Why I Stopped Buying Magic The Gathering Cards

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ZORG says:

In 2017, counterfeiters make higher quality MTG cards than Wizards

Daniel Despres says:

I don’t understand how MTG die hards can defend WOTC anymore. Seriously. At some point you people have to be objective adults.
I started this game when BFZ came out. Prior to this I played nearly every major card game in America. I finally gave MTG a chance because a lot of the older players were hyping this game up so I caved. One of the biggest regrets of my life. WOTC shits on this game. They way they been releasing sets, the card printing quality, the lack of important staples for each color, the way they rotated cards out, the lack of contingency for mana variation, and the imbalance of mechanics/tribes are all a joke.

I asked a bunch of the die hards at my FNM and online and a bunch of them say that the company just started changing shit for the sake of changing shit and that’s when it all went down hill, that prior to all these changes the game was a blast and standard was great.

I know WOTC has been going back on some of those changes but they REALLY need to stop fucking around with their own product and their customer base. It really is stupid. They shouldn’t of changed the card stock. This was down right dumb. I know it was a cost cutting measure but it was too risky to try and well… how much profit are you getting from Ixalan now WOTC? Probably jack shit.

They really REALLY need to change their management. Whoever is in charge of these decisions needs to be given a different job. Not fired… but definitely moved because it’s going to cost them a lot of money if it hasn’t already.

I do think that out of ALL the current card games, MTG has the most potential hands down. At it’s base, MTG is a great game. Especially commander. However, I do not think WOTC currently has the ability to bring out the potential.

jamie stocks says:

Congratulations on your growth! Best of luck and thanks for so many awesome videos!

Jim Apostolakes says:

Fuck magic, ive played since 2000.

Jay Kenley says:

I’m not gonna stop because of card quality, i dont think it’s that bad only the bending Is annoying, but just make sure you put all your good cards in a sleeve. What set did this start happening in??

Jason Niffen says:

Could you git more tiddys on the show thanks

SmilesAreDaggers says:

wish it was fixed before the UN set, I’d love the full art cards to be something that can handle the test of time…

xbubbahotep says:

Been out of magic for maybe 8 years (entire collection got stolen by my best friend at the time) sad to hear the quality has gone down.

pharone1 says:

I agree that the print quality is bad, but that doesn’t stop me from opening packs on my channel. I do it because I enjoy it.

AkuuLikesMagic says:

Jeremy for MTG President, Make MTG Cards Great Again!

Samuel Castro says:

Every new vid is clickbait, you’re breaking my heart you neckbeard

Anthony Garcia says:

i asked you earlier what your glasses were.. i found out what they were and i bought them lol

MurderScenePhoto says:

Was going to make a return to mtg after being away since return to ravnica. Looks like the quality is going down, at the same time the social justice marxist bullshit is ramping up. I think Ill pass.

ThaBusDriver says:

All I hear is blah blah don’t wanna open packs blah blah blah

Talon McCauley says:

ok but you’re a MAGIC THE GATHERING centered channel, you can’t just stop buying magic, that’s not to say your points aren’t valid, but still, it just doesn’t make sense for you to do this. I’ll still support you of course but i just needed to point that out because i do care about the channel

Rob Morris says:

The cardstock issue is a direct result from WOTC switching over to cheaper and crappy cardboard. CEOs and CFOs usually make these decisions to lower quality once brand loyalty has been built to pad their paychecks/bonuses as decisions like this lower a company’s overall total cost of goods by a substantial margin.

Daniel Rudge says:

did a five player single multiplayer game draft this weekend for my birthday.
So much fun.
Merfolk tribal was my pick. and it was just so sweet.
Merfolk won.
vraska+pirates 2nd
red/black newb aggro 3rd
dinos 4th (strongest board presence. dey had to go.)
vampires got fucked super early. 5th.

I really do recommend drafting ixalan.
so much fun.

Ely Molloy says:

What drugs are you on??? your CONSTANTLY rocking you can NEVER sit still you CONSTANTLY sniffle in EVERY EPISODE have you sincerely been sick for a year straight? btw trust me you don’t EVER have to worry about ANYONE worshipping you lol. Clickbait title, whining, sniffling and ” I’m not going to buy booster packs for the game I have a you tube channel for” So? Your channel means very little to the mtg community as a whole, your not the professor or anything.

Mario Joia says:

The cards that I have that are the most affected are LORWYN foils, that were unsleeved, and it’s nearly 1-2 mm each corner
7-10 YEARS and they don’t bend as much as sets from 6 months ago, wth.

“If they do mention it it will be nondescript and non specific.”
They probably did, from one of their “unofficial” PR reps.
Around 2 weeks ago…

BeroOgden says:

I started buying JP boxes starting with ixalan. I fell in love with the quality of their card stock when i bought a couple JP C17 decks. The extra laminate they have also really makes for some pretty foils.

Josh Cranford says:

is this also why your chanel isnt called “MTGheadquarters” any more? i didnt watch the full video idk if you explain that but still

Ph0b0ssss says:

Ok, we all understand the issue. But why the click bait title ?

Avoloch says:

i wouldnt even rape you

nathan white says:

Even TCC is up in their shit about it now, if they don’t make a statement it’s all over for them.

Matthew Tibbs says:

Co-workers asked me why I don’t play/collect MTG anymore, Wizards of the Coast sped up the game and releases are too fast and collecting is worthless in terms of the new releases, re-releases, and re-re-re-releases.

Boshi Yoshi says:

I bought the dinosaur Planeswalker deck just to get a Hautli for my collection. The corner on the Hautli was bent (I really hate the way they package the foil card in those decks) and a few of the cards in the deck had a weird bar across the back of the card that was visible when the light hit it. Looked like clear glue or something, but you couldn’t feel it, could just see it.

Cedrick Lunven says:

Guys did you know that this bending problem is local to US (or at least English cards). I live in France, went to Ixalan AP + bought a whole booster box. FRENCH CARDS DO NOT BEND even foiled I can provide you pictures if you wish. Well invest in FR cards maybe.

Geoffrey Draws Comics says:

Did the company move to a more internet/app based business model or something? Why the decline in quality?

Geoffrey Draws Comics says:

Back in the early 90’s late 80’s when I collected various cards it was more the art I wanted. Has the art suffered in Magic the Gathering?

Andrew Fagence says:

Why don’t u design a set call it new generation magic . First set gamma . Give the people what they want

Shill for Science says:

gross. Invocations. you should keep them in a fire, rather than a hard case.

Daves GoldenDuck says:

What are you going to do now for a hobby?

gdcmember says:

Good God you are ugly. Shave that nasty ass beard. I’m sure it smells like mountain dew, Doritos, and piss.

kurtilein3 says:

I see print quality and paper quality as an issue. I do NOT consider the warping to be a major problem, it is a minor issue because i know how to get them to flatten and to stay flat.

cuntos cunt says:

Best vid eva!!!

David Wilcox says:

you cant say this guy is not a drug addict with the way he sniffs a thousand times in every single video, i have never seen anyone else do this so insanely much.

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