Why I Chose To Leave – A Magic: The Gathering Memory

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The word change has always been an important part of my life, from when I first read the novel Parable of the Sower in high school and Octavia Butler’s words rung in my mind as though a bell were struck: “All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change. God is change.”

At age 18 I boarded the greyhound bus from smokey hellhole that was my life, born and raised, in Los Angeles and traveled to Northern California to attend community college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that i wanted to do it far from LA. From there I transferred to San Francisco State University, and from there to Graduate School at the University of Arizona, and from there to teach English as a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China where lived, with some transience to Wuhan and Nanjing for a total of 2 years before I had a longing to return home.

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Destruction_one8 says:

this are the best videos !! love it

Luke Runkle says:

I got scared that he was going to close the doors of the college…i got very very concerned. I’m very relieved to know the channel and the professor aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

KaiserSchuldig says:

Honestly I don’t get why people want to live in San Francisco. It’s so insanely expensive and has a massive homeless population. For such a progressive city, nowhere is the gap between rich and poor so markedly pronounced. Also it’s extremely crowded and Taco Bell prices are nuts. Oregon rules!

Giuseppe Cappadona says:

We love you prof❤️



Rainbow Sprankles says:

Came from clickbait title…stayed for the 14 minutes of self congratulation

PoolBoy says:

Now imagine the money you’d be saving if you weren’t in such a dump called Seattle, WA

William Correll says:

“That was a motivator too…” I laughed to hard.
Ps: Good on you.

Joe Ruark says:

I think you know that your title is one “o” away from being click bait Prof. You’re better than that

Julio Samaniego says:

Wise words Prof! Great to hear you’re in this for the long term. You and your talented team are doing a fantastic job.

nic johnson says:

Hey, just wondering, I’m a new player to this fun game, I’ve built what I think is a nice deck but I don’t Think it flows nice, is there a video on mana colour and which one is best for which play style, and if there isn’t a video, I would enjoy if you made it. Thanks for all the amazing lessons professor!

Ortwin vom Schildberg says:

Where do you get this awesome chair

Washington Warrior says:

You live in Oregon ???????

enor D says:

The beautiful and amazing thing about prof is that you can literally hear the excitement, inspiration, and passion in his voice and it very clearly shows in the quality of his videos. He constantly tries to push his content further and make his channel better In every aspect. For that he is one of the greatest content creators out there

Mikaël Xystra Montminy says:

Wow this is soooo like taoism the quotes at the beginning!!!

vandrew82 says:

I just started playing magic with the release of GRN. I can not tell you how valuable your work has been to me in all things magic.

It may sound odd, but your videos actually provided me with a sense of comfort when trying to wrap my head around getting into magic.

Keep up the amazing work!

Steve Vela says:

Love you Professor hope you have a great life in your new home!

demlet says:

Is it weird that I don’t play Magic that much and I still love these videos? A testament to the quality and content.

mattia boccardi says:

Wow… No words… ❤️Ty for this lesson

Joe says:

Great. Another Californian in Oregon, just what we needed: someone else that doesn’t know how to drive in the rain. Nice choice of location though. It’s a beautiful state.

maff1989 says:

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anthony matney says:

I was worried when I first read the title of this video. I love your channel. In the end though it gave me nothing but inspiration. I to have delt with a lot of change. My life is currently changing quite a bit as well. Coincidentally I am also moving to Oregon.

Commander Mike says:

I really look up to you. I have great plans and dreams centered around Magic and my English degree. You are a person that I sincerely relate to. Thank you for all of your work and progress.

James Chapman says:

Was really worried the cryptic title sounded like you might be retiring. Glad you’re keeping it up, Prof

Demonic Soup Can says:

yeah but where in oregon?

Adam Studer says:

Welcome to Oregon Prof!

Jeff Taargus says:

I’ll give you $0.25 for the box of Homelands, $0.30 for the Fallen Empires.

Psychedelic Bee says:

I have not watched your videos for the better part of the past four years (cause I stopped playing Magic), and let me tell ya, finally coming back and seeing a video titled “Why I Chose To Leave” certainly gave me a scare.

I am pleasantly surprised.

iQuizex says:

We will miss you in San Francisco and at Anime Imports as well. Have a good journey to your new life!

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