WHAT?! 5 Unstable Masterpieces – Magic the Gathering Cards

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Kotadis says:

They could’ve been good on price if they left it at the foil land rarity. If they were like 10-12$ a piece, more people would be interested in them and they would sell more often. Making them a masterpiece level of rarity drives up the price and in turn, the people that would’ve wanted them actually don’t anymore and they become this premium thing. The problem is that these are basic lands and many players competitive enough to spend 70$ for something MTG related, probably play modern or older, and thus have little to no basic lands in their deck anyway.

My point is: there is going to be little to no demand for these lands just because they are at the masterpiece level.

Rafael Castro says:

Or don’t buy foils. It’s a premium card that is not required to play

Plaguelord40K1 says:

Its foil basics, you don’t need them to play the game… it’s a luxury product, you don’t need foil full art basics to survive. So it’s not abuse by wotc… you’re acting like you’re entitled to their rare foil lands…

James Forinash says:

If they make foil basic lands mythic foil status… why are idiots going to buy more packs? Oh right… they are idiots. Like Masterpieces did, this should lower the price you can buy a booster box at. In other words, great for players and drafters, bad for people who need foils for some reason. Hint to foil players… buy singles, not booster boxes.

Christopher Wismann says:

Well, I know I’m not the only one here, but I am DEFINITELY not going to buy this now. I was tempted to buy a box, but this is just horse shit. Fuck WOTC!!!

Trips Ahoy says:

Wow. Not cool.

pokemon2poker says:

I’m just going to draft and hope for the best.

Mike Wattson says:

Lion you know as well as i do the mtg player is just another source for Hasbro’s quarterly profits. Once the share holders seen that huge spike in sales when the first masterpieces were released. Wizards has been under a ton of pressure to keep those same sales numbers coming in. Forcing garbage products down our throats making cards that are not and should not be expensive into masterpieces for simply driving their sales numbers.

Ottawa3453 says:

Wow bad idea – Hasbro is losing more goodwill in the community the more stunts like this they pull.

TheKrismage2000 says:

Alright, WotC scam once again.

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