Wizards faces Class Action Lawsuit if they Acknowledge Card Warping / Faulty Products

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jerry hoffman says:

Get the fuck over it…… The only reason the cards are worth anything is because stupid asses are willing to pay huge amounts of money. Wizards doesn’t say this card is worth this much or that much. That’s on the secondary market. It’s Fucking paper. The cards still play so yeah not faulty. Get over it fuck!

The Old Republic Fan says:

My foils (the new ones) are way more banded…

DeceptiveCobras says:

its wizards new anti piracy in effect……..2 weeks later……Fat China man sitting on Freshly minted Proxies *HEHEHEHEHE*

Jack Blades says:

ddrink evfery ti meRUdy says “‘literlly
” they said,, iy wil lbe FUN They saifd..

DrowFighterMage says:

What a nice bookcase. It looks like it has glowing eyes.

liv4themoments says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought WOTC themselves dont print the cards. I was under impression they contracted a third party company to print the cards, and that/those company/companies made the call to change the card stock

navid soleimani says:

amazing, now it’s time to take their pc cards out

Piorun says:

And I’m just here with my yugioh cards eating popcorn

o Formiga says:

this faulty cards been around since when? 2016?…..

Scias says:

Might have been okay with it had they done a follow-up deck to exodus

pwn tang says:

The earth is flat.

zuuchii says:

You are the swiftest person i’ve seen. These intros man! <3

Giant Dad says:

Let me know when that class action comes along.

B Berry says:

Would really love to see an update on this actually.

Divitus Sodak says:

Dominari card stock is still bad

Neil Williams says:

Cld be store

vipergrim says:

Rudy, I have heard that in Law you often have two options:

1) the facts are on your side, and so you argue the facts
2) the facts are against you so you argue the definition of the law

SO in this case, you keep saying that Wizard is selling “faulty” products. The only way that i think you can say that a card is faulty is that if you cannot play the card in the game. because i would argue that as long as the card is playable in a tournament, then it is a good card. Because that is the intent of the cards. The fact that is has no investment value is not an issue because Wizard is not promising customers that the cards have a value outside of game play.

Now for the cards that cannot be played:
If Wizard created a replacement program where you send the unplayable card in and they send you a playable version of that card they could “limit” the damage.

yuch1102 says:

these are like Pringles

denver303 says:

O yeah my M19 foils are bent the other way. So a year wasn’t enough time to fix.

Affluent Imaginings says:

I’ve watched like 6 of your videos now. You keep saying the same things over and over and over and over. You make a 3 or 4 minute talk last 16 minutes. If you were succinct I think your videos would be much better. Just my opinion.

Praise_The_Moon says:

I know I’m weird but I actually really like the curved cards.

krepsy K says:

Their legal team is fREAkN OuT!!!

Peter Bruno says:

They don’t acknowledge the secondary market. A warped lightning bolt deals the same amount of damage as a flat one.

STUV101 says:

Just…. Straighten… the cards out….
Ya even standard 52-card decks and tarot cards have warping issues.

GreenIZanger MTG says:

I don’t think the majority of players want Wizards to collapse, but we just don’t want this to continue. It’s nice to hear finally that they are actually trying to fix it. Thanx for enlightening the community.

Gábor Szász says:

Printing paper comes in big sheets, and sometimes to save space they wrap it up. I guess somebody (or more people) made bad decisions to save some money, by letting bad quality cards split through the cracks. Changing to cheaper printer company, and/or different paper. Also wrapped paper feeded into the machine, WOTC OKed it, and this is the result.

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