What If Yu-Gi-Oh! Had Magic: The Gathering Cards?

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Magic: The Gathering has some incredibly powerful cards. But what if those MTG cards were playable in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game? How crazy would some of these effects become? Let’s find out!

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Kevin Chen says:

One With Nothing:
Discard your hand

chupathingiy says:

Its a good thing game has resources and summoning sickness so you can’t just attack turn 2 and win. :3

VeckEx says:

so as an avid magic player i can say that i love watching your reaction to meh cards and super broken cards

Alexis The Transgender Duelist says:

I’ll save you 12 minutes they’d mostly be all banned or things like exodia, ftk decks be banned and the game be 1000x faster then full power dragon rulers + zooadiacs combined

Evagale Mourningtide says:

If you think the new emrakul is busted you should have seen the old one, that one lets you take an extra turn whenever you cast it and it has protection from basically everything and whenever it attacks your opponent is forced to sacrifice 6 permanents they control before choosing how to block. oh and both are legal for play.

Harrison muse says:

I loved this video and Magic, you should start playing magic its soo funn

guilherme freitas says:

Hah, try it with pokemon “Draw till you have 7 cards in your hand”

Panda Bear says:

6:14 imagine this in an Exodia deck.

PLAYto Productions says:

I am a simple man. I see ancestral recall in the thumbnail, i click.

Rin Dunois says:

Sylvan Library :^)
(not part of the Sylvan archetype)

Toadally Epic96 says:

Magic has about 10 years ahead of Yugioh. Considering the ever looming power creep. We’ll get cards this broken someday. And then some even more broken after that

pieman1019 says:

Imagine Tunnel Vision in a grass deck…
Name a card, mill your deck until you hit that card. Add it to your hand. If you don’t hit it just shuffle everything you milled back into your deck.

Tío Megaman X says:

If you are interested in how to implement Magic the Gathering stuff into YGO or the opposite hit me up, we did it long ago among friends.

FlygonFriend76 says:

Do some Pokemon cards next!

rjtheripper931 says:

The mana system is magic keeps things in check and set rotation unlike some other card games out there. Power creep is a bitch.

Spicy Soul says:

Magic has brutal lockdowns. There is an infinite turn lock with Breya,The Ethetium Shaper.

LifeOfParc says:

Im both a magic player and a yugioh player, if you wanna see some crazy creatures from magic check these three out: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn; Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and since you liked the draw effects so much look up Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur (in the lore I believe he created the Gitaxian Probe, the look at your opponents hand then draw a card).
Lastly look up Time Vault and Voltaic Key (its combo that lets you take infinite turns). Also, loved the vid… and would love to see more of these

Josh Dracoian says:

I’ve played Magic The Gathering and quite a number of the cards(and I do mean a lot) are broken. And I can’t think of any. Also, I’m playing yugioh again and I stopped playing Magic The Gathering.

Julio Torres says:

I care about finding Yu-Gi-Oh! escalates the (spell) effects to monster’s effect that activate upon summon. However to be better I would like the effects of such theoretical Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster cards to be “you can add to the hand, or you can activate from deck , the corresponding card.” I mean a sort of “magician of faith” that would add to hand “Raigeki” instead of the theorical monster effect being the same as “Rageki”. The same for the other theoretical Yu-Gi-Oh monster equivalency of Magic The Gathering cards. This way we keep away from copying any other game; we could still either draw the actual “Raigeki” yet theoretically we could draw the monster avle to use the search effect upon summon. Mr.Cimooo interesting video. -J.T

Krvys says:

Kinda want you to look at cards with the storm mechanic, but I think I will narrow it down to 1 card


Cory Visser says:

well time walk and ancestral recall are both power nine. so yes in almost every format they are banned. some of the cards like dig through time, bloodbraid elf, ponder, probe and emrakul were or are banned in formats where they are played. a lot of the cards you mentioned are good for side boards against decks. but I would say look into kozilek(both cards) ulamog(also both cards) and the other emrakul. also cards with “storm” like grape shot, keeping in mind you start with 20 life. Also sensei’s divining top.

iBenjamin1000 says:

Yu-Gi-Oh! How Good is Brushwagg?

Gooey Bowser says:

I have a sudden and “random” urge to play magic.

James Shepherd says:

Me and my friend did a thing once. We took the strength and toughness of mtg creatures and just multiplied them by 100, put ourselves at 2000 lp, and used instants as quick plays and sorcerys as regular spells. It was fun, actually. XD

Tomefaire says:

I would love to see more videos like this. It’s interesting to see the difference between card game effects.

Atticus M. says:

Sweet video, would love to see more, especially wikth a bit more analysis than “Holy shit this would be broken” x20

TPS Platinum says:

Funny thing is, Emrakul isn’t the only card in MTG that allows you to take your opponent’s turn.

That_Guy_Gaming says:

I would love to see more of this.

Shigazane says:

rofl Cimo we said the same shit when Emrakul, the Promised End was originally revealed. We were all “Well that is broken for standard…” Got even worse when we had https://shop.tcgplayer.com/magic/kaladesh/aetherworks-marvel?xid=i97c12396f9804d7b9e1d748c14751279 to fish it out turn 4. Needless to say… it get hit with the ban list lol

The Anime/Game Man says:


Prophetless772 says:

Dark Confidant looks like Cimoooooooo without the beard lol

Spicy Soul says:

The reason why magic crazy draw power is the game has different tempo. Gitexian probe is a fucking nightmare.

Hand destruction cards don’t effect the game as bad as it would yugioh, you probably havent seen Jin-Gitaxis,its fucking crazy. It lets you draw 7 and opponents hand size becomed 0.

Srlqulongtard says:

I loved this. I hope you do this again sometime in the future

Tyler Johnson says:

For anyone this might help, 1 health in Magic is roughly equal to 400 life points in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Dancing Gyrados says:

Lets not talk about pokemon

IgnisFlare says:

Fair and balanced gameplay

Okami says:

I want more of these, because I think MTG has some fun cards that would be interesting in Yugi.

But look for Chaos orb and you’ll see weirdness all over the place

Darth Vader says:

Yep. Emrakul is legal. Got destroyed by it

Johnson Doan says:

WOW! My friends and I were JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS and then you post a video about it! haha We were simply saying does anyone who plays yugioh know how BROKEN the game would be with MTG cards?? And yes, most cards in MTG are not once per turn. You just have to be able to pay cost (lands, creature sacrifices…) wow thank you thank you for even entertaining us with this topic! lol

PLAYto Productions says:

For concecrated sphinx the ability is not per instance, but per card. You have sphinx. I play demise. I draw 3 and have to discard at eot, you draw 6 and you just keep it. The issue with sphinx is that it is WAAAY to slow for most formats, so you dont play it. Instead you play dark confidant (aka bob) on turn 2.

Francie says:

When will you be analyzing bakugan cards in yugioh
Or better yet
Baseball cards in yugioh

Seth Boykin says:

I’m sad Emrakul, Aeons Torn wasn’t on here. Spell Speed 4 summon, take an extra turn after the turn you summon it, has flying AND protection from colored spells, and when it attacks a player, that player has to sacrifice 6 permanents. Did I mention it was a 15/15?

XxReKt0HeKt0XX says:

Cimo emrakul is banned only in standard format. The reason that card exists is because you can have multiple players play in a game of magic. But yeah fucking broken lmao

I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

Great Job! Now do pokemon (be ready for draw power)

Cory N says:

Last time I heard effects this broken yuginono was opening fake cards.

pieman1019 says:

You have to look at mana cost though, that’s why these cards can be that broken granted most of these were a 1 drop

rjtheripper931 says:

Try playing a lotus and a tutor.

Corey Hollandsworth says:

They wouldn’t look as cool

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