Why Cant Magic: The Gathering Cards Be Sold Individually Instead Of In Booster Packs?

Today we examine why it would not be possible for wizards of the coast to switch from selling booster boxes to selling individual magic cards


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skaven969 says:

I would rather have a preconstructed duel deck and a set box with all the cards for sale instead.

GoodOldNO_NAME says:


chidori says:

maybe transition to a living card game model

Johnny awesome says:

No drafts then

JEFF LYN says:

But then I’ll have to buy Assassins Trophy for $25. I bought a $4 pack got a $25 card plus 14 other cards. I’m a booster fan though. I think wizards needs to balance the game; take away the meta. That’s another fix that’s been mentioned before over the years. Or just make all decks and cards broken so everyone is meta. Then still sell boosters because all cards would be good to play then.

The artist formally know as Pink Peacock says:

The lgs would die then where do we play? This would as be a night mare for us Edh players singles would skyrocket in price, if draft standard get affected by this that would just devolve

Tristan Eason says:

Nice to see you watch rystic study’s vids, he’s awesome.

Zack Mikula says:

There is no feeling quite like cracking a pack.

Devin Cain says:

This is the problem without a
Secondary market. It’s a scam to avoid lottery laws!!

Albert Kaltenbach says:

I agree with this totally

DJ Sniperwolf says:

Wizards have been acknowledging the secondary market for a good bit of time now. Though they won’t openly admit it, from the vault was clearly targeting the singles market. You were guaranteed the exact same cards in every box. They were moderately successful, but not enough to keep them coming.

xylophone says:

Desolator always says that Wizards avoids selling specific single cards, in particular FTV, because selling things like FTV means implicitly acknowledging the fact that some cards are more desirable than others, which might make them subject to gambling laws, and they want to prevent that. Is that true?

BlindJustice14 says:

The magic of opening a pack and nit knowing what rare you will get is priceless

Purmp McFlurtin says:

It’s certainly apropos, in terms of brain chemistry, to call a good pull a “hit”.

Eric Ortega says:

Great topic. As a new player I wonder if MtG is really a TCG. In some sense it is a TCG due to the booster pack model, but the real meta of the game is to craft decks using the best cards in terms of mechanics.

tre3295 says:

The only way I could see them selling singles is if they bought and sold in the secondary market

AlexxxPerales says:

You only talk about one or the other. Wht not both? Packs for the sealed and draft players, prerealese, and gamblers/thrill seekers. AND sell singles for the constructed deck builders, competivle price, printed to demand all through that cards standard life.. Seems to me that’s more income for wizards. Only losers would be big online stores

Memnarch Planeswalker says:

I dont wonder that at all lol

Thomas Sidebottom says:

I’m one of those people that will hunt for an uncommon out of packs. Never enough Electrostatic Fields… never enough…

Ben Gill says:

I also feel the art and flavor is an ok tradeoff with the risk and reward. But now that there are many more lgs and internet buisness it works we can pick and still get out crack pack fix.

The Magic Historian says:

I’ll Be Streaming On My Second Channnel Today – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWt8qGIFRxAgvBEDiYY2_Fg

jeremy jones says:

That’s why I throw all but my rares in recycling

Sephvion says:

Power creep you say? So, let’s go back to Urza period. I’d like that. I’d love to see everything be set on fire.

Chad Enns says:

I DO! cuz crackin’ paks is special fun!

Mark Wagstaff says:

Not only that the prices would skyrocket on those single cards if they went away with booster boxes

Kirk Stevens says:

Well let’s see… When I was 14 at Beta release in my town, all that was available was packs lol 75 card or 15 card. From the beginning packs always existed and should, especially for draft. We drafted Beta packs once then, it was called Arena or Magic Arena. I was one of 14 or 16 kids that day and they ran out of all Magic packs before we left, my bf and I. Nowadays they have to double tap and generate constant revenue, therefore they have to reprint. Drafting needs functional reprints of certain effects. Reprinting allows them to sell more cards overall. And, and lol that’s how the game has always been, since I remember

MTGDog says:

No, packs are needed to sell the game. Sure, if cards were sold individually it would appease competitive players, but that’s a minority of MTG fans. Most are casuals who enjoy the thrill of cracking packs.

Kyle Olson says:

You’re right about most cards being trash, but your estimate on standard is off. Just counting the top 3 decks the meta, there are 65 different cards being played.

Ben Gill says:

The game never would have had the effect it had on us all without packs.

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