettich says:

Use a dry erase marker in black. Dries to a haze and you can almost not even tell unless you know it’s been done.

Dawud Charlton says:

Waiting for Rudy to take off that latex mask so Scooby and the gang can save the Town

Adam Patrick says:

Substitute magic the gathering with anything else and this is the best business class on YouTube not even a close second. Rudy for President 2032

gregthebunny553 says:

weird flex, but ok!

Nicholas Dickson says:

Your mat is really cool

Avatar Magic says:

Oh my gosh Rudy! Your dual land collection blew my mind! How many revised dual lands do you own!? Would love to see and hear from you about why you are hoarding so many older cards and not selling? What’s your plans with them?

Gond says:

What have we learned kids? “When you are going to do something that’s wrong, do it right.”

MV60 says:

Rudy wins by marking his cards edges confirmed.

Profane Gaming says:

I remember doing this with cards back the day.

sunnohh says:

Power 9 reprints here we cum!

ChocolateNoodle says:

I always touch with a Sharpie IF I’m going to actually use the card. During play it’s impossible to see, whereas the faded spots are an eyesore. The “tampering” is less of a negative to me than leaving it faded.

Of course, I tell people when a card is Sharpied. Players don’t tend to care, haven’t had it come up with a collector.

Deussebaaj says:

I have a friend who immediately upon acquiring a card will go over the edge with a black sharpie and will also sharpie over all the writing on the card. He had a Jace, The Mind Sculptor who received this kind of treatment. They do stand out more though.

LukasPesekCZ says:

8:28 Here come the binder dents… Talking about NM cards while damaging them. 😀

Wax Deli says:

We got a bleeder!

abracosa07 says:

Put back your listing for mind sculptor on eBay greed monster. I’ve been saving up then it ended lmao

Brandon Davis says:

Why do you keep sharpied cards with your legit cards?

theDJay01 says:

Dang I wish I had that masterpiece grindstone… Expensive!!

Kryptnyt says:

Sharpie ink almost looks like a very dark purple when reflected against light and up against the magic black. It doesn’t quite have the same shade. Need one of these crafts stores to get the exact same shade of black in order to do a true restoration of old cards. Fine grit sandpaper for bled edges? Don’t know if that’d work.

Pyre Dynasty says:

Protip: use a silver sharpie so you can play any card in un-tournaments.

Ara Ara says:

Why can’t Rudy even put cards back all the way into the binder? He treats cards like shit lol.

KDD0063 says:

Some people want their cards to have black borders, without white spots, that’s why they colored it. We get you don’t like it. Some other people don;t like dirty Rudy fingers smeering up their cards or flicking them.

Byron Odwazny says:

Love it, Rudy. 10:01. Gotta get that ten minute mark.

dsagent says:

Does youtube give you more money with 10:00 minute videos?

Brad Shugg says:

How much would the colored revised tundras sell for?

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