Will an automatic card shuffler work on magic cards? + tests with sleeves -MTG

I test out the automatic card shuffler with magic the gathering cards.

I test sleeved cards un-sleeved cards double sleeved cards and single sleeved cards.( Brands used in testing – KMC Hype mat, KMC perfect fits, Dragon shield matte, and dragon shield original)

1. KMC hyper mat double sleeved with KMC perfect fit = it fits the machine but some caught on the machine not always perfect shuffles but will shuffle half of a 60 card deck at a time with no problem maby a few slip ups. The full 60 card deck might be to heavy for the machine or maby I put them in a bit crooked so they got caught on the machine but in all it kind of works with these cards not perfect but not to bad.

2. Dragon shield matte / Dragon shield regular = would not fit in to the automatic card shuffler they were to tall

3. KMC perfect fits single sleeved = worked fine in the machine with really no slip ups

4. non-sleeved or un-sleeved cards = worked fine in the machine but might damage the bottoms of the cards from the card shuffling gears over time its pretty aggressive I think lol.

In all I really wouldn’t use this machine to shuffle you expensive cards it could damage them by some malfunction it gets spinning very fast its more of a gimmick device but I had fun testing it

Hope you enjoyed watching.

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Chris H. says:

“Maybe I should add some more swamps….” haha 😀 I use different sleeves. Mine have a length of 9,15 cm. Could you give the exact size of your first tested sleeves?

Matt Parkes says:

I actually applaud you for doing this, I don’t know anyone who would be willing to subject their deck to this kind of treatment. Thumbs up for taking one for the team in the name of science 🙂

Linda Pangaribuan says:


ricardo ricardo says:

looks like a simian whit a computer dont even try to use the machine in a good way and expect the best epic fail

Steven Defeo says:

This machine is not meant for MTG it was meant for regular deck of cards. MTG, yugioh and Pokémon weren’t even invented yet

UNnaturallyBlue says:


Bower Power says:

I had always wondered how one of those would handle Magic cards. Thank you.

SnidMist says:

where to buy this ?

Nani Okore says:


Mystic Thunder says:

That Land Tribal deck, though… LOL

Aetohatir says:

WotC should develop a thing like this to prevent cheating.
Seven times both decks no cutting required.

STM says:

It sounds scary but it doesn’t seem like it would ever damage sleeved cards. All it is, is a wheel that spins to push the cards into the center.

Bluetrainer91 FireBlast says:

O.O that thing is loud as fuck

Earth Zebra says:

4:20 for the couch potatoes

Sarah Mansfield says:

Thanks for saving me some money-most or ours are dragon shields. I had one of these as a kid and they were great for playing cards.

Nathan Hassall says:

*Putting a $200-300 Friday night deck through a $7 shuffle machine from China is a bad idea.*

Daniel Palacios says:

Hi! Which sleeves do you recommend, then? I think I understood KMC, but I’m not sure. I suffered a stroke and now I can’t shuffle by myself. I bought this thing but with ultra-pro sleeves the height of the sleeve is enough to not to work. The friction of the card shuffler with both bottom and top of the card (sleeve) avoids the shuffle.


imbadwrench says:

If you are still interested in “automatic” card shufflers….. check ebay for a “Luckies Card Shuffler” brilliant design, would never harm a card and CHEAP AF.

fsmoura says:

Quiet Nerd, Loud Card Shuffler

MonkeyManWPG says:

8:34 Check out ‘Increasing Savagery’ on the right

tele-arena guy says:

that thing is shit

MTG Philippino says:

Quiet Nerd the card shuffler seems to work alright, granted it sounds like a blender trying to blend something it shouldn’t, but it doesn’t seem to damage the cards at all, at least from what I see in the video, the only gripes I have with it is the fact that it doesn’t work with certain card sleeves, the noise it makes XD, and the fact that the top cards always stay on the top, but other then that I didn’t see any thing that would harm the cards in anyways and it seems to shuffle them o k just very very noisily and of course the whole top cards always being on top

L0j1k says:

Wow, bro. “Quiet Nerd” is right. Your voice is almost giving me ASMR.

Nicci Sherwood says:

Hmm might try this with my vintage deck!

Psymetric says:

You’re such an Izzet player. Dangerous experimenting because “you need to know” xD

Killer1Nacho says:

Honestly. This looks like a very good choice for casual kitchen table magic. To shuffle your unsleeved cheap decks. Decks that the sleeves would probably worth more than the actual cards. And everyone knows how hard it is to shuffle unsleeved cards. This might actually be a pretty damn good option.

Jason Pincince says:

I should buy this since I suck at shuffling

Shanzul Whiteglintt says:

Holy shit I love this thing..will buy for magic.

Shirin Aparte says:

Action starts at 04:11

Katie Miles says:

it was 3 seconds

Stone Rayven says:

Yeah you can only do half a sleeved deck lol And some sleeves are too big for that

Bluetrainer91 FireBlast says:


Joshua Robinson says:

i wasnt suprised it didnt work with sleeves bit ues you can beat your card to hell with this

Victor Pelufaz says:

Como chingados llegué aquí?

Alanis Tharon says:

Made in China.

Lord Slapaman says:

It sounds like a paper shredder

Sir.DedMemes says:

How do land decks work?

Crazyscarecrow says:

If I ever win the lottery I’m gonna play legacy unsleeved with one of these things.

Number Six says:

Predicting sleeves are toast. AAAHHH, the HORROR!! Gotta wonder why people don’t sleeve regular playing cards though.

Blader Z says:

LOL, land deck.

David Greene says:

‘When your right, your right Jerry… I’m hooked!’

Reuben Medik says:

If these were implemented into tournaments then I’d think a new size limit would be added. If this thing shuffles for you then you could have like a billion cards in one deck. Maybe the rule would be how many cards fit into the machine rather than the how many you can shuffle unassisted rule

Dremin2009 says:

Well it was worth a try. I would imagine if someone designed a high quality shuffler with MTG in mind it could be done quite well.

Solaire of Astora says:

7.50 to shuffle cards for you *power not included (take this down to FMN)

Jason Kibiloski says:

Anyone else notice you can kind of see his face in the reflection of the plastic viewing window at 2:09

viaxon6 says:

But this is duel disk from yu gi oh!

Steven Defeo says:

That machine is probably older than you. I remember using this machine as a kid

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