Walmart Stealing – Magic the Gathering Cards – Going to Jail

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heliaxx says:

Why no one tried to sue Magic for been gambling? I almost sure you can prove from everything they did with printing that they are selling gamble.

Chase Hatchett says:

Cardboard Crack.

Robert Martin says:

This article about this guy makes me sad to think about what this game does to people

Jaybee says:

Lol, that’s 405 cards!

Jebust Christ says:

I know tons of people who usta do this. But none dumb enough to actually open them in the store…… you just kind of grow up.

Grave Robber says:

Honestly, I’m a guy who handles the theft at a Wal-Mart, stealing this amount isn’t crazy. It happens often.

TheAnanaki says:

Why steal them when you can put the UPC from a blister on a Fatpack and go thru the self checkout like a normal customer? I love Darwinism in action.

Cody Watson says:

I feel morally wrong whenever I leave a Wal-Mart without Something I got @the five-finger discount- I believe it is our MORAL DUTY to Steal from Wal-Mart. Also, guess what? Single dads exist too and its just as hard for a guy to raise a child alone as it is for a girl.

Cees Timmerman says:

A Rivals of Ixalan Bundle (formerly known as “Fat Pack”, which was deemed offensive) contains:

10 Rivals of Ixalan Booster Packs,
1 Card Box (fits sleeved cards),
1 Player’s Guide with complete visual encyclopedia for Rivals of Ixalan,
80 Basic Land Cards,
1 Magic Learn to Play Guide,
1 Spindown life counter.

They’ve also removed the inner cardboard that used to damage the outer two cards sometimes, and added a separating tray.

MTG: Fatal Push says:

Stealing from Walmart is ethical right because Walmart basically stealing money by ripping people off

DesolatorMagic says:

Oh look, he’s from Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is my surprised face.

Dragon Ygofan says:

Idk why people are actually giving my posts thumbs up, I mean I’m literally calling them pedophilia loving feminist nazi’s who support child rape to their faces and yet they still agree with me, maybe the community actually does support child rape? Because that’s the only reason I could see anyone justifying buying cards from wizards.

Dragon Ygofan says:

is magic dead yet? no? the inhuman community is still buying cards and being idiots by supporting the company they have so many issues with like card quality and pedophiles and facebook meme bans? o k, good to know wizards gets to get away with everything

Christian Traverse says:

… why do people suck so much?

sloth9669 says:

They keep the cards at the front of th store for a reason. Extra cameras!

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