Trump and Day9 Clash in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Trump and Day9 randomly meet while doing some MTG sealed. Who will come out ahead?
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♫ Outro: Donkey Kong Country 2: Funky Theme


‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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Zachary Augustine says:

Why was that pack full of rares, I don’t get it

KagatoIuchi says:

This was a great watch!

Shivs says:

No idea what’s going on but I think I like it

Julian Graber says:

Day9 is kind of a asshole

BuzzaB77 says:

immersion was lost when it swapped and showed they were on different tables.


Darren Brake says:

Capture sphere’s over artful takedown’s?

Nathan Coffee says:

Trump sorry for walking up to you to shake your hand at that pho place the other night haha!

0BlaiddDrwg0 says:

When that match started I was like Trumps never gonna win that.


Negative Space says:

I just hate the mana system in magic, like Day9 just had to straight up skip 2 turns because of land draw….seems so crappy that theres a random chance to simply lose because of nothing.

MrLiisteri says:

This ending is so good 😀

MrTimmyGT says:

Wow, day9 wants you to cry….what a dick!

I. Tsasecret says:


no u says:

salty American , classic

Without Genesis says:

Please play more magic

French Toast says:

What is this game

Moviesman8 says:

I was hoping they were on skype or discord like Trump did with TotalBiscuit.

Ignatius says:

My 2 favourites

Vodkainum says:

Day9 is a perfect match for Trump in terms of skill.

RariTwi says:

Wow Day9 and Trump is actually a really nice pair. I really liked this video.

Also more MTGA vids please.

DCL87 says:

That was good

DaPeteELITE says:

Idk anything about Magic but I enjoyed this video 🙂

conker690 says:

Day9: *sees all those cards*
“Choke on it…CHOKE ON IT!”

Premed Jon says:

I love daynine

Not Quite A Weeb Yet says:

oh hey it’s Day9! that one guy who can’t play using strategy so hates instants!

Chrono Trigger says:

The sad man

Trey Grosvenor says:

They are both awesome GG trump

pmgmsd says:

I wish I could like this more. Two of my favorite online personalities…

Bruno Moura says:

Trump lordddd!!!!

YoungQuakerBoy says:

Wow, after seeing Day9 here it makes me appreciate Trump all the more.

Minihood31770 says:

Well that was confusing.

David Fernandez II says:

Reynad did it first with two different 5 color decks lol

Greekerino Kripperino says:

Sorry for spamming. I’m a bot in the testing proccess. If I am annoying, please contact:

Don Figueroa says:

*T H E M A G I C M A N*

Cariss Mcbober says:

Good choice on the music. Those Duels of the Planeswalkers games might’ve been magic lite but they sure had some kickass music, which MTGA kinda lacks.

Hidari says:

Yes!!! Please more MTGA videos!!!

Len Nie says:

this dancing outro I never get tierd of it.

James Nava says:

best video of 2018

Ben Dance says:

This was awesome

alejandro alfonzo says:

Trump start making magic arena vids!deck reviews!streams!meta analysis!

Greekerino Kripperino says:


Max Roderick says:

Day9 is so annoying, I only watched this to see him lose.

What foolerinos these kripperinos be ! says:

Moron vs Moron great wasn’t even gonna watch this anyway

greenmachine6688 says:

I was expecting a Day9 comment in the comments section. I’m disappointed

Syrange13 says:

Day 9 is everyone’s cool uncle.

Jon_jon13 says:

I want more magic, more Day9 matches, more quality edits, more EVERYTHING.


Plan_It_Hoax says:

I dont understand..where’s the rng?

Connor Braithwaite says:

This was honestly so much fun to watch. I hope we get more dual perspective shit.

Steffen Simon says:

Is the pack opening in the end the vault opening up? Else I dont get why these are all rare+ quality

Zachary Hellman says:

Lol what a cool video

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