Unstable Cards in Commander| The Command Zone #188 | Magic: the Gathering Commander/EDH Podcast

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Show Notes:
The newest silver-bordered set, Unstable, is about to be released! But the cards are not officially legal in EDH! Jimmy and Josh discuss which of the new stuff seems ok to play in Commander and which should be kept out of the format.


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Mark Mason says:

I put water balloon game into my storm deck.

Bruno Nonohay says:

Man, I’m so bummed I just found out about you guys now, I’m watching your old videos, love you guys already, but specially Jimmy! XD Plz, keep up with so much fun!!!

Jon Calvert says:

With everythingamajig, can you use it for exp counters like Mizzix?

TheIrregularGame says:

Hey guys, don’t you feel this is just a cash grab to sell unstable and push a set that people don’t really care about long term?

Paul van Dorst says:

What about dr Julius Jumblemorph? Seems to me like the perfect voltron commander in years…

xXDropKickThePunksXx says:

Im looking for the Wayne England Ultra Pro gear – Cant find, need some help!

Jared Gunter says:

dat background doe…

What's My Gear says:

Selling FOIL Urza, Academy Headmaster as of this post on Ebay, see listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/182950030404

Carter Dickson says:

WAIT… Freddiew is your brother WHAT… WHAT?!?!

Theorak says:

Here is The Big Idea for Krenko, make Brainiacs also Goblins. There must be a card to do that.

Also Split Screen is to crazy, Mechanize Production that.

Winston Ingalls says:

Could you please talk about a Shattergang Brothers deck

Spiffinn says:

Rules lawyer is fine. It dies to any removal card (as it doesn’t apply to itself).

jeremy debraccio says:

Earl of Squirrel breaks Trostani

Nicholas Rousseau says:

Oddly uneven paired with void winnower

ZombieLover4 says:

so the next game night is going to be unstable commander right?!

EvilToastersauras says:

enchant library

ZombieLover4 says:

also i imagined urza would be randomized so when you click the +1 ability it’ll cycle through every + ability on every planeswalker and you get one at random, the -1 cycles through and gives you a random minus ability from the middle abilities and then the -6 would cycle through every planeswalkers ultimates and give you one at random which would be so insane and fun!!

Shadowwolf Productions says:

Spike isn’t bad, because rule 13 is a thing

Matt Goodrum says:

funny thing is infinity is a concept not a number

Sub Zero says:

Three-Headed Goblin

plus2happiness says:

There are way more oppressive stax cards than The Grand Calcutron that are legal in commander

Sinetic8 says:

I’m wondering why Wotc don’t make a special Holiday bundle for Unstable, I would love it as a Christmas gift.

Carolyn Fox says:

The sword protects against Ayli Exile effect.

Kabil M says:

I remember that you were saying something about the 200th episode and ideas. It would be cool to see something like the 100th, with a live Commander build. Maybe do a live Game Knights/EDH episode, with the deck. Just saying.

Super Tattoo bald spot says:

You guys should do a draft

TheBlueEspeon says:

Hmmm… Is that box in the front there a booster box, or fat pack, because I’m hoping it’s a fat pack.

Justin Lacy says:

Mistake around the 20-minute mark when you discuss host/augment: Augment is an activated ability that is activated from the hand (similar to cycling), not an alternate casting cost. That’s relevant because you can’t counter it with normal counterspells not named Disallow.

The High-Way says:

Pay Call the Pack and break out a Legions booster, which was an all creature set.

Rogue Fire says:

You can refer to loyalty counters because of one of the Ajani’s adds a loyalty counter to each other planeswalker you control

Caleb White says:

About By Gnome Means’s interaction with Planeswalkers and loyalty counters, there are cards like Ajani Unyielding and Oath of Gideon that explicitly refer to loyalty counters in their rules text.

Ryan Schiff says:

1 – I want to put Clocknapper in Roon.
2 – If you put X in a Jhoira player’s hand and she uses Jhoira to suspend him, do you get a chance to move him back to the command zone when he gets exiled?

deedles says:

easy. no separate banlist. no banlist. just a separate format. unstable commander. un-commander. whatever.

Mitchell Jones says:

isn’t split screen almost like sylvan library and that is legal in commander

Daniel Brooks says:

Ol’ Buzzbark with an infinite Mana combo…

Kenahdrum says:

how do you guys feel about very cryptic command have 5 different varieties?

The Mana Curve says:

I think that, even if Unstable was legal, there would be cards that weren’t initially banned that make their way to the ban list such as Spike, Tournament Grinder; she is borderline broken with the ease of casting, ease of being able to tutor a card banned in EDH potentially on TURN ONE thanks to Phyrexian mana. With that said, I do like the idea of legalizing Unstable but with so many of the cards being wacky and so game changing with their rule-breaking tendancies, I doubt any of the Unsets will ever be legalized, unfortunately.

Yellow Cab Records says:

Does anyone have a direct link for the Very Cryptic Command sketch playmats? I need like 20

Servbot 40 says:

so spike combo turn 1 kill is 3 LED, and enough second sun rises to have mana to cast demonic tutor for exanguenate in deck….. seems fain

Jean-Christophe Guay says:

Technically, Spike is really, really, really good, but, realistically, not that much. I mean, yeah sure putting a Time Walk or a Black Lotus in you hand on turn one is pretty crazy, but, seriously, seeing the price of such cards, I can hardly see anyone being able to fetch them for free on turn one. Well, except if other play groups are on a crazy high budget and mine is just meh, in which case I guess it is pretty strong.

Anna Henshall says:

This is why millennials shouldn’t play mtg. They feel so self-entitled to every reserve list card. Well back in my day, I worked 50 hours a week and saved up to buy my pieces of power which is how I created my first extended deck. I’m embarrassed to see that I’m part of this same community of freeloading lazy kids who can’t even be arsed to work for their cards.

Deeplight32 says:

With Baron Von Count. What if you put Goblin Tutor on an isochron scepter? Every turn, the scepter would cover all 5 numbers and possibly tutor something.

anxiety disorder says:

Totally was the first deck on MTGGoldFish for Grusilda not the best but, fun https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/829699#paper if you want to see.

Turbo Flea says:

I’d say that Split Screen is ok, every tutor effect I can think of search and shuffle as part of resolving the same ability (single paragraph on the card), it would follow that the entire effect applies to the chosen library.

Also I think Calculation and Split Screen would make great Planechase plane effects lol.

Maxwell Bradney says:

The allowed silver border cards should be called The UNbanned List.

Frank Goodwin says:

My only comment is that you people ruin the game by doing spoilers and owning product of a set that is not even released yet

Keovar says:

Aww… you missed it, guys, but clearly there would need to be an Un-banned list. 😛

And to everyone complaining: This isn’t a DCI event, it’s a casual format. When playing at your house, house rules rule, and even when playing at a local store, the playgroup at the table outranks the Commander Rules Committee. If you’re treating a casual format like a worldwide sanctioned tournament, you’re the one doing it ‘wrong’. They’re your toys, play with them as you like. The only real rule is to have fun without hurting anyone (and that’s a civil society rule, so you’ll find it in lawbooks, not a game rulebook).

max hoogendijk says:

Other card’s that refer to cards outside the game (like the wishes) officially don’t work in commander because the cards your grabbing have to be in your sideboard. so i would say Spike just doesn’t work anyway. Also, how is more or less any better then something like Power Artifact or High Tide in any of the described scenarios? card just seems very situational, definitely not overpowered.

Chris Thorn says:

So split screen doesn’t say what happens with the top card on the decks you didn’t draw from

Thomas van Berendonk says:

Ol’Buzzbark could get outright dangerous if you factor in metal dice.

Level up dice sells tungsten dice; those could go right though some tables with enough height.

Dirk De Vos says:

Infinity minus infinity is not infinity nor is it zero, it is not difined, this means, it can be any number. If you were to give the golem double strike and hit someone that has infinity life, he could have minus infinity life or infinite or anathing in-between. Math has infinity in it but cannot work with infinity in equations.

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