Ultimate Masters 5 Best New Cards For Pauper – Magic: The Gathering

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“Vintage Education” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Stephan St. Clair says:

Prof, @7:40 you said you can cast the enchantment then bounce it with Kor, but since it’s a cast trigger, the Cartouche isn’t on the battefield yet. Might just have to bounce something else.

Ethan Rasmussen says:

“This episode has so much P in it!”

I thought this was Tolarian community College not Tolarian community kindergarten.

Alex Sweet says:

EVERY WHERE P!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Diaz says:

Most impact:
#1 Fire//Ice
#2 Foil
#3-5 don’t matter until there’s a ban

Shamshaad Trimm says:

Do yu – gi-oh

Jacob Long says:

Ice also taps lands. Tempo hits can be useful in blitz.

flameburst93 says:

so much pee, you’d think it was a mattress in a russian hotel…

Michael Gordon says:

How long has treasure cruise been in pauper

BlaineTog says:

I’m actually not so sure Foil is going to rock the format. 3-for-1ing yourself is really, *really* painful, especially considering one of the cards you need to discard is specially an Island. Yes, I understand the comparison to FoW, but Pauper is not Legacy where you need interaction on turn 0 or you lose the game. I dunno. I’m still new to Pauper, but Foil had all the hallmarks of a card that gets overhyped during spoilers but then we immediately discover that it actually is just too painful.

Lockslie says:

Professor I have beaten you in a match of pauper. But all that being forgotten the real honour was just getting to play you. Even if it was just MTGO

20x20 says:

the music at around 10:25 sounds like the music from Creeper World

Gta 500 says:

I hope they reprint wirewood hivemaster as a common so I can use it in my elf deck

siegfried greding says:

I will look into popper when I gets onto Arena.

Shawn K says:

Letter of the day is P

Chaos Cocoa says:

How do you know I don’t have $1,000?

Pedro Dorileo says:


Biggz None says:

0:32 just found my senior quote

Tolarian Community College says:

Want to learn what Pauper is and see my introductory lessons and decktech on it? Check out my complete Pauper playlist by promptly pressing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7qQXP-Qk9E&t=0s&list=PLvqw7t0kbGX96qIqeharIJ9O25lhYFCti&index=2

Douugr says:

There’s so much P in this ePisode!

Dragonmagus6 says:

blue juice!

Walker Talton says:

Pauper is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the quality of Prof’s content. #joke

Kenneth Blake III says:

That alliteration… amazing!

midnightblue9999 says:

Any more P and this could be an R.Kelly video

Jared Boggs says:

I’m pumped for miming slime it’s gonna be sweet.

wormspeaker says:

Gotta’ love that Alpha art, Dick Van Patten getting worshipped by some random hottie.

Alexandre Malo says:

Great video as always!

RMQuarter says:

W/G Tron?

Brandon Pepper says:

Just wanted to pop in and say i love the recent intros to your videos they have been pretty funny

Derrick Hampton says:

I’m glad I can pick up foil versions of Hyena Umbra, Lava Spike , and Mr. Angler for less then $5 a pop now!

Eliya Selhub says:

Time to rename Pauper to “Delver”

Zachary Wise says:

How is the professor not at a million + subs yet???

Simon Choo Sze Shiong says:

So much p## in this episode.
Would folks kill to see the (expected) NG-videos? I wonder.
Also, did I miss something? Tortured Existence can’t use land cards returned to the hand with Groundskeeper. Undertaker, on other hand, would b fine

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