WORST CHEATER EVER?! Magic the Gathering Cards

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Matthew Shellman says:

I’m sorry but you cant use the term “OP” when talking about this gay shit.  There is nothing OP about two nerds sitting at a table getting a hard on looking at some fucking cards. I don’t even know how the hell I ended up here.  I must have misclicked while I was busy being straight.

Kelly Wright says:

He took the name of the game to heart, and ACTUALLY became a magician lol

Albert Chyn says:

A fellow RWBY fan! I like the intro music 🙂

Alexander Platz says:

Always always cut opponent’s deck.

thevinhimself says:

They should retitle this video “Guy In Lime Green Hoodie Obviously Fucks Pussy”

Josh T says:

So I would never think of doing this in a tournament. BUT I will tell you… with personal friends in our play group we have in-house rules to cheating… and getting caught. Under the “If You Ain’t Cheating, You Ain’t Trying” clause, if you are caught, the group picks the punishment. It does make for some hilarious memories.
But this behavior is just straight up trash. And typical. I’ve seen cheaters in every prerelease I’ve gone to at least once or twice.

Kristian Melby says:

What was the cheat?

GOLD izno says:

Fucking green pig !

Charles Elmore says:

in any card game you always shuffle the opponents deck

jeff cho says:

Cut opponents deck. End of problem.

the99centgamer says:

Did he get banned

jeff cho says:

Nice RWBY mix

Kenneth Hald Thygesen says:

3.18 he looks at the deck after he found the land. He have no business of looking in the deck the second time after the land is placed. What a douchebag

LC says:

It’s always the guys who doesn’t take a shower.


His fucking card shuffling between turns is annoying

MawilliX says:

No. No. Yes.

Duncan K says:

There are 2 reasons why you do not offer your opponent to cut your deck, either you are new or you are cheating, in both instances I would demand to cut his deck before we keep playing the round.

Grandmaster Fudge says:

Magic is great, the players… not so much sometimes.

Luke says:

What a douche bag, just looks for the specific card he wants and puts it on top. Should get a life ban from any MTG tournament.

Elephantricity says:

This guy can’t even cheat well…

Just A guy says:

What is the second card the guy puts on his deck? It’s bothering that I don’t know what it is

mysterious stranger says:

That useless hand shuffling would win him a swift left hook right on the kisser

Andrew Summers says:

“Calling someone out is very destructive behavior” *facepalm*

René Baron says:

What is this nervous card shuffling all about? Nerds? Brain damage? Handicapped?
No wonder those types of Magic players are getting a strange look from non-players. Just wired.

Kosteri x says:

The perfect game for assholes fucking each other and buying stuff from shops i have stock in. Cheating is typical american culture, nothing wrong with that.

Block Dude says:

Those dice are big af

Death'sHead says:

What is more annoying. Cheaters or people who continuously shuffle their hands? or both?

willy565 says:


Mike McDonald says:

No thanks, I actually have a life.

NSixtyFour says:

Ruby for the win

Maxime Morin says:

Throat punch, GG.

Carl says:

ony average 1 in 1000000000 MTG players gets laid

Dimitri Schmid says:

This Dude is an Absolute A**hole The only fact he does it so openly is a insult to the community and the Game itself i Hope he will never be able to Play again

GameHorder says:

fat people shouldn’t be allowed to wear under armor…

mic eatah says:

lol thats what i did sometimes in yu gi oh or with the difference it was in school not in a tournament and i was like 12 😉

XodiaqKey says:

I really wanna throw something at this guy… Quit flicking your cards you fidgety bastard.

Chris T. says:

What people call cheating, I call strategy.

Parker Lamb says:

hmm i might be wrong but i think you like rwby

Andrew R says:

That is fucking annoying! Cheating, and his quick hand shuffle, fuck that faggot, he deserves to be beaten to within a mm of life lol

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