Why Bad Card Stock in Magic the Gathering

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Shut In City says:

Was just looking through my rares again from the RIX prerelease. One particular card was so flimsy it basically felt like paper. Crazy.

froggy0025 says:

There is a solution: do not buy new MtG products, as long as the paper quality is crap.

zero_consequences says:

The printing industry isn’t a monopoly. Wizards can go to another printer and if their current printer is not holding up to the quality of past Magic cards they’re outside their contract and can be fired. If they’re not fraudulent in their contract its because Wizards has contracted shitty card quality and by doing so is being fraudulent to its own customers. Because of the Reserve List, Magic is branded as a Collector’s card game and this new printing style diminishes card value, which diminishes shareholder value in Hasbro which is where fraud comes in.

R L says:

Hmmm… I want ice cream now.

Redcoat says:

What’s absurd is that Hasbro/WOTC would make so much more money if they, like other successful businesses, focused on quality product and great customer service.

That’s business 101!

Continuing this way, with poor quality stock and prints, the current player base will erode and potential new players are more likely to invest in games of better quality (the new DBZ super cards are an example of great quality product at about the same price as MTG).

Catface says:

I love that the poster had to put a disclaimer about rule violation or offending anyone. What a faggy safe space website. God forbid you hurt someone’s fee fees or speak outside their think box.

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