When Counterfeiting / Re-backing Magic The Gathering cards goes wrong

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Robert Carter says:

The CE edition cards are 93/94 tournament legal, so people are willing to pay 400 for P9 to compete now that Unlimited P9 are reaching 2k

juan garcia says:

Your face is re backed and counterfeit

Bär Honigfeld says:

As someone who was around when the Collectors Edition hit the market it is suprising they are even worth anything nowadays. They were literally treated like trash back in the time, at least where I was from. They were considered absolutely worthless and people who bought them got laughed at.

Rubi Gonzalez says:

Rudy is the guy who buys a 10k black lotus and then eat .99 cent tacos the next day and make a YouTube video

Pdaf E says:

If they have no value you wouldn’t mind sending me one

SnowCoveredPlainswalker says:

Which is rarer? CE or IE?

Grisselbrand The Great says:

If the Recalls have no value perhaps sign them and give them away?

Geert Lucassen says:

Gold ink is very sensitive. They should have put or put better laque or varnish on the cards.. im not sure they do, but those cards need more protection unsleeved

Michael Cerda says:

sell me the no value cards

Naz Smith says:

I do know that Collector’s Edition cards are playable in Canadian Highlander. But this really should only affect highly playable cards, not your Sedge Troll

Korigan cards & coins says:

Will the magic cards be worthless like baseball cards from 90s ?

Vincenzo No says:


BauerTV says:

Hey Rudy! I’m a long time fan of the channel. I have been subscribed to you for almost a year on my alternate account. I started doing pack openings and I can never seem to get the lighting right and the camera to focus properly so I haven’t uploaded them yet. I know you have a lot going on but if you could lend me some tips or tricks I would really appreciate it! Even a photo of the setup you use while unboxing packs would go a long way.

May you always have the floppiest of tacos,

ZeffiZeffiZephy says:

So when will you talk about Final Fantasy TCG again. Please do. I’m starting to buy some Opus 1 pieces and bought a BGS 10 Cloud.

Horse says:

Im waiting for your BattleBond reaction Rudy. Make it super creepy

Trainer Tre says:

Rudy, The Gatherer.

kizrkyle says:

rudy! rudy! did u get the message i sent you about the cards?

bikramddog says:

rudy forget about investing in cardboard the real alpha investments are in cryptocurrency wayyyyy more money to be made there don’t be ignorant and take a close look at the crypto market you’ll thank me later

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

There is no question chaos orb is driven by old-school play. It’s the single most important non-powernine card.

blainethemono19 says:

Bought an Alpha Underground Sea from Rudy, turned out it was a rebacked Storm Crow.

Teen Shinobu Is best Waifu says:

I reckon wizards should print “official proxys” of the reserved list cards for legacy, vintage, and EDH. That way the scumbags can keep investing, mere mortals like us can get into the eternal formats and wizards gets a new revenue stream.

Chris Kimbrel says:

I had the same experience back in the early nineties. I picked up a few CE cards that had cut corners that came with an unlimited time vault that looked like they accidentally hit it with a sharpie when they were coloring other cards.

Jay Franky says:

I just finished talking to someobe who knew rudy in thed mid 2000’s he is being “car salesman” at all times during these videos. He also told me Rudy would take adderall/ritalin to study asnd maje fun of stoners.

Archer Cochran says:

Hey Rudy I am trying to make a cube but I don’t have the money to do so because I am just 15. I want to make the cube powerful and filled with high powered cards but there is no way I could, what do you think is the best call to do

Triperipe Ranger says:

Something no one really talks about is that there are no commons/rares in the collectors/international edition cards. Even though they represent those rarities there is still only 5k/10k cards of each one in the set. Basically the same rarity

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

The reason the price has been going up is due to 93/94 Old-school. When people play with EC rules, they allow the CE cards

BFMDL says:

Thanks for the video, that bar a corner from the valet de coeur was «  le dog ».

Ayden L says:

welcome back everybody… … … … … … …

… … …


fsmoura says:

10:40 Rudy!! RESPECC WAHMEN!!

Pop Fun To Play says:

I think the same thing of value is creeping into many markets. I see Comic Books that use to sell for very little now selling for crazy prices. Pokemon cards are through the roof. I even see Beanie Babies selling for more money lately.

EL JOTT says:

Do you hear Yahenni’s expertise
Laurel’s expertise?

tehjamez says:

Blue font color…

Cryptocurrency Tech says:

I think there are a lot of old players coming back to Magic. I was into it in 4th and exited in Alliances. I came back about a year ago and I’m after the cards I used to play with

Joel Turner says:

Do you think they just trying to sell to the counterfeiters, and thats why the price is so high?

Pirate Lute says:

You can tell this guy was masturbating while typing all that out

fsmoura says:

Rudy! The FOMO is real! Revised is spiking, even collector’s edition is spiking! I for one ain’t gonna be the one left behind! I’m getting out of equities ASAP!

thedankmagician095 says:

giggity lol.

Ben Graham says:


AvAforevr says:

Old School is one of the reason all the ABU cards are going up and same with collectors edition because they can use them in that format.

Max Pheby says:

Why are the collectors edition cards worthless again?

Makeshift Monk says:

Ancestral recalls for 0, Rudy Rudy Rudy I will take those off your hands if I must lolol if it helps you out ol buddy!!! :::=^)

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