Ultimate Masters Discussion + Preview Card l The Command Zone #243 l Magic: the Gathering EDH

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Show Notes:

The announcement of Ultimate Masters has been a contentious subject in the community. Josh and DJ give their perspectives on the controversy surrounding the new set. PLUS, we reveal The Command Zone’s exclusive UMA preview card!


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What we talked about on THE END STEP:

Brothers In Arms (on the History channel)
(starring our old podcast editor – Eli Cuevas!)


James Chilcott Article:

Video about searching the Box Toppers:


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Darth Vincenitus says:

Cardkingdom charges so much more for singles compared to TCGP, CoolStuff or even my LGS….

Marc Hawkins says:

Can someone help explain the signets. For instance Golgari signet is tap for B/G mana, does that mana stay for the rest of the game or does it leave once spent on a spell?

Hippocrates says:

Jace will be killed as part of bolas attacking ravnica.

Tim Birch says:

Commander Content Creaters to follow:
Commander Replay – Personal favorite for best MTGO free for all 4v4 (extreamly efficient pilot of Boros decks)
Jolt539 – Personal favorite of the best MTGO 1v1 content around.
I think you gents have talked about MTGMudstah before but just need to throw his name out again.

Andrew Laverghetta says:

Lol thanks Murph!

saul herrera says:

I enjoy the channel called gameplays by clonehead. They haven’t uploaded in a while, but they play commander and implement other rules.

KidsJavo2088 says:

Hi guys, I have a question that mmmm it doesn’t have anything to do with your video, hahaha but since you bring the Karmic Guide combo to the video, I wanted to take advantage to it and ask you something about the Guide rules that I really don’t find an answer that clarify to me this: I was playing normally with my friends and play the Karmic Guide, then, the Guide survive to my next turn, and I didn’t pay the echo cost, so I let it go to the graveyard, but then a new player of our playgroup said to me: “you can’t do that, read carefully the echo cost, it says “At the beginning of your upkeep, if this came under your control since the beginning of your last upkeep…”, so you play your Karmic Guide in your second main phase, not in your upkeep, so you have one more turn with your Guide onto the battlefield, then if you still have it in your next turn, since you have it since “the beginning of your last upkeep”, you have to pay the echo cost or let it go to the graveyard.
This was really confusing to me, because, I saw a lot of people on YouTube for instance, letting go the Karmic Guide the next upkeep, not waiting for the arrival of their next upkeep like my friend told me, so can you help me? Did he make me misread or misunderstood the rule of echo? or a lot of people on YouTube, and in my shop store have had make this mistake?

Dr Magic says:

Brainstorm Brewery

Cm3 says:

Why don’t u guys sell a bunch of merchandise?

Alangray says:

I meant series

machoromantic says:

Legenvd —> Only Modern and Standard and Draft

0Falconpunch0 says:

I miss the part where you talk about sth. not magic related at the end of the episode.

Ignacio Gallarati says:

The cards with the Ultimate Masters Set logo should be Banned *by the users* from all formats.
That would teach them no to be so blatantly disrespectful to their costumers.

IvYeKs says:

Can anybody see the rabbit in the Ravnica Tower behind them? lol.

Drake Ramsey says:

I see a YouTuber by the name of Voidmage Gamer that doesn’t get a lot of attention and he puts up content alot.

deceps says:

The bending over backwards to not criticize wotc. Also framing criticism as punditry but your opinions as what, Josh?

Austin Tanner says:

I don’t like the argument of, this set is amazing because the last two were underwhelming. THEN DON’T MAKE THE LAST MASTERS SETS UNDERWHELMING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! This set doesn’t excuse Iconic or M25 for being bad, the fact that this set even exists and is being released when it is makes it a blatant cash grab. I agree with Saffronolive (seth) that you’ll probably get your money back, but if I’m just flipping it then why even bother buying the box? It should’ve been affordable in the first place. And to his “get your money back” argument, remember imperial recruiter? It was only $200 because it was never reprinted, now it’s like $25. Point being, these cards won’t hold their current value so I wouldn’t expect my money back.

datfox says:

The community way overreacted to this lol. Looking forward to this set even if I can only pick up a couple packs. And lava spike reprint!!! Finally!!!!!!! Awesome

Alex Quigley says:

I have never gone crazy with pattern of rebirth, but i am known to throw the pattern on a sac’ura tribe elder

TTopaz says:

I recently had been watching The Card Bazaar. They’ve got a big timeline of MTG Lore as well as history of different sets from the very beginning of Magic.

Craig Stone says:

Lewis and Ben save the world sometimes show arena, and Game Nights (Yogscast) have done several sponsored videos of MTG products

heroclixxx says:

The comments section is for dicks.

Fred Weasley says:

I feel like Deck builders society should get a shoutout here 🙂

Dorian Zaharia says:

I love the spike feeders. They’ve got live commander gameplay, the channel leans competitive but they play a good variety of deck a and make sure to bring out their casual decks every few episodes.

Khan Runander says:

no mox opal.

kingness701 says:

Missed opportunity: No reprint of Shadowborn Apostle.

Nik Heimach says:

Commander Replay, Jolt, and MTG Muddstah are the three best gameplay edh channels on Youtube (besides Game Knights of course)!

kim luyckx says:

i lookedat my lgs for boxes and the prices is 300 euro for 24 packs and single packs goes for 15 euro

Jacob Stank says:

I looked up the first two shout outs, but their videos are just like showing their logo not even showing cards. I think I’ll just keep watching Command Zone and Professor

SuperPlacencio says:

Mtg muddstah

Ian Heinz says:

is DJ interviewing for other podcasts?

Elias Cervantez says:

LOVE you guys for shouting out DEV! SBMTG is my favorite source for standard deck techs. You are very right about just chilling on the couch talking about magic hah

Spear Breaker says:

Since MM17… there has been 4 “Master” sets… how much time is that? 1.5 years? The market is too saturated with “Master sets”

Also… Sure, there is alot of value but at $14 a pack and a somewhat limited run? You say that the card prices are gonna go down but if you look at the trends of the master sets, most times they maybe chip at the price but don’t stay low, thus going back up… How does that help anyone? (Goyf has been reprinted… 4 times.. it’s still close to $100, sure it was at $150+ when it was first reprinted in MM1 but from my understanding… Not alot of people are playing Jund thus needing less Goyfs, thus devaluing goyf..) Even Liliana of the Veil got reprinted, it was at $100 and now it’s at around $80 but once again, it has to do with less people playing Veil and people playing either other Lily’s or just playing decks without her)

If you do the math and just buy the 3-packs from big box store, 24 packs comes out to $280, meaning that they value the “Box topper” at $55 which wouldn’t be an issue with they had just keep the cards at value and not include Stirring wildwood, lavaclaw, E-wit, etc.. They could’ve cut down the list of “Extended art” card and I think most of us would’ve been happy to take a gamble at a $55 promo version of a card but I personally, I can’t justify taking a $55 gamble and getting “Stirring Wild… fucking… woods”. Honestly, part of me might’ve been even okay with the E-Wit but the fact that they added $1 and less cards into the mix… ugh.. why?

I’m literally gonna just buy a couple 3 packs from Target (b/c my gf works there and basically gets a 15% discount) and call it a day. $335 is too much, especially since they’re using the “FTV” foiling process that I think most of us don’t like b/c of the curling issue. Honestly for the $55 gamble I can just have someone do an alter for me

I feel like you’re doing whatever you can to “justify” WotC trying to overcharge for products… but that’s my personal opinion.

and you say that “Someone cracks open a blah blah and that’s another blah blah you can buy/trade for”… that’s like saying “here’s a drop of water… hope that gets rid of your thirst” and I get that they have to be careful to not flood the market b/c it would hurt the LGS (which honestly, sometimes it feels like WotC doesn’t do enough for them.) but selling it for 3 times the price of the original Master set seems… ridiculous, especially since they don’t enforce MSRP. i can already see that the LGS are going to sell it for $13+, the same way that after MM1, the price went from $7 to $10+ after a week…

goodbye says:

There are a lot of people who are on the fence of playing magic but don’t because the game is too expensive. Magic will make reprints because it benefits them, but the way they’re going about it this time has them as part of the problem, not part of the solution. I don’t think this is something that content creators understand, but I feel like it’s something they should care about, because it affects them too.

alex hurst says:

Spellslingers With Day9 is great, shows how to play magic with newer players or veteran players. Lots of laughs and close calls. The channel is Geeks and Sundry. Great groupe of people.

Max Montagnoli says:

I would respect you guys more if you only stick to discuss the good reprints for CMD.
That’s ok, that is what everyone expects. Defending what wizards did with this master.. defending they pursue for “gold” over the quality of the cards and the sets.. please, just don’t.

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