Why Magic the Gathering Card Game Got Political


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Daves GoldenDuck says:

Magic The Gathering is a dying breed

Juan Zarama says:

Gosh man, do you need to talk about your business, about your hard work and how other ( mostly scummy ) people have never worked in their lifes? It’s getting old and boring.

Paul R says:

No one ever consider that magic is an old man’s game? Eventually we leave, but the kids have better things to do, or simply don’t think that the game makes them cool enough.

youngthinker1 says:

At this rate, mtg will die.
Maybe someone else will buy the ip, and try to fix it, and succeed.
Maybe it will make the jump to digital.
However, life for those at Wotc, will wane till they are apart of the homeless in California.

Chesterfield The 3rd says:

Unsleeved is a negative piece of dirt. MTG is supposed to be fun and positive and all he does is make it miserable. Such a waste of a channel.

JRK Coade says:

How many kids are going to stop playing nintendo switch, fortnite, pokemon, etc. etc. for mtg arena ? How many old school vintage/legacy/modern players are going to play standard only on mtg arena ? Looks like they’re going to be in a jam. There’s only so much time in a day, and if you don’t focus on your customers needs they’ll just buy something else they want.

Komrade Klutch says:

Time for Final Fantasy TCG to take stage…. that game is getting really good right now

Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed says:

It reminds me of that old line that by removing two olives from each salad in first class, some low level Delta airlines executive saved the company like $75,000 in the 1980s and saved his job.

PajaKulebrc says:

Yea, lets dump hundreds of dollars into MtG Arena, and then get banned and all of you collection seized for any small transgression against the regressive dogma – who knows what might get you banned – kekistani flag, watching inapproriate content (Sargon, Jordan Peterson etc.), pepe the frog as your profile picture… you take your pick. An entertainment company that plays morality police to their customers is doomed to fail.

Collection Connected says:

Get woke go broke!

MTG LION says:

Who else is collecting Pokemon? Looks like Rudy has a ton….

Jake M says:

Wedge said pride is waste if energy or some shit. He was too lethargic to even make sense.

The Goth King says:

First Derium quit Magic for Poke’mon
I think Boogie quit after the that for Poke’mon too.
Then Jeremy
Then Lion quit for Poke’mon.
Probably Tara as well, I think she still buys singles.
Pretty sure Des buys way less now.
Rudy and Kevin I don’t think buy as much new product as they used to I know Rudy and his friends are at least spending the majority of their money on old and reserve list cards.
The only other Magic YouTubers I know buy cards from flee markets or craigslist for random buy videos and that’s mostly old stuff.
Personally I only buy singles but I’ve even stopped doing that cause I’m saving for a graphics card.
Most people I know buy either singles or trade on Facebook or have stopped buying.
Wizards shut down a store with more players than I’ve ever seen outside a pro event.

Whose left? Wedge, Brian and their Wizard shill friends get all their product for free so they don’t buy.

Wizards has lost a lot of their big spenders in just the last 2-3 years.

Stormerbuzz FyfEnDertig says:

Why bother playing mtgo or arena when there are multiple free ways…

tragicslip says:

card prices on reserved/ old school all time high AND horrible attendance, numbers… the sell case is getting stronger.

blinkingred says:

Congrats on your business being debt free!

ArtoriastheGreat says:

I agree with MTG Lion when it comes to Arena. It’s fun to play, but I don’t plan on putting any money into it. The game is designed where the matches are more or less balanced depending on your skill level. Also, there is no incentive to win because the only prizes are more cards or in game currency.

Andrew Warriner says:

I stopped buying sealed product and actively encourage my friends and others to do the same as a form of protest to get politics out of our hobby.

456jm says:

I’d assume the profit margins for other Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games nowadays are just as slim as Magic because they all have one thing in common which is being unable to address the real concerns players had with these games. Players keep paying into it in the hopes that these companies will turn things around when they don’t.

Organized Play has become a joke to these companies because they’re unwilling to put in the effort knowing that their product won’t sell in the long term. We know they’re in it for the short term because once the licenses and contracts expires for said game, they either move on to the next project or the company goes belly up.

There’s a reason why Japan has the largest amount of discontinued Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games where North America and Europe have fewer discontinued Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games. Now it seems as though North America and Europe have sort of adopted this practice from Japan.

Sun Tzu says:

Wizards needs to pull their head out of every SJW’s ass and start focusing on making their game better instead of trying to police the entire world.

chillsample says:

wedge is a ho

Joe Johnson says:

There’s more drama around MTG than there used to be in Jersey Shore.

GGaming says:

I actually just got into magic, mostly because it’s all my lgs does. I’d have to go very far to even go to another store, and even further for one that supports Pokemon on a rare occasion.

Yugioh is dead to me, hearthstone isn’t fun. Guess I’m stuck playing modern.

Chesterfield The 3rd says:

Pokemon is a rip-off. Every week I see kids get so excited to buy Pokemon packs and then two min later I see them so sad because of the drop rates in the packs. It’s a sad thing when a company made for kids rips those said kids off. At Least wotc gives decent drop rates for the premium cards. MTG is on higher level than crap Pokemon. No matter what you think.

Threads Of Fate says:

Weiss Schwarz is pretty good actually. You just need to learn to the importance of self milling and how to do it correctly, or else the game seems pretty luck based.

Matt K says:

WOTC became political.  They alienated their customers.  Sales declined and revenue declined.  WOTC is now going to become a digital game.  Arena is their plan for the future.  WOTC wants Arena to be to MTG what Hearthstone is to World of Warcraft.  The digital platform will allow them decrease expenses and allow more control over their customers.  If you have an Arena account, and speak up against WOTC politics, then you have the very real possibility of having your account banned and all of the cards you paid for taken.

PURP says:

I assume you have already heard from your contest winnner telling you she received the liliana, she was in my livestream last night raving about how happy she was with her prize. Well done on quickly delivering on your word. Keep doing what makes you happy my man.

Andrew Luciow says:

Hasbro is going to end up selling WOTC in the long run, to cut the red. When they do, and I truly believe it is when, they sell to a company that will allow for creative people to once again bring back the game to the place where it truly belongs

mercenarybdu says:

The game was always political, and has been since 1995 from what Jesper said about it. It only more political when Wizards went too far in making the Pro Tour the end all be all of the game. It reached climax in 2011 with the fallout that happened at the Fort, then spiraled from there. How the current administration is managing the game, I doubt we will make it to a full 3rd decade.

ParadiseofDarkness says:

Now their doing a dnd blend which im not happy about!

warren briggs says:

My one question is about marketing impact. If someone like wedge makes a video promoting a set, how much does wizards make on him doing that?

Justin Parris says:

Insightful commentary on money going to youtube Patreon accounts not going into the game.

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